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So You Think You Can Dance, July 7 – Drinking the Performance Juice

Mia refers to Ashley as Grasshopper, and thinks that Ashley danced it so hardcore, like a ninja would, but notes there’ s no kill in her eyes, because she’s Ashley and so beautiful, but if you watch the moves, there needs to be fire and a kill. As a martial artist, that’s what I felt. I saw dancing, not ninja. Ninjas are supposed to be quiet but strong, and stealth. I didn’t see that. It was too in your face, which is not anything that a ninja is.

Adam thinks Ashley is a quiet contender and that she’s in this to win it, taking another step forward. He thinks it ‘s a big deal and did not expect her to hit it so hard. He didn’t expect her to embrace the character so much because she is so sweet, but she came out and set things on fire. Dominic is warned again to stay away from Cat.

Robert Roldan is teamed up with Kathryn McCormick for a Sean Cheesman jazz routine, and he explains it’s about living dolls who have come to life and go on an adventure. They start off with plastic smiles and movement, but then on the dance floor have to become more fluid. They can get broken, though, as Kathryn nearly does. Thank God she didn’t; we don’t need another injury. They start off in Barbie boxes, then break out. This is perfect fo Robert’s personality. It’s really fun to watch.

Nigel tells Sean he loved the concept of the entire routine and notes it’s pefect for the show. He was sorry it was so short and didn’t have time to develop. It amazes him and he doesn’t understand how Robert has been in the bottom three so often, so he went online to see what people are saying. They seem to be making things up, calling Robert arrogant, and he in no way is as one of the hardest workers, one of the most open people, and one of the best dancers. He doesn’t know where they get it from. Apparently Nigel wasn’t reading my recaps. He’s keeping his fingers crossed for him this week, as he thinks he was terrific again.

Mia agrees with everyting Nigel just said, saying Robert is one of the hardest workers by far, and comes in with a smile on his face. Conceptually, the piece was genius. The movement inside the box was everything, and the piece seemed tailored to Robert. It could have been tightened up a bit more, and it was a great performance. They have to get him out of the bottom three. Adam tells Rob he’s so great, he’s so dedicated and committed, and gives 1000 perent to everything he does. He thought it was stellar.

Adechike and Alex were supposed to be dancing together this week, with Adechike looking forward to it because Alex is a powerhouse and clean dancer and brings confidence to the stage. Alex was looking forward to it because Adechike brings good energy to the room, and what he wasn’t looking foward to was Adechike screaming at him when he’s knocking on the door at 1 AM asking him to practice. He also wasn’t looking forward to lotus hands. They worked with Nakul Dev Mahajan on Bollywood, who explained it’s about two guys doing devotional dance. Adechike felt like he was in Bollywood boot camp. With Alex injured, Nakul’s sister Mara steps in to dance with Adechike to Mourya Re from the Don the Chase Begins Again soundtrack. it’s definitely understandable how Alex go tinjured on this, and Adechike is marvelous with the jumps at the end.

Nigel tells Adechike he has to be careful, as they always ask him to put his own personality into a routine, but when it’s so specific like this, he has to be much deeper in his plie and much sharper in what he does. He started to make it a little funky in some places, as Mia points it out it seemed African. Nigel warns him to be sure to stick to a certain style. Even if you get the fingers wrong, the sharpness is really essential, and Adehicke was lacking. He loved the split jumps and is really sorry he didn’t get to see the pair of them dance, understanding from producers it was terrific.

Cat plays devil’s advocate saying when Jose did Bollywood a few weeks ago he was praised for putting his own spin on it and made it fun. Mia can’t even face Cat or Adechike when she says the difference is Jose has this heart thing that grabs everybody, and with Adechike, his eyes were never focused. She’s not sure if it was supposed to be a fusion of African, but she felt that. She misses Alex so much right now, as she can only imagine what that was like, no disrespect meant to Mara.

Adam feels what Adechike had was an enormous amout of power, and he could feel him liking the music. What he hears from his colleagues and that he agrees with is to finish his lines, the snap and all that. He’ll see it when he sees the playback, and he wants him to keep pushing on in his journey. Nigel wants him to know they’re attempting to improve him. Adechike says he’s not mad at all and realizes it’s tough love.

One thing Kent isn’t looking forward to about working with Lauren is that she always tells him she has a secret, then ends up burping in his face. She burps like a man, a man that he’s supposed to be, but can’t be. What she’s looking forward to the least, is that teenage girls might be mad at her, but she thinks they can all share him. They worked with Travis Wahl on a contemporary routine, and it’s about two people in love, but having to say goodbye, only to end up coming back to each other. Kent says she is cute, and he knows she has a serious crush on him, then laughs. They dance tonight to Howie Day’s accoustic version of Collide. They’re both gorgeous in this and very believable. They’re right; it’s them. They kiss at the end, and Cat has to literally break them up.

Nigel thought it proved three things to him. First, what a really good conteporary dancer Lauren is, second what a really good contemporary dancer Kent is, and third, what a really good contemporary choreographer Travis is. Individually, Lauren realy is a strong dancer, athletic and gymnastic, and he’s always looking for her heart, as he can’t see it, but he did tonight, and it was really there for him. Kent is such a hard worker, and at the end of the day, the hard work is going to pay off in this competition. The two of them really are the ultimate in female and male dancers.


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