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Big Brother 12, July 11 – Early Showmance Equals Nominations

Everyone goes outside and sees mounds of popcorn. Hayden comes skipping out in a tooth fairy costume. Ragan thought he was the only fairy in the house, and Hayden has now stolen his thunder. One person at a time from each team must jump into the caramel and crawl under the straw and get into the big mound of popcorn to look for a missing “tooth” in the popcorn, then bring it back. The first team to get all eight will be the haves of the week, the losing team will be the have nots.

It’s Brendon, Monet, and Matt going through the caramel right way. Money says the caramel is like hitting a brick wall, as it’s more solid than she would have thought. She feels like she’s getting a leg wax. Brendon starts to lose his shorts crawling through the caramel, but doesn’t want to lose the game as he stops to adjust them. Rachel enjoys the view. Matt feels the need to prove himself over the more athletic taller people and gets the first tooth.

Ragan can’t believe Kathy is gingerly looking through the popcorn. Annie has her pants on, but lost her shoe. Enzo brings the tooth back and Britney takes off. Monet says she’s like a drowning swamp monster. Ragan feels the pressure because it seemed like Kathy had a leisurely picnic in teh popcorn. Enzo finds a second tooth and stashes it so that Britney just needs to grab it without going all the way through. Ragan imagines a turkey sandwich flying away as he watches his team loose. “Goodbye turkey sandwich.”

The green team wins and the blue and pink are fighting it out for who will be the have nots. Matt is questioning the police department with Kathy not beling able to crawl out. Britney then kicks her in the head on the way through. Lane gets the winning tooth for the pink team, leaving Kathy and the blue team the have nots for the week. Matt feels he’s already decaying after already being on slop for a few days. Now they’re have nots on top of that, and he’s wondering if the saboteur is now Kathy, as there was no reason to lay down and give up.

The have nots go into the have not bedroom which is old lounge chairs along with an unbearable stench from jars of bugs all over, bugs that include maggots. Kristen talks about feeling like she was going to die and Kathy notes she didn’t even have to dig in the popcorn, because Enzo had stashed a tooth for her to not have to dig. She says it would have wiped her out as she barely made it through the first time. Britney can’t believe Kathy, who laid there asking what do I do for 20 minutes is judging her. She thinks she’s setting herself up for gettiing an enemy.

There are tapes Xs on teh face of Kristin and Kathy, and Andrew sits down to eat and notices this. He asks Hayden if he saw it, telling him that he thinks the saboteur is telling Hayden who his choices are for elimination. Hayden adds Andrew is just putting fuel on the fire that it’s him. Kathy is worried, but doesn’t let anyone see. Britney is mad, because now it gets people talking, and she doesn’t feel like she did anything. The saboteur comes onscreen and says sometimes the smallest competitor can be the fiercest competition. His/her advice to them is to observe, listen and watch their backs.

Britney is worried extra now, so goes to talk to Hayden. He thinks it’s obvious the saboteur is trying to cause difficulties between them. She says her name is out there and she didn’t do anything to deserve it. She knows who she would nominate, Brendon and Kathy. He wants to make a decision based on solid facts.

Hayden invites everyone inside for the nomination ceremony. Since Andrew chose to sit out of the HoH ompetion, he’s safe. Hayden pulls the first key, Annie. This is folowed by Ragan, Enzo, Kristen, Britney, Matt, Monet, Kathy, and Lane. Hayden explains Brendon is up because he is suspected of being the saboteur, and Rachel is nominated because she hasn’t tried to connect prior to the nominations.

Rachel is shocked as she’s done nothing to deserve this. She’s going to do whatever she can to make sure both herself and Brendon stay. He thinks it’s a mistake to put up one of the strongest comeptitiors, as if he doesn’t go home, he’ll be gunning for them. Hayden notes Rachel is just an innocent bystander. Enzo sees himself as a genius and notes if the chips falls as they should, theyr’e going to tear the house apart.

Enzo apparently hasn’t watched this show much. Anyone who is a big fan will tell you the chips never fall as they may. Just when you think you have it figured out as to who show leave and be nominated, the wrong person will win HoH or the PoV. Something tells me the saboteur isn’t going to be as much of a factor this season as TPTB are aiming for. I think the non-predictability will hit there as well. Read my spoiler update on who wins the PoV.

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