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So You Think You Can Dance, July 14 – Another Week, Another Injury

Jose and Courtney take on a Joey Dowling routine. Courtney is playing a showgirl, and he’s playing a stagehand who is completely mesmorized by her, but she never notices him. Just because he needs to play a really sad and desperate characdter, he needs to envelope all those together throughout. Joey says the pain on his face is the most important part. Courtney feels bad having to ignore him in the routine. They dance tonight to Mister Cellophane from the Chicago Soundtrack. He takes that amazing personality of his and uses it to his best advantage here. This B-boy is really good at this.

Nigel loved this number from Chicago and the concept of the wife not noticing the husband, as well as what Joey did with it, with the showgirl ignoring the stagehand. But Jose’s greatest strength is his personality, and taking that away, the dancing stands out as not being good enough. He thinks they made a mistake with Jose on it, as he didn’t think he danced it well. He knows he has a fantastic routine later on that he hopes will redeem him.

Mia can’t even look at Jose right now, and she hates him for the face, but Nigel hit it right on the head. The patheticness was maxed out and a little too much. You need a little glimmer of hope in something like this, and beause the lack of training was so evident, there was no hope and no technique to back it up. She just wants to give him a big hug.

Adam notes Nigel and Mia aren’t wrong, but for constructive criticism, Jose needs finish and lines. He wasn’t strengthening his kicks and feet and needs to spring up. His b-boy and gymnastic ability helped him do things that trained dancers do. Jose did feel all that a little, but tried do do as well as he could. Courtney notes he is a hard worker and so determined and passionate about dance, so she thinks he did a good job.

Robert joined Allison for a Travis Wall contemporary routine. Travis says it’s special to him, as it’s about his mother who just had massive surgery, so they’re representing her struggle through life and the journey she’s on. Robert can really idnentify with this as it’s similar to what has happened in his life. When someone gives you something so special you get to be a part of, it’s a gift. Travis notes his mother is everything to him and he thinks everyone can relate to that. They dance this special routine to Coldplay’s Fix You, and this is just another beuaitufl Travis Wahl routine. Just … beuatiful.

The judges gives Robert and Allison a standing ovation, as Cat says there’s something about a great piece of art when the right dancers come together with the right choreographer with the right piece at the right time. She took the words out of Nigel’s mouth, as he notes it transcends a television dancing competition. It’s what happened this eveing. They’ve had brilliant routines, Mia’s addiction and Tyce’s breast cancer routine, and now this. Ayone who needs to be there to support a loved one to get through a crisis was just summed up by this. He gives Travis much love and love and support to his mom.

Moving on from the emotion of it, they say the same thing every week, that Robert is such a good dancer and why the audience doesn’t see it, they dn’t know, but if the audience doesn’t see it this week, it’s crazy, as they should. The work he did here with one of the greatest dancers ever on the show … Allison’s work was superb and the thought of him moving her feet with his were brilliant. He is gratified they still do wonderful work on the show after seven years.

Mia has a hard time holding it in, saying it brings her back to the last week before her mom passed and how much she wanted to fix her and help her. She knows what Robert experienced with his mom and he danced for her, and Travis created it for his mom, and she just can’t imagine their parents being any more proud of them as artsits and creators, as what was just danced on the stage is so much bigger than anything right now. Their moms are everything, and they would not be who they are without them. She thanks them for that. Critiquing it, it’s the best she’s seen Robert dance. The negative space was brilliant, and she is praying for Denise Wahl.

Adam tells Travis if he doesn’t get an Emmy nomination for that there is no god. He tells Robert it’s going to be one of the performances of the seaosn. He then notes he literally on television blew a snot bubble. Robert was brilliant, and Allison was out of here. Cat asks Robert how he doesn’t let his emotion take over, and he says his mom always taught him to be a strong person, and he’s so thankful she’s there to watch. I have to now go blow my own nose and get rid of my snot bubbles and pause the TV.

Billy Bell is teaming with Anya on a traditional competitive Louis Van Amstel jive. Louis admits it needs a lot of speed and personality. Billy knows they’ve been saying to him he needs to improve his chemistry, and it’s really hard to connect with Anya, so he keeps doing a nervous, awkward laugh that she definitely notices. They dance to a great song, Meat Loaf’s Paradise By the Dashboard Light. The awkwardness isn’t there. His connection is much better. It’s really a super fast jive. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen people’s feet move so quickly. By the time they’re done, Anya has ripped her skirt, probably from a heel caught in it, but I never noticed it while they were dancing.

Nigel tells Billy it’s the hardest he’s seen him work at trying to get chemistry together, and it was good to see, as it was where he needs to work. Some areas he needs to loosen up, as when he kicks to the back it’s almost like an arobesque. He needs to learn how to get down sometimes. Overall, he was much happier seeing what he was doing.

Mia thought it was an absolutely stellar performance from Billy. They can pick at it, but she loves that his training is so regal and pulled up, and she’s a fan of it. His training on that piece was everything, and she didn’t see any awkwardness. She knows Anya can change one’s life, but something changed betwen rehearsals and tonight. Cat wonders if it’s the sex bomb thing that makes him awkward, but they think she’s saying sex “bum.” This was one of Adam’s favorite perfromances of Billy’s, as he was so connected, so committed, and totally in charge. Nigel notes the credit has to go to Louis. Adam just thought it was very sharp and that the speed was there as well, with Billy in it to win it.


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