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So You Think You Can Dance, July 14 – Another Week, Another Injury

Kent got together with Neil on a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine. Tyce is putting together something for baseball fans, with Neil and Kent being All-Americans, with movement that implies they’re on the field. Neil calls Kent a rookie, and tells him to swing hard, and the baseball cihes take off after that. They dance to Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, MO from the Damn Yankees Soundtrack. A nice tribute to Steinbrenner perhaps? It takes a lot of energy, and these two have that pefect spunk to pull it off. It’s nice ot see that Kent doesn’t use the opporunity to play to the audience too much, as that would have ben too easy.

Nigel comments that like Liz in the salsa routine, Tyce threw every single trick in the book into this. It was an absolutley fantastic routine. Nigel was lucky enough to go to the All Star game last night, and he thinks it was Brian McCain as the MVP, but not tonight, as that would be Kent. Neil needs to watch his place as an All-Star tonight, as Kent was outdancing him. Kent knocked the ball out of the park. And the cliches continue.

Mia loves boys so much, and Cat agrees she’s a big fan of them as well. Mia continues, saying to have that kind of choreography on two great male dancers was so, so good. The characters were there, and Kent’s personality worked for it. It was strong male dancing and she loved everything about it. The partnering was awesome.

Adam jokes there weren’t enough tricks for him, then is more honest, saying to Tyce it was so honest, and that’s because it was the other side of Fosse. Rob Marshall did the revival, but Fosse did the original to this, and it was his Kiss Me Kate type of dancer, “I’m the most athletic person in the world” dancer. He loved that he brought that spirit back. Kent nailed it and has a huge future in Broadway. But what was so special about it is he made it look like nothing and totally effortless. Adam is a gymnast and knows how hard it is, but when they did all those [insert lots of dance terms here], he was in and there.

Lauren and Billy are working together on a Mandy Moore jazz rotuine, and tonight the dancers will talk about what their partners have ben keeping secret. Billy notes Lauren eats like a squirrel, like someone is going to take it way from her. What we dont’ know about Billy is that he’s obsessed with soda. Mandy’s routine has to do with an idea she’s always had about two shoes meeting up. The shoes and dance have the power, and it’s them that take over and have Billy and Lauren start dancing. They dance tonight to KC & the Sunshine Band’s Boogie Shoes. And they’re doing great with it. You can see the shoes take over . His connection is good again as well. He does a good job of “getting down” for Nigel.

Nigel calls it an absolutely adorable routine from Mandy. It’s a style that just makes you smile, and he and Mia were just gently moving along there at the table. Billy again is really connecting with his partner, and Nigel thanks him for focusing on that. The style suits him as well. Jazz sems to fit on him really nicely. Lauren really connected with him as well, but he doesnt want her to click her heels three times, as she’s not going home yet.

Mia found the performance and choreography to be completely in the pocket. It was quirky, but so groovy, and she loved seeing that quality in it. It was the cutest thing ever and she’s still in awe of it. She thanks Mandy, too. It reminded Cat of a modern day Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland thing.

Adam calls it happy-making. Billy finally did what he asked him to do last week, which was get lost in the dance. He wasn’t competing and was just dancing. That’s going to make people pick up the phone for him. When he started getting into the groove, he looked really looked good doing it. Dancers in clubs don’t look good doing that though. With Lauren, he thinks the boys have something to be afraid of. She’s getting way up ther and killing him lately.

Jose got paired with his gold star, Dominic, who mentions what we don’t know about Jose is that he has to put TP over the seat, even in his own house. Okay, super clean. They’re working on a B Boy routine that Tabitha and Napoleon D’Umo are really excited to choreograph for these two, and Legacy is even helping out. Dominic and Jose have different styles, whether on the ground or in the air, but they’re gong to bring them together, for perhaps the first breaking piece on the show. They dance to Battle for the Beat by District 78, and the anticipation is great here. We never get this side by side, so it’s really fantastic to see. It’s a lot of fun as they act out their “battle.” It’s amazing they can do that type of thing in tandem.

Nigel wants Jose to pass the sword away while he critiques him. He notes it’s about if he redeemed himself, and “yes he did.” He has to work out which other dancers on this bill could do what he just did there, and he doens’t think anyone else could. He certainly has redeemed himself, and he also notes how much he enjoys seeing the guys dance together this season, when it bring out routines like that. It was a really great job by Napoleon and Tabitha, as well as Legacy, and all those that helped.

Mia says again she loves boys. The beginning with the traveling section on the diagnonal was amazing. The only thing she says to Jose is to do some training with strength, as the jumps will have knees to his chest and windmills will be more precise. It’s fine tuning. On a whole, she loved it and thought it was awesome.

Adam tells Jose that’s the way to compete. Having spent thes past few weeks with him, he knows him to be the sweetest, most sensitive guy in the world, and he knows how much earlier tonight hurt. But to come out and school them like that was hot. Dominic adds in Jose has mad heart and it represents that. He was going for it tonight. Cat gives him the sword and tells him to leave, then yells after him, telling him not to run with sharp objects.


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