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Big Brother 12 – A Strategic Overview of Week One

So the first episode of Big Brother 12 premiered last Thursday night, and we were introduced to this season’s new twist. For the first time ever, one of the contestants would not be playing to win the game, but to sabotage the other contestants. Now, one week later, that twist has come to an end when the houseguests chose to unanimously vote out Annie, the season’s secret saboteur. Rachel, who managed to survive without getting any votes, went on to win the HOH competition.

Given that this season was billed as “the season of sabotage,” I’m fairly certain the producers did not intend for Annie to go so soon. All she really got to do was lock the storage room and place some devices that made beeping sounds throughout the house.

When I first heard about the twist, I thought it was interesting. I was excited to see the way it would affect everyone’s strategies. Personally, if I were in the house I would want to keep the saboteur around as long as possible. Julie said that the saboteur isn’t playing to win the game. Why would you want to get rid of someone who’s not there to win the game? Sure, they will make living in the house more difficult, but it will also be more difficult for the other competitors. The point of this game is to eliminate threats and since the saboteur has no chance at winning, he or she is not a threat. Getting rid of the other players who are actually trying to win is definitely more important. The idea of having a saboteur can also be used as an advantage. Getting the rest of the house to vote out your biggest threat is as simple as convincing them that he or she is the saboteur. It doesn’t matter who the saboteur really is; it only matters who everyone thinks it is.

Unfortunately, though, none these strategies will probably not come into play anymore now that the saboteur has been eliminated. So with the end of this season’s “big twist,” how does the rest of the game change? With Rachel in power, who is in danger? And where do the players stand strategically?

She tried to blame it on being the saboteur, but it was just her playing too aggressively. Don’t hang around with both the people nominated for eviction! It’s just not smart. They have no power. Hanging out with the person who’s HOH? Never a bad idea.

He seems pretty smart, but he’s become a huge target way too fast. While he’s definitely safe this week, something crazy is going to have to happen for him to make it all the way to the end.

She’s not that smart, but not a threat either. If she keeps her mouth shut, she’ll go far. I thought it was a bad move to tell Annie about possibly being nominated. Once again, you don’t want to blatantly betray the people in power. It’s just not smart game play.

Enzo (aka Meow Meow)
I like Enzo. I hope he makes it far, but I also hope he realizes the chances of his alliance lasting the entire game is slim to none. He also needs to be careful because the leader of any major alliance is usually the first to go.

With Rachel in power, he’s in big trouble. It’s never good to be the first week’s HOH.

Kathy was smart enough to figure out that the saboteur was a female, but it seems that a week in the Big Brother house has taken its toll on her mentally and physically.

Haven’t seen much of Kristen. Means she’s playing a good game. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Lane doesn’t seem like a great strategist, but if he stays aligned with the people who are he could go far.

Matt is a certified genius, and he has kept it from the other houseguests, which just makes me believe it even more. You don’t want to show everyone your cards this early in the game. There is a difference between being smart and being a strategic player. Luckily, Matt is both.

She is going to be in trouble this week. When Rachel rolled her eyes when she blindly selected Monet to play in the POV, they immediately became enemies. And while it was a mistake by Rachel, not Monet, it looks like Monet may have to deal with the consequences.

Aligning with the one guy everyone’s targeting is not smart. Creating an unnecessary enemy out of Monet is not smart. I don’t care if you’re a chemist or not, that’s just bad strategy. Rachel is letting her emotions get in the way of her game and while she’s safe for now, she’s going to have a target on her back for the rest of the game.

I like the way Ragan’s been playing so far. Even though he built a relationship with Annie, he knew he couldn’t trust her. He evaluated the situation and made the best strategic move for himself.

Question of the Week
Did Annie really record all of those crazy messages for the houseguests? I want evidence!

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