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So You Think You Can Dance, July 8 – Sad Day for Dance Fans

I certainly hope if they have information on Alex Wong tonight that it’s nothing that will keep him out any longer than this week, so that he can return next week instead of being eliminated. This guy has been through the so much and given so much. He only wanted to learn more. He’ll be in the bottom three automatically tonight, but I know they won’t be eliminating him unless they don’t foresee him coming back.

The contestants minus Alex dance to Sting’s When We Dance, and it’s a beautiful angelic scene. All are dressed in white, and there is a fog rolling through. It could be a Mandy Moore routine. It’s definitely a beautiful contemporary. It could be Mia Michaels as well, but I don’t know if she’d do double duty along with judging. We have eight dancers, so I wonder if one of the All Stars is filling in for Alex. Ah-ha. It was Mia who choreographed this.

Mia is joined on the judges’ panel with Adam Shankman and Nigel Lythgoe. Adam is congratulated for the twelve Emmys for the Oscars, which he produced, earned. He notes it’s the first time he was ever recognized as a choreographer. Nigel mentions that So You Think You Can Dance picked up three nominations. Stacey Tookey earned one for the routine she chreographed with Lacey and Kathryn in season 6, Mia got one for her entire body of work on season 5 which included the butt dance, and the makeup team got a nomination as well. Chelsie Hightower, who got her start here, got a nomination for Danicng With the Stars. Nigel also wants to mention Glee that got 19 astounding nomnations.

The most incredible news for Nigel, though, is that Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton is going to introduce a bill into the House to make July 31 a National Dance Day, and they’re inviting him to Washington to get a copy of the resolution. They’re going to do a big flash mob on the hill.

Lauren Froderman and Billy Bell come out as we look for two to join Aiex in the bottom three. Holy cow. Billy is in the bottom three again. Adam notes Billy played two cats in one night, and maybe there were a lot of allergies out there or a lot of dog lovers, as it’s definitely not about his dancing. He’s a brilliant dancer. His advice is that if Billy isn’t connecting, to forget he’s in a competition. Just go out there and bring joy and forget the others are out there. By the way, Lauren is safe.

The remaining five, Jose Ruiz, Robert Roldan, Ashley Galvan, Adechike Torbert, and Kent Boyd take the stage. Kent is safe, and runs right into the arms of Lauren. Jose is also safe. Robert, pulling off the plastic face of the Bob doll he played the night before, is safe for the first time in a few weeks. When it comes down to the last two, we expect them to say Adechike is in the bottom three, but instead it’s Ashley.

Mia tells Ashley she doesn’t know why she’s there, but she knows what to do. She also tells Adechike that looking back on last night, she came across harsh and insensitive, and she’s sorry if she hurt him in any way. As a teacher, she got frustrated to see a breakthrough last week, then his light dimming this week. There’s such greatness in him, and she wants to see it soar. She belives in him and loves him and will always be tough love Mamma Mia. For the first time, Mia’s words have brought tears to my eyes.

We’re finding out more about Anya Garnis and Pasha Kovalev this week. They made it through the auditions as a couple, but only competed individually after that. For the first time since their first audition, they are dancing together, with the very dance they did at their audition to Magic Carpet Ride by Mighty Dub Katz. They are absolutely incredible.

It’s the cast of In the Heights performing 98,000. As one woman is singing, there’s another whole thing going on behind her. It’s a bit maddening, but it finally comes together. I wish I knew the story of this musical, it would make watching this more enjoyable.

Billy is up first with his solo, dancing to To Build a Home by The Ginematic Orchestra. He’s as amazing as he usually is. It’s hard to imagine him going home.

Ashley takes the stage for her solo and dances to Lost by Anouk. She’s a beautiful dancer. I don’t know what the judges will do here. It’s a tough choice. Alex, Billy, or Ashley. All dancers they love.

Natasha Bedingfield is on stage for a performance of her song Touch. She has got to be seriously out of breath after performing this. With the running around and singing fast lyrics. The All Stars are dancing with her.

With the bottom three facing the judges, Nigel announces they are unanimous. The results of Alex’s MRI are announced. He has suffered a lacerated Achilles tendon, and it needs reattaching in a surgery on Tuesday tnat will require three months of him being off his feet. Obviously Billy and Ashley are safe. Alex is leaving, but is invited back next year.

Nigel knows what Alex gave up to be there, and it’s just another thing he has to get through in his life that will strengthen him and make him an even better dancer. Mia tells Alex he has left a mark on the show and in the world that she doesn’t think will ever be forgotten. He’s beyond special as an artist and human being. Adam tells Alex he taught him the best can be better, and everyone on the show is better from him being here. He’s an inspiraton. It sounds like Alex says, “Me too.”

After a goodbye video that doesn’t even come close to showing his brilliance, Alex says his heart hurts a lot but he’s grateful for the opportunity to learn so much. He loves everyone so much and thanks them for the support and the chance. He’ll remember most learning so much every week and will miss the contestants so much. But still, Alex doesn’t regret anything. Everyone on the sidelines is in tears.

Last wee I said they should just crown Alex the winner now. They should have. He wouldn’t have danced the Bollywood routine and wouldn’t have gotten injured. And he would have gone down as the season 7 So You Think You Can Dance winner. But for many of us, I think we’ll always see him as the winner. Read my Open Letter to Alex Wong.

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