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So You Think You Can Dance, July 14 – Another Week, Another Injury

Forgive me for grouping Wednesday and Thursday night’s episodes together, but our site was down this week, and I couldn’t post. I decided I’d just group them together into one.

I’m still incredibly sad about Alex Wong leaving. I thought he was a tremendous talent and would have definitely made it to at least the finale. It just seems we’ll be watching the dancers every week wondering how well Alex would have done with this dance or that dance.

The judges once again tonight are Adam Shankman, Mia Michaels, and Nigel Lythgoe. Cat Deeley is announcing yet another injury. After Monday’s rehearsals, Ashley Galvan was taken to the hospital with severe rib pains and was advised not to dance tonight. Nigel mentions that like last week with Alex, Ashley will automatically be placed in the bottom three, and if she can’t dance next week either, she’ll be automatically eliminated. For an update on Alex, he had surgery on Monday night and is still in the hospital, but sent a video thanking everyone for the kind wishes. He’s referring to this as day one of his recovery.

The contesestans all chose the dance genre and All Star they would be dancing with after the results last week. Kent Boyd chose Broadway with Neil Haskell, Adechike Torbert chose salsa with Anya Garnis, Robert Roldan chose Allison Holker and contemporary, Ashley chose Rumba with Pasha Kovalev, Billy Bell chose Jive with Anya, Lauren Froderman chose Tahitian with Mark Kanemura, and Jose Ruiz chose Broadway with Courtney Galliano, who he thinks has nice lips. Adechike and Kent will be dancing together, Ashley and Robert would have been dancing together, Billy will be dancing with Lauren, and Jose gets a gold star which means Dominic Sandoval.

Lauren and Mark take on a Tahitian dance choreographed by Tiana Liufau. She says it’s an art form from Tahiti, and has a few elemental techniques such as the hips side to side, the slow circular hip movement, and the fast circular hip movement. Before they had a written alphanet, they kept their legends and myths going through dance. The theme today represtents ngiht and day, with Mark playing Knight and her Day. She starts to flight, and they eventually come together and make the first day. They dance together tonight to Jungle by Last Voices. She definitely gets that hip movement thing down. The feathers around her head, though, detract from her face.

Nigel admits to having no idea what to say as he has no idea about Tahitian. He never dreamt he’d be saying it to anyone, but he loves Lauren’s Fara Pu. Adam notes those hips don’t lie. Nigel thinks it brings a whole new look and one he’s happy to see. Technically, he has no idea, but thinks it would be great for turkeys to do on Thanksgiving.

Mia thinks Lauren’s butt came in ahandy and says it was absolutely fascinating. She feels it was like a duck in heat, just like the one she has right now in her backyard. Both of them had poise and posture, and Mia can’t believe they did it in the time they were given. Adam asks Mark who he is, then tells Lauren he can’t believe she just did that, as it was amazing. He was sitting there doing it in his chair, noting the energy was amazing. HIs best friend in the audience taught Tahitian dancing when she was younger, and he thinks she would give it thumbs up. Lauren felt like crying when she found out she would get this dance, but thinks Tiana is amazing.

Adechike and Anya are learning salsa from Liz Lira and Danny Davalos. Liz announces they’re dong a more competitive salsa that has more oomph. Anya seems a little nervous, and Adechike says it’s fast and intricate with death-defying moves and takes it to another level. Anya thinks it will be the hardest salsa to his this stage. They’re challenging them bcause they know they’re ready for the next step. Adechike has his fngers crossed. With Eddie Palmieri’s Ovelo Que te Conviene playing in the background, they start their salsa not very well, as he nearly drops her. He picks it up and does well with it after, but that near-drop is really hard to forgive. I give her credit for trusting him later on a lift.

Nigel thinks Liz is a crazy woman, starting with the horizontal lift that he nearly dropped him on early on. He felt it worked miracaculously, and also liked the strength of Anya moving down his length. The greatest challenge of all though was to give the contemporary dancer no lines, as it’s so embedded in his psyche. It was a totally alien subject, and he really pulled it off, as did his choreographer.

Mia calls the choreography excellent and thought the tricks were awesome, but notes the little bumps. If they only had a few more hours of rehearsal, it would have been really, really good, Yet the fludity on the armwork wasn’t there, and the biggest critique for him is the hip work was a little awkward. Anya admits it was truly competition style and was the fastest salsa dance she ever did.

Adam asks Adechike what he was thinking when he first saw it, and he says bottom three. Yet, he didn’t want to give up, and Adam says he didn’t. Everyone is saying the choreography was great, but he notes it was HARD. Adechike did great and blew through it with his performance never showing weakness and was there for her every second.


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