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Top Chef: DC – Episode 5 Commentary – Make Way for Big Daddy! The Beast In The Kitchen

Quickfire – make a crab dish and cook it for Patrick O’Connell, the owner of The Inn in Little Washington. And a man who dresses like a 1975 college football television commentator.
Tiffany – Hot and Sour Crab Soup, Arbol Chiles, Spaghetti Leeks…and “a lot of crab on top.”
Ed – Jumbo Lump Crab with Thai Basil, Mango and Cucumber Salad. Pat’s keen observation – that this is Thai inspired, is a tad obvious. Meanwhile, Spenny seems to think he has a Hung-like patent on doing Asian food and actually seems peeved that Ed made a Thai dish.
Spenny – Blue Crab Broth Infused with Lemongrass and Ginger. And I think you need a microscope to actually see the food.
Tim – Beer Steamed Crabs with Avocado, Passion Fruit and Heirloom Vinaigrette. Dude is from Maryland, he has probably cooked crabs in so many ways he could go on a Benjamin Buford Bubba Blue run. And this is the one he chose to make?
Stephen – Crab Salad in Sweet Bell Peppers, and Brandy Basil Dressing. Starting Stephen’s theme of making bad or mediocre salads with a whimper.
Tamesha – Crab Chowder with Lemongrass, Ginger, Cardamom, and Coconut Milk. Pat is intrigued. I think Tamesha made up a name – Cardamom? Sounds way too close to Octomom for my tastes.
Hot Amanda – Crab Salad with Sauterne, Ginger and Juniper Gelee. Padma gives it a “wow.” Hot Amanda is excited – “A yummy wow?” No, a “pungent” wow. Not as good.
Sbarro – Blue Crab Chowder with Potato, Celery, and Espelette Oil, with Frozen Bacon Crumble. Should these chefs be using anything frozen? Even if it contains bacon?
Andrea – Warm Crab Salad, Citrus Gastrique, Mexican Red Chiles. Andrea didn’t care for it much, and neither did Pat and Padma. Personally, I am not from the gastrique and cardamom schools of eating.
Kenny – Crab 3 Ways: Korean Crab Bisque, Crab Bruschetta and Warm Crab with Sesame. I just want to repeat what Kenny said…dude made three dishes and everyone else made one in the same time.

Bottom Three
Andrea – The crab delicacy was overwhelmed.
Hot Amanda – Her fascinating gelee was out of balance.
Sbarro – the dish was confusing and the crab got lost.
Top Three
Ed – all of the components bring out the crab flavor
Kenny and Spenny – yada yada yada, of course they were in the top
However, Ed pulls the upset win and wins immunity. He also adds to the comedy of the episode as he interviews that he feels like his is coming out of his shell. He said that. About the crab challenge. He should have kept going. “Pinch me, I must be dreaming.” “I am King of the world.” “I won because of my lucky horseshoe.” “Well, now I’m not too blue.” I don’t want to be too nebulous with any other jokes.

Elimination Challenge – Travel to Aurshire Farms in North Virginia, the state’s first organic farm. They are to cook as a team and make a big family-style meal where each chef is responsible for one aspect of six dishes.

We are then subjected to a highly annoying sequence where Kenny and Spenny fail to show anything remotely resembling leadership. Instead they should have just cut to the chase and whipped out little Kenny and Spenny to just get it over with. Finally, they see the logic in teaming up in groups of two and just team up the same way as last challenge.

This is bad news for Ed – who can’t stand Moby and wants to work with buddy Tiffany – and for Tiffany who cannot bear to work with Tim again. Ed even makes it public – but no offense meant.

Food prep is all on site and outside. It is chilly in NoVa and that’s too much for Miami Andrea. Kelly pressures Tim to give up some of his pile of veggies – and gets his beets. Andrea makes an executive decision to slice up her giant pork loin to make sure it cooks through, especially since grill space is quite limited. And Kelly goes out on a limb and makes a dessert when she doesn’t have to. Very risky.