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So You Think You Can Dance, July 7 – Drinking the Performance Juice

Cat compares Kent to Justin Timberlake, and i get that. Nigel found the routine to be and thought it was more like a soft hop than a hip hop, with Dave Scott finding a good style for Kent, and he, too, compares him to Justin. He’s also grateful this week Kent didn’t overact it, as he has a fabulous personality, that you believe it when it’s there. This was just fun, and he got into everything that was musical, with even the spank on the beat. Nigel shouldn’t be commenting on an All Star, but notes Comfort has grown as well.

Mia wasn’t mad at Kent … at all, and there was a cool factor to him that worked. Kent says, “Im gangsta,” and Mia admits, “kind of.” Cat calls him out, and says he wasn’t so cool at her house for the 4th of July BBQ, hitting his nose twice on the bottom of the pool. He just says makeup did a good job covering it up. Mia pulls it back around, and says however, he’s not as cool as Mr. Scott. That for her was the only thing that was missing, that little groove and funk factor. Adam explains the key for him was that he saw growth in Kent this week. He embraced small, and that drew him in to want to watch him more. Kent starts talking to Comfort, so Adam makes him focus, then finishes, saying it was his smallest performance.

Adechike Torbert is with Courtney Galliano on a Mandy Moore jazz piece, and she has set the dance around closing time at a bar. Courtney is a woman on the prowl, and Adechike is a man who’s available. Their eyes meet up and the seduction ensues. Courtney thinks Adechike is enjoying it a little too much. What is it with Mandy’s sexy routines tonight? What does she have on her mind? They meet up at the bar with Dinah Washington’s Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby (Rae & Christian Remix) in the background. Something came alive with him last week, and he hasn’t lost it. He’s matching Courtney tonight, jazz move for jazz more, and that’s no easy feat.

Nigel thought it was a good routine and well-choreographed by Mandy. While last week Adechike gave us a great character with the geeky guy, and this week he was asked to do another character, not a geek, but one he had to create on his own, and he came up to the task. It’s the best Nigel has seen him outside of his style. He’s a little surprised, as he didn’t think Adechike was going to get there. He liked seeing the two of them dance together in the jazz style. He would have liked to have seen more of that. It wasn’t the best he’s seen him dance, but he’s surprised, as he wasn’t expecting to see him be that good tonight. On top of all this, Adechike notes he lost one of his contacts during the routine.

Mia totally disagrees with Nigel. She feels Adechike got so much praise for his personality last week, that he relied a little bit on that tonight. The dancing ability and style was so not there. It was very mediocre for her, and at this time they need to be unbelievable. The only moments were in the physicality and acrobatics. Everything else was donut holes for her. She asks if they know what donut holes are, so has to insult him on top of all else. Nigel counters her thoughts, talking about the fun side he saw, but she still disagrees.

Adam mentions Adchike’s journey and breakthrough last week. He suddenly dropped a certain ball and didn’t venture far enough or find enough performance. He needs to get lost in the music, and choreography is going to trap him. His journey is now to find a deeper connection with a partner and find a new character each week, as he found this to be the same character. Nigel again argues, asking how it can be the same character, as last week he was a geek. Cat interrupts to stop the fight.

Billy Bell was paired with Alison Holker for a Spencer Liff Broadway routine, where they are supposed to be burglars, making their escape with a lot of athletics. During rehearsals, she started feeling pain in her ribs from an old injury and had to see a medic. Season 4’s Katee Shean is brought in to replace her. Billy and Katee dance to Macavity: The Mystery Cat from Cats, and hurray for Spencer who played to Billy’s strengths, and hurrah for Katee who is amazing in this. It’s a character that Billy seems he can embrace.

Nigel says outside of what Billy does in his solos, this is the best he’s ever seen him dance. Whether it’s been the sitaution of having to cope with what’s going on and getting Katee as his partner, somehow the choreography gave him a style tat sits on his beautifully. He hopes the two get to work together again, as it was beautiful to watch.

Mia thinks Billy was absolutely fabulicious. It was the best she’s seen him. He was sharp, had style and snappiness with a lot of texture in his movements. She thinks Jerome Robbins would have loved him. Adam doesn’t think Billy ever connected with a partner this well and never understood a piece of material to him this well as when to look and when to be small. Everyone drank performance juice and a little bit of sexy juice, and a little bit of “Blah! Look at me dance!” He hopes when Billy watches it back he’ll see it’s the small things that matter. He believes Spencer really tapped into something.

Ashley Galvan gets together with Dominic Sandoval on a Napoleon and Tabitha hip hop. Dominic and Ashley explain it’s like ninja assassin, with neither knowing that the other is trying to take them out. Napoleon thinks to be a ninja you need to be a little intimidating, and he not sure if Ashley is going to intimidate the judges or get into the character. Dancing to Ludacris’ How Low, while her dancing is great, I agree with Napoleon that she isn’t that intimidating. Although, it’s hysterical when her move is supposed to simulate kicking Dominic in the groin. She does get the character in the end. It’s perfect then.

Nigel thinks this was the opportunity for Ashley to show she can do stuff other than contemporary, and she can. She hit really hard and was really strong. He would love to see her take a firmer base, as he was a little worried about the lowness of the crotch in the trousers. If she took a firmer base, it would give her more strength. He tells Dominic to stop trying to touch Cat from behind Ashley. Caught!


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