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Top Chef: DC – Episode 5 Commentary – Make Way for Big Daddy! The Beast In The Kitchen

Hot Amanda – Country Vegetable Minstrone, Smoked Tomato Broth. Eric and Tom really don’t like how the carrots are not cooked all the way through.
Stephen – Farm Salad: Balsamic Onion, Egg, Apple, Cabarnet Vinaigrette and Garlic Dressing. Padma feels left cold by the wet, heavy and over-served salad. Tom thinks the bruised lettuce ruins it.
Kenny – Hot and Sour Curried Eggplant with Peppers and Carrot Tops, with;
Sbarro – Broccoli Couscous Scented with Lemon Zest. Padma finds the total dish lovely, Tom is happy with it being hot as he likes his curries hot and his beer cold. Eric thinks the combo works and the veggies have a nice cooling effect on the curry.
Tim – Roasted Turnips and Asparagus with Honey. Pat didn’t like it. Padma and Tom were just bored with it.
Tiffany – Collard Greens with Swiss Chard, Turnip and Chaterelles in Duck Broth. Tom thinks it is undercooked.
Andrea – Garlic and Five Spiced-Rubbed Grilled Pork Loin with Shallot and Apple Balsamic Jus. Eric enjoyed it, Tom found it cooked perfectly and Padma loved how well it paired with…
Kelly – Five Spice Roasted Apples and Roasted Beets. Tom loved the whole combination.
Spenny – Ginger Grilled Duck Breast with Oregano Honey. Tom liked it with Tamesha’s cherries, but not her asparagus.
Tamesha – Cherry Compote, Red Wine Balsamic Vinaigrette and Grilled Asparagus Salad. Padma loved the seasoning combination.
Moby – Provencal Beef Tenderloin with Ratatouille. Eric thinks the meat is exceptional, but not the ratatouille.
Ed – Ratatouille with Eggplant, Summer Squash and Tomato. Pat mocks Eric’s critique of the ratatouille in the center, as the French are known for doing just that with truffles.
Extra Kelly – Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp with Basil Scented Whipped Cream. Tom thinks it is great, and that she didn’t have to do it, but it was more “extra credit.” Risk gives reward, Kelly!

Sbarro – the accident was good for him as this dish worked well
Kenny – Padma liked the hot curry, which to Tom is high praise coming from Padma.
Andrea – the meat was well cooked and the cutting worked.
Kelly – gets credit for the dessert. The extra credit probably put them over the top.
Winner – Give it up for Big Daddy! Kenny wins again.

Losers – only three, as it is clear Tiffany probably didn’t deserve to be in the bottom with Tim.
Tim – He never considered the bottom. It seems he hasn’t noticed the first four episodes. He cut the veggies too small. He added asparagus to overcome his dislike of the color. Tom wonders if Tim even liked the dish at all.
Stephen – Pat scolds him for putting salad in a bowl. Really. It seeps that is akin to pouring concrete on silk. Tom thinks the apple was too big to be used as small crunch in a crouton-like manner.
Hot Amanda – Eric is baffled why her minestrone had no pasta. And then Tom scolds her for the poorly cut veggies, for which Pat makes a grandma with an axe comment. Whatever. Padma calls her amateurish. Hot Amanda correctly describes that comment – “Ouch.”

Tim is sent home. Finally. Another Cannon Fodder Episode. There was no chance he was going to win, so the show will not miss him at all.

Quickfire Hits
• How awesome was Hot Amanda’s look of utter boredom, frustration and exhaustion as Moby wouldn’t shut up in the house?
• Kelly called Kenny “fierce.” No old Project Runway catchphrases, please.
• Spenny keeps talking about how good looking Tamesha is – but he must be watching some other show.
• Ed talks about how addictive Tiffany’s laugh is, and he is actually quite correct.
• They put live crabs in the oven. What is it about ocean crustaceans that make us want to kill them en masse in massively hideous and cruel ways?
• Crabs are “religion” here in Maryland. That and very bad baseball.

Next week – Judging by their peers. This could get ugly.

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