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Big Brother 12, July 14 and 15 – Saboteur Got Sabotaged

Brendon apologizes to Britney for being attacked by Annie, and really both of them are feeling attacked. Matt and Enzo meet up in the Have Not room. They celebrate Annie being on the block, noting that they orchestrated the whole thing, beginning to end. Matt says Brigade is running the house, but really, for a guy that watched the show before, he needs to realize that this is just week one. He feels assured Annie will leave this week since she’s acting all nutty.

Annie goes to Brendon again, as he’s her safe haven. She knows he’ll be voting to keep Rachel in the house. He tells her he’s hurt by what she said in the kitchen earlier, but she feels it’s okay since it was sarcastic. She starts crying saying she’s embarrassed, because there is no way she can get six votes, having played every scenario in her head. He apparently falling for it. Later he goes to Rachel and they totally get it on, but while they’re making out, he starts talking about Annie, really making Rachel perturbed. She’s upset he wants to talk about Annie, and he’s upset she’s not there for him.

Annie introduces herself to us as the Saboteur, but frankly too many people already figured that. She says she figures we never would have guessed. She shows how she locked the sotrage room door, then bumped into someone on the way back. Oops. She also shows her placing tape over Britney’s face. She took a suggestion from Facebook to put an electronic beeping device in a place to annoy everyone while they’re sleeping. Andrew was praying and heard the beep and got stir crazy. Ragan heard it as well and counted the time between beeps, thinking it meant something. Enzo wanted to rip it out of the ceiling as the Meow Meow needs to sleep at least nine hours.

The Saboteur greets the houseguests on the large TV screen again and tells them they’re not ready to get rid of her yet, as she escaped the block this week. That isn’t true, of course, since Annie is on the block. They pick apart the exact words for quite awhile, thinking maybe it means Brendon is stil the Saboteur. She’s hoping this saves her this week.

Andrew points out to Hayden that it might be better for them to break up Brendon and Rachel now, in case he’s the Saboteur. Annie tells Monet, Britney, and Lane that she’s still going home, and notes it doesn’t make sense to take out the most hated person in the hosue and leave in the strongest alliance in the house. She also divulges Brendon has a different job than he says he does. She says he’s pretty much a genius, and for Monet that’s a huge red flag.

Julie addresses the houseguests live, and talks about Enzo being on slop, asking how it compares to his mom’s cooking. He compares it to an ex-girlfriend, wanting nothing to do with it. We get to see a few clips of the popcorn/caramel challenge with Brendon losing his shorts, and Julie tells him she thinks his team won, because he didn’t stop to pick up his shorts. She also asks about his showmance with Rachel, and he says she’s smart and funny, but can’t cut hair all that well, yet she saw his butt and still likes him. Andrew is asked which message surprised him the most, and he says it’s that there’s a friendship in the house.

Annie gets a shot to plead her case and says she’s had an amazing time. No matter what happens she’s thrilled she got a chance to meet them and be a part of their lives. She’s glad they came into her life. As far as gameplay, she won’t say anything bad about Rachel, except that she has one ingredient she doesn’t, and that’s Brendon. She’s smart, strong, and a different physical competitior, but Brendon will take her through the game, just like Jeff did with Jordan. She also throws him under the bus, saying he’s not her real friend, although she thought he was, and that he lied about his real job. They will give the strongest person in the house more power by keeping his ally.

Rachel loves everyone and is proud to be with them in Big Brother 12. She had fun being with the other Have Nottys. It’s been great getting to know everyone, and she wouldn’t want to do this with anyone else. She knows they’ll make the right decision and thanks them for being her friend and getting to know her. Monet votes first to evict Annie, as do Andrew, Lane, Kathy, Kristen (who I forgot was still part of the cast), Brendon, Ragan, Enzo, Matt, and Britney.

Julie announces the unanimous decision to vote out Annie. She doesn’t stop to hug or talk to anone, but they come to her for the goodbye hug. She comes out of the house and high fives the crowd, dropping her bag by Julie. Rachel thanks everyone for keeping her. They all stand around waiting to see her picture go B&W.

Julie tells Annie she just informed the audience she was the Saboteur. She thinks the reason she’s out is because she had tried to play twice the game in half the time. If annie had just gone in, she wouldn’t have played as strong to have that target on her back. She stuck by Brendon and Rachel on the block, as she thought it was a good move when she trusted them. If she was any of them, she would have used Annie for vote swaying. She really does think Brendon and Rachel will make it far. Julie informs her the audience thought Kathy was the Saboteur, while Annie had one of the fewest votes. She thinks Brendon is one of the strongest ones left.

For Annie’s goodbye messages, Hayden tells her he thinks she’s great, but she caused a lot of drama. Britney, as a friend, tells her the ill-fitting flats have got to go, and it might be a good idea to toss the silver eye shadow while she’s at it. Meow Meow. No, not that guy. Ragan calls her charming and says she gets along well with people, a personality trait the Saboteur could have. He thinks it could be her. Brendon wanted her there, but didn’t want to choose between her and Rachel. He wants to be friends after. Rachel is glad to have her leave, as she tried to come between her and her man.

Annie wants to talk about that. She says Brendon tried to flirt with her, but she delcined, and less tan 24 hours later he came to Rachel, o she should be proud she got Annie’s sloppy econds. Again, Meow Meow.


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