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So You Think You Can Dance, July 14 – Another Week, Another Injury

Kent says what we don’t know about Adechicke is that he’s really into his foods and wants to be a chef and write a cookbook for dancers to eat healthier. What we don’t know about Kent is that he ha a secret crush on Lauren Frodernan, and the kiss with her last week was not part of the choreography. I guessed that. They join Dee Caspary for his first time choreographing two guys. It’s about Kent in a poisonous relationship, and Adechicke is his friend trying to help him with it. The chair represents his girlfriend. They dance tonight to You Only Disappear by Tom McRae. It’s a really intersting routine, and done really well, but I do thnk Kent outdances Adechike some.

Nigel thanks Dee for contributing another brilliant piece in a very diverse show. He tells the guys it was tremendous and doing some really good work, but that leap that Adechike did as he leaped so high was fabulous. It’s going to be a difficult week in voting. He thanks Kent for underplaying it and not going over the top in any way. The small things count for a big deal, and certainly in that routine, leading to his really beautiful style. He’s not tense in any way, even though he stretches. Nigel thinks Kent stands a remarkable chance of being this year’s champion now that Alex is gone.

Mia starts with Kent. He is an unbelievable dancer, and she is so in love with him. He gets stronger and stronger with the organic quality about his morevemnt in this and his strength was breathtaking. Both of them together, the vulnerability of two male dancers with the softeness, and openness, yet vulnerability and strength and power to back it up, was an amazing marriage. There is a god, as she was praying it would be a good week for Adechike, and it is. A few weeks ago he said his inspiration was Desmond Richardson, and she thinks he’d be proud of him. The lines and power and srength were unbelievable, like a gazelle.

Adam tells these two guys that they just taught America that a super athetle can be a super artist. The most extraordinary thing he experienced is that they just taught him so much about dance and performance, and that’s what the greatest stuff does. He’s not critiquing them separately, as they were both good.

Robert notes what we don’t know about Ashley is that when she said she was in love with someone a few weeks back, she was looking at him in the audience, so they’re in love. What we don’t know about him is that he laughs really loudly, and we’re treated to several clips of him doing that. Theyr’e working with Doriana Sanchez on disco. They’re going for fun and big party time, but Ashley notes it’s not fun and easy, and Robert feels like a pretzel. Now after her injury, he’s dancing with Kathryn McCormick to Instant Replay by Dan Hartman. They do really well with this, and I’m in awe that Kathryn could step into this in just 48 hours. Especially on those lifts which must be hard without a lot of practice with a new partner and new routine.

Nigel doesn’t tink people always appreiate how tough disco is, and knows some people could look at it as cheesy and old-fashioned, but when he was doing it back in the day, you’d go into the wings of the stage and throw up, as it was that tough and exhausting, as you had to be strong and energetic. He thought Robert didn’t stop and gave him lines and strength, a beuatiful partner, and Doriana gave them a beautiful routine.

Mia loves Robert so much, but hopes she never sees him do it again. It just felt really thin, and if you’re going to wear an outfit like that, you have to bring the masculine weight to it. Nigel argues those are the original steps, but what she wants is more in the texture. Nigel did feel the masculinity, though. To Alex’s knowledge what sells disco is there’s no big technique, but just being there for your partner and selling fun.

We start the results show with a routine to Charleston from Jerome Robbins Broadway. But wait, I see Dominic. It’s the All Stars, along with the finalists. You can’t beat all this talent of these two gropus together. It’s like Old Style classic Broadway, what we all think of it. It has to be Tyce Diorio-choreographed, and it indeed is.

Here’s the routine that everyone is supposed to be working on to do on National Dance Day on July 31. It’s the videos everyone posted of themselves doing the routine that you can download to work on yourself. Cat mentions the whole office has been doing it, and Nigel mentions they’ll be showing the best videos sent in each week, but the Dizzy Feet Foundation is organizing a group to do it in L.A. as well as in D.C., and Atlanta and Chicago. He enver dreamed it would get that big, but it’s marvelous.

Ashley is automatically in the bottom three tonight of course, as Lauren and Kent take the stage to hear their results. They’re both safe, not surprisingly. They hug each other, and Cat, and walk off holding hands.

From Mary Murphy’s school in San Diego, it’s Fernando Marin-Gullans and Lauren Vayser, young dancers taking on Jailhouse Rock. They’re 10 and 11. Cat and Fernando arm wrestle for some odd reason.

Billy and Adechike take the stage next. Billy is the first person to join Ashley in the bottom three, and Adechike is once again safe. Mia calls this Billy’s best week, and feels he’s breaking down walls and had a likeness and fun. His personality is beginning to show. She’s absolutely shocked to see him there. If he stays, he needs to keep going in the same direction, as he’s going in the right one.


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