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Big Brother 12, July 14 and 15 – Saboteur Got Sabotaged

Forgive me for grouping Wednesday and Thursday night’s episodes together, but our site was down yestrday, and I couldn’t post. I decided I’d just group them together into one this week.

Perhaps the worst thing you can do the first week of Big Brother is start a showmance and make it obvious. The second worst thing you can do is leave to brush your teeth during a blackout in the Big Brother house. And if you’re the same one doing both, it’s a certain nomination, along with your cohort in the showmance. It wasn’t brilliant thinking of Brendon this week, no matter how many Master’s degrees he holds.

After Brendon and Rachel were nominated, he mentions he can’t say it’s unexpected, as he thinks Hayden is intimidated by him. What he didn’t see coming was Rachel being his fellow nominee. Hayden may have won this battle, but the war isn’t over. Enzo mentions The Brigade is running things, and by putting up Brendon, they probably also put up the Saboteur. Hayden thinks Brendon is a big threat, as he’s physically capable and mentally unbelievably smart. To break him up with Rachel is a great thing for the house, because two people that close this early could make it really far in the game.

Rachel thinks this is the worst case scenario for her. Okay … duh. She asks Brendon if the others did that to stop them from hanging out. He doesn’t think she has anything to worry about, as they’re after him and it will be him going home. When she asks why she was put up, Brendon tells her it’s because Hayden had no one else to put up, and it was the only thing that made sense since they’re a couple. He doesn’t think Hayden really believes he’s the Saboteur, and thinks he just said that as an excuse.

Annie walks in and is shocked, asking what the hell Rachel did. Rachel thinks someone told Hayden to put her and Brendon up against each other, but Annie doesn’t think so. Lane walks in and tells them there’s always the PoV. He’s doing this because he wants to make sure Brendon doesn’t know anything about the Brigade and so he doesn’t think Lane had anythng to do with the nominations. Annie’s sad about them being nominated, but she knows she has to keep her distance now, as she doesn’t want a target on her back. Enzo walks in and witnesses the conversation and thinks Annie is trying to play everyone in the house. It looks suspiious to him, and he knows he needs to keep his eye on her.

Enzo, Lane, and Hayden get together later and discuss the situation. Enzo thinks it couldn’t have gone any more “perfect-er.” He tells the other two he thinks Annie, Brendon, and Rachel are in an alliance. Hayden is shocked, and knows he now can’t talk strategy with Annie. She walks out right after that, and it’s dfinitely uncomfortable. Brendon and Rachel come out to lay in the hammock together, just to put a little larger target on themselves. She tells him if she wins PoV, she’ll take him off the block, but he’s not sure he could let her do that. They make plans to date outside the house, then do something underneath a blanket, so obviously don’t have a big desire to save themselves.

Brendon comes in to talk to Hayden the next day, and Hayden explains he thought nominating Brendon and Rachel was his best move to get further in the game and that it’s nothing personal. For Brendon the problem is he can’t campaign against Rachel, so he’s going to try and win it legitimately in the PoV. He’ll take himself off, and advises Hayden to feel worried if that happens, which Hayden thinks is nuts. Brendon wants him to know he needs a strong competitor with him in the house, as he’s here to knock off the weaker players like Kathy. He trusts Annie and thinks she’s genuine, which only confirms what Enzo was telling Hayden.

Hayden comes in with the bag to pick players for the PoV competition. Brendon thinks no matter who he picks to play for him, that they wouldn’t take him off the block, so he can only rely on himself. Rachel is still saying she’ll take him off the block if she wins, because he has a higher chance of going home against someone else than she does. Hayden picks first and chooses Enzo, and Hayden knows he’d keep his nominations the same. Brendon chooses Andrew, and isn’t sure if that’s good or bad for him. Rachel knows Annie would be the only one to possibly help her, but picks Monet, and attaches an eye roll. Hayden chooses Annie to host.

Matt, Enzo, and Hayden meet up to talk about the PoV players, and Hayden feels the best case scenario would be if Monet won the veto competition. Hayden mentions if Brendon comes off, Rachel has to go home. Enzo would like to put Kathy up as a pawn. Matt suggests Annie, but Enzo is worried it would light a big fire if Annie didn’t go home. He thinks Kathy is the perfect foil, as she’d never go home.

Brendon meets up with Hayden again, saying either he’s with him or against him. Hayden informs him he’ll leave the nominations the same if he wins and let things happen as they may. Brendon guarantees he’ll be gunning for him if he gets himself off the block, or make a deal with him now to keep him safe, but Hayden chooses not to. Brendon knows that Hayden made the dumbest mistake possible and knows he made a huge enemy in the process.

Annie announces it’s time for the PoV competition, and when they walk outside they see what is described as a crazy pinata siesta. With a three trunk out there and a big stick, Enzo is excited that he might get to smash something. These pinatas aren’t stuffed with candy, but with rotten mayonnaise. They’ll each grab pinatas, one at a time, then whack them, dig through the mayo and get letters to spell out a word. This is similar to technotronics last year. The person to spell the longest word correctly wins PoV.

The people not plyaing get to watch, but are in the splash zone, being splashed with rotten mayo. Lane says he’s never seen this on the farm. Hayden is a baseball player, so is really good at wielding this bat. Rachel isn’t good with any bats, so her strategy is to smash the pinata as hard as she can on the tree stump, then whack it with the bat. Enzo says it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it, so why not the Meow Meow. Andrew is hoping to get some mayo in his mouth as it’s kosher.


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