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So You Think You Can Dance, July 14 – Another Week, Another Injury

Robert and Jose take the stage to find out the last person in the bottom three. Robert is safe for the second week in a row, and Jose makes his first appearance in the bottom three. Adam asks Jose how he feels to get this far, and Jose says he feels it’s an honor, feeling surprised to have not landed in the bottom three yet, as every week he expects to. Adam tells him the reality is he signed up for a dance comeptitoin and this is how it works. Now he knows what he has to do. I’m not sure what answer Adam expected, but it was clear that wasn’t it.

Jamal Roberts and Rachel McLaren dance to Gravity’s Angel by Laurie Anderson, and it’s just beauiful to look at, not just because of their great dancing, but also because it’s two black people wearing white cosutmes. It’s just beautiful. And white shows everythng, so you know these two are really in shape.

We get reintroduced to Comfort Fedoke and Twitch. One week they got together for a Dave Scott hip hop rotuine, and now they’re recreating it on this stage, to Chris Brown’s Forever. I don’t think I’ve evr seen a girl hip hop and keep up with Twitch the way Comfort does.

Billy dances for his life to Stand By Me by Ben E. King, and he’s great as usual. It has great musicallity.

Jose takes the stage as well, dancing to RJD2’s Chicken Bone Circuit. He does some amazing spins on the ground I’ve never seen before. I honestly think he shows more promise than Billy, and think Billy can’t go much further, so I’d like to see Jose stay.

Christina Perry sings Jar of Hearts, backed by the All Stars Neil and Allison. It’s really nice and all, but I just want to know who’s leaving the show.

Ashley has joined Jose and Billy on the stage to await the final decision. Jose steps forward as Nigel tells him he found himself in the position last night of having to do a whole different character, where he coudn’t show his personality, and tonight he showed yet a different character, someone fighting to stay. He was very focused and almost angry. It was quite stunning and the fastest and most energy he ever showed in his breaking.

Billy showed a different style this week and they all think he’s on the right road, but he’s there in the bottom three. The minute he started dancing tonight, he almost went into a default position. He can’t keep doing the same thing. Michael Jackson has never done those things, but people look at him as a brilliant dancer.

Nigel has spoken to both of Ashley’s doctors and both say she needs between three and five weeks rest. To take into account her safety, health, and future career, he has to let her go this week. He really believes if she’s going to do the tour, with the others, they have to let her get better. She’s the one leaving tonight. Lauren is the last female and barely holding it together on lne sidelines.

Cat can’t imagine how dififcult it is to be in Ashley’s position. Ashley is very disappointed, as this is the most amazing thing she’s ever done. It hurts to leave like this, but she’s going to get better. She apologizes, and Cat tells her not to do that.

To read my thoughts on Ashley leaving, read “Open Letter to Ashley Galvan.”

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