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Big Brother 12, July 14 and 15 – Saboteur Got Sabotaged

It’s time for the HoH competition. They’ll be asked a series of questions and have to give the answer that the majority of the group will answer. I love this game. The minority on each one leaves, and the last one standing is HoH.

Whose life story doe the majority of the house think will make the most at the box office, Kathy or Enzo? Enzo, as Brendon, Kathy, and Kristen are eliminated. Who does the majority think will win the Miss Big Brother bikini contest, Rachel or Kristen? Rachel, putting Enzo, Matt, and Lane out. Who does the majority believe is more likely to put a larger than life size scupture of himself in his yard, Hayden or Brendon? Brendon, a tie.

Who does the majority think has more Facebook friends, Britney or Monet? Britney, with another tie. Who will the majority of the house choose to cheat off an exam, Ragan or Matt? Tie with Ragan. Who will the majority of the house prefer to have pack their parachute before jumping out of an airplane, Andrew or Lane? Lane, as Andrew is eliminated. Who does the majority think is more likely to talk their way out of a traffic ticket, Britney or Ragan? Britney, and Ragan steps down.

The game moves to a tiebreaker. The person closest without going over wins HoH. In the Have/Have Not competition, how many gallons of caramel were in the pool they crawled through? Rachel wince with a guess of 80.

The viewing audience gets to choose what the Have Nots will eat this week. A. Taffy and Tuna. B. Catfish and candy corn. C. Fruitcake and fish sticks. I would choose to put them on B, and would actually choose C. for myself. I don’t eat sea food, but think I could eat fruitcake longer all week than taffy and candy corn.

On Sunday the houseguests will find out the Saboteur was Annie, and it will leave Big Brother scrambling, as they now don’t have a twist. They’ll have to pull something out of their hat or something. Because you can’t have a twist die out in week one. Although so did the first big alliance of The Brigade, as I have to think Rachel is nominating whoever Brendon wants her to, and he already laid the gauntlet down to Hayden last week. I’m guessing it’ll be Brendon and a cohort on the block.

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