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Big Brother 12, July 14 and 15 – Saboteur Got Sabotaged

Hayden has all the letters to spell “journeyman” except the R. Enzo used to work in a factory, so he chooses to try and spell that. No one knows Andrew is a adotor and can spell any word he wants to. Rachel is going for chemistry, as she knows how to spell it, but is missing some letters.

Hayden spelled “possible,” 8 letters. Enzo spelled Factory, but only 7 letters. Rachel spelled chemistry with 9 letters. She wanted to say she picked it because she and Brendon have chemistry. Britney adds Rachel doesn’t make her money in science, but “right here,” circling her chsst. Monet spelled Cheaters, but it’s only 8 letters. Brendon feels it’s hard for people to be “understanding” when he’s on the block, 13 letters. Hay’den’s last hope is down to “Captain Kosher” who spells “pastuerized.” Not only is it only 11 letters, the guy who can spell anything misspelled it.

Brendon wins, saying Hayden should have taken that deal. Andrew says he perfectly misspelled it so that he didn’t have to worry about an even larger target on his back. But, if they think he’s the Saboeur, woudln’t that be what he’d be expected to do?

Matt and Enzo discuss putting Kathy up, then discuss the three person alliance they want to break up of Annie, Brendon, and Rachel. Matt mentions that if they put Kathy up agianst Rachel and Kathy gets voted off, they’ve dumped out someone who was totally useless who they had no reason to get rid of. They discus aking out Annie, as Enzo talks with his mouth full. He thinks it’s the right time for a big move like that.

The Brigade meet up about the plan to put Annie on the block. Enzo knows she’ll go home, but feels it’s enough of being nice to each other, and Brendon taking himself down will be a slap in the face. Plus, he thinks Annie is the best player in the house. Enzo thinks she’s playing all of them. Britney joins them in there, then joins Annie and Monet. She tells them it’s going to be either Monet, Kathy, Annie, or Britney. Annie says that’s why she’s scared. Britney tells Annie that Hayden asked her if she’d heard aything about Annie being in an alliance with Brendon and Rachel. Britney has no loyalties to anyone, so is hopng this helps her out later in the game.

Annie does’t trust Britney, so grabs Hayden to talk to him and mentions hearing that she’s in an alliance with Brendon. Annie is upset Hayden didn’t come to her and ask her. She asked who told him that, then throws Monet and Britney under the bus saying they would throw her under the bus whenever they wanted. Brendon tells her he thinks tomorrow things will sort themselves out.

Lane and Hayden talk in the storage closet. Lane thinks they should get rid of Rachel and keep Annie, as Rachel is a vote for Brendon, but Annie they can persuade. Plus, Annie is someone they can take out later on. If they take Kathy out, she’s neutral, and there wouldn’t be any drama if she leaves. Hayden feels pulled in different directions by everyone in the Brigade. He doesn’t really want to put up Kathy though.

The Saboteur has another message for the hosueguests and shares the info that two people int eh house are actually lifelong friends. Brendon asks if maybe the Saboteur could be lying. Britney thinks it’s him and Kristen who are lifelong friends, as they’re the two that acted weird about the info. Matt doesn’t really buy into it. Kristen thinks it could be Matt and Annie as they seem to be from the same walks of life. Lane wonders who isn’t hanging out. Andrew thinks it’s Matt and Ragan and that they’re in a relaitonship togeher. Andrew says nobody in there is one of his frirends, as no one knows anything about Judaism and that there’s no way he could be the Saboteur. Hayden thinks Kathy and Britney could be mom and daughter.

Brendon notes that it’s a good decision to use the PoV on himself. He cares a lot about Rachel, but he has to further himself, but would lke to further her as well. Kathy doen’t want to go up and is saddened she could. Annie knows Britey is trying to stir the pot.

Brendon announces it’s time for the PoV meeting. Rachel gives her speech, saying she hates being on the block, but Brendon did a good job with his thirteen letter word, so he needs to do what he’s gotta do. Brendon has decided to use it on himself, not surprisingly. Hayden stands to make his replacement nominee and chooses Annie. He apologizes, and she says she knew it was coming. She angrily says, “Lies weave evil webs, Britney. ”

As we start out Thursday night’s live episode, we see what immediately happened right after the PoV meeting. Britney talks about Annie’s verbal attack on her, saying she’s not dealing with a full deck of cards. Hayden thinks she’s more firmly aligned with Brendon and Rachel than she was with him, so she needs to grab her gun and get out of there. Rachel is sad to see her on the block next to him, but is glad that it increases the chance of her and Brendan both staying.

Annie is upset that Britney is telling about her alliances with everyone, and thinks she has nultiple alliances too. Britney’s a little worried and plans on sleeping with an eye open. Brendon tells Rachel Annie’s acting so nutty, she’s putting the whole target on herself, which keeps Rachel much safer. Annie packs up her stuff in a fit and lashes out at Brendon who she’s closest to in the house, because she feels he’s protecing Rachel and not her, and she feels betrayed. She then goes through the kitchen on a major rant.


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