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Big Brother 12, July 11 – Early Showmance Equals Nominations

Of course we all know what the Big Brother twist is now; it’s the saboteur. But who is it? The fun part of it isn’t what the saboteur is doing but the paranoia that it’s creating among the houseguests. Let’s see how this affects the nominations tonight.

Ragan feels like they’re living in a murder mystery and notes they’re all hungry after the saboteur locked them away from their food, leaving them only with slop. They all discuss who they were sitting next to as way of discounting each other. Annie notes it could be anybody, the quiet guy, the loud guy, the crazy girl. They all bring up about Andrew laying on the floor, and Kathy notes he should have at least seen who it was from that perspective. He says if he was the saboteur he’d be nervous like a rabbi before circumcision. This makes more sense than what I originally heard, rabbit before circumcision. Fingers also pint at Brendon for going to brush his teeth in the dark.

Andrew and Enzo lay in bed discussing who they think the sabotteur is. Andrew says he doesn’t know who it is, but he knows it’s not Enzo. He likes Enzo and trusts him. He thinks it could be Brendon. Monet is suspecting him as well. Hayden suspects both Brandon and Andrew. When a group is discussing this, they mention how odd it was for Brendon to announce he was going to brush his teeth in the middle of the blackout, and Kathy jokes she should have said, “I’m going to go bleach mine.”

Hayden gives everyone a tour of his HoH room. He calls the whole setup super contemporary. He’s not sure if it’s an advantage or disadvantage to be up there, as while it’s nice and private, he’ll also be isolated from the others. Ragan feels more secure after seeing Hayden’s pictures, as there are no pictures of him with his shirt off, going, “Hey man.” There’s also a shot of him with short hair. Ragan admits he grew up in the rodeo, and he’s asked if he can rope a saboteur.

Brendon tells Annie and Rachel that the three of them are the most intelligent in the house. He admits to them that he has a Masters Degree in Applied Physics, is starting his PhD in biomedical physics, and his Masters thesis was on physical chemistry. Rachel says she’s in love with science and doesn’t know how anyone can think it’s not the most fascinating thing in their entire life. Well, I think I’m in the opposite camp on that one. They trade more physicist/chemist traits, and the romantic music starts playing. Rachel admits wanting to jump his bones, and he admits he loves a girl who’s inteliigent, but even more into science. So to talk to a hot girl who’s intelligent is a huge turn-on for him. Annie felt awkward like she was watching her parents have sex, like she was the cream to the scientific cookie.

The guys withut Andrew, Brendon, and Ragan , along with Monet and Kathy are up in the HoH, and they’re talking about who the saboteur is and who to nominate. Money thinks it’s a girl, a very likable girl, and that we’re not going to see it, because everyone likes this person. They realize they can’t account for Annie’s whereabouts during the blackout, and Matt thinks she’d be a great saboteur, but she’s done nothing to make him think it’s her.

Annie corners Ragan to talk about something personal. She pulls him into the cabana room to talk about being bisexual. She did this because he’s so open about his bisexuality. She tells him she’s been dating a woman for a year and a half and that they’re in love, and she’s not ashamed of it. He hugs her and thanks her for telling him. He say she feels better, because he feels like he’s not alone. He feels more than honored and knows what a risk this is.

Rachel and Brendon take to the hot tub to get it on talking about science again. He’s genuinely attracted to her, but thought she was just a bubbly girl from Vegas who was there to party. Now he’s even more attracted to her. He talks about pre-judging people and what he wants in a mate, and she admits to loving super nerdy people. Hayden notices the showmance in the making, knows it’s going to turn into an alliance and wants to break it up.

Enzo, comparing his situation to being in the Mafia, considers himself going to the guy in charge, in this case Hayden. They think Matt is legit, as well as Lane. They know they need some brains in the operation, so got to Matt and talk about bringing Lane in and becoming an alliance. Enzo saw where all three of them were sitting during the blackout, so he knows none of them could be the saboteur.

It goes against Matt’s instincts to trust anybody, but he does, and he feels these guys have his back. He likes to think they’re the strongest BB alliance in history. They’re the Brains, Animal, Beast, and Meow Meow. I’ll let you figure out who’s who. They come up with The Brigade for the name of the alliance. Lane doesn’t even know what it means, but decides to go with it. Hayden talks about putting Brendon up because they don’t trust him, and also nominating Rachel because she’s the closest to him. He wants to squah that potential alliance right away

It’s time for the first food competition, and they need to break up into three teams of four. The losing team will be have nots, eating slop, taking cold showers, and sleeping in the have not bedroom. Andrew can’t be on slop and feels this is more important to him to win than HoH, because the slop isn’t kosher.


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