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So You Think You Can Dance, July 7 – Drinking the Performance Juice

We knew once they started ticking away the girls every week on So You Think You Can Dance, just like American Idol, that they would have to change up this new format, didn’t we? While normally at final 8 they switch up these shows to just be an hour long, they’re keeping this at two hours, having each dancer dance twice, once with an All-Star, and another time with a competitor. It really is something they had to do with all six guys left, and only two girls.
Once again Adam Shankman, Mia Michaels, and Nigel Lythgoe are judging. Might I add Nigel . Cat Deeley announces Alex Wong isn’t dancing tonight, after injuring himself yesterday in rehearsals. Nigel, sporting a lovely purple handkerchief in his pocket, notes he had an MRI today and at best he’ll be off this week, but at worst, if it’s a ruptured Achilles tendon like they’re thinking, it would be like David Beckham who was out of soccer for three months with the same injury. With the new rules this season, he’ll be placed in the bottom three automatically, and will be judged. If he can’t dance next week, he’ll be eliminated, and it’ll be tough knowing how hard he worked to get here and how much he sacrified. He was asked today if it hurt, and he said, “only in my heart.”

Looking at who and what the contestants chose this week, Lauren picked cha cha with Pasha and contemporary with Kent. He also gets hip hop with Comfort, and he doesn’t know how he’ll follow Alex’s routine last week. Robert picks jazz with Kathryn and quickstep with Ashley. She also gets hip hop with Dominic, and calls Robert a fun person to be with and a nerd. Adechicke gets jazz with Courtney and Bollywood with Alex. He gets fox trot with Anya as well, which we’ll obviously be missing out on. Jose gets contemporary with Lauren and African Jazz with Billy. Billy gets also Broadway with Alison. He says he’s not looking forward to Jose’s ADD in rehearsals, as all he can talk about is Lauren Gottlieb’s butt. Jose tells the cameraman to not use that clip. Apparently, they didn’t listen.

Lauren Froderman gets together with Pasha Kovalev to learn a Jean Marc and France Genereux cha cha. All Lauren knows about this routine is it’s supposed to be hot. For the story, Pasha is supposed to be a hairdresser. Lauren doesn’t know who everyone else’s hairdresser is, but she thinks they should really check out Pasha. They do their hairdressing routine to Telephone by Lady Gaga & Beyoncé, and I can only say that these two are hot from the beginning. They’re great together and have a lot of chemistry.

Nigel tells Lauren that she’s been hearing a lot that she needs to mature but there’s no question she’s done that tonight. She wasn’t a little girl anymore, but a full-bodied woman. Her hair looks good, and she can look very smoldering up against Pasha. She is a different girl than last week, and it’s good to see that growth. She now has another weapon in her arsenal. Lauren says she pretended she was a tiger, and Pasha was walking in her jungle and she made a butt-sized meal out of him. Is that some type of odd method acting?

Mia tells Lauren it was pure “murderation.” Lauren was so hot, and it was perfect. She danced like a woman. Adam says, “Holy Shambosis,” the only word can think of to replace the obvious curse word. What very little of her costume exists, she really made work. She was sharp, specific, strong, and had so much smoke and smolder in her eyes. She was a totally different girl, even when she walked to the mike. She’s totally on an amazing path.

Jose Ruiz is paired with the butt-lovely Lauren Gottlieb on a Mandy Moore contemporary routine, who explains it’s about soulmates, two people that have to be together. Although when Jose and Lauren practice, Mandy tells them it’s like “8th grade dance.” Lauren doesn’t think he’s ever been this intimate in a dande, and he needs to know it’s okay. Mandy advises him just to grab her butt and go, but I think that’s what he wants anyway. INXS’s Never Tear Us Apart is the backdrop for their routine tonight, and I have to say this B-Boy can pull out the contemporary romance. These two manage to pull out the sexy and make it past that 8th grade dance thing.

Nigel asks Jose how it felt to dance with Lauren, and his answer is “Amazing.” Nigel adds he looked amazing. When he goes back and thinks about where he came from and what he came with, he’s now pointing his toes and was there all the way for Lauren in the routine, letting her feel comfortable. He says people tell him he’s a lot nicer to Jose because he’s not a brilliant dancer, but a great personality. Nigel says he is nicer because Jose has accepted the challenge of So You Think You Can Dance, is pushing himself beyond barriers he didn’t even know were there, and has a wonderful, naive personality that is so enjoyable to watch. It isn’t about arrogance or ego, but somebody who wants to learn and is doing it in front of an entire audience. We’re watching him do that, and it’s beautiful to see.

As Jose wipes away the tears, Mia thinks more people, including herself, should look to be more like Jose, because he is so “lack of ego.” There’s lack of anything but open heart and purity. She always says if your spirit dances, your body will follow. Everything he did came out of an honest place, and she believed every single step he took. He melted into her perect moments. He loved her, more than her butt. It was a really special moment, and Mandy smartly choreographed it. She is so in love with Jose, but Cat says she’ll fight her for him.

Adam explains that Mandy played to every one of Jose’s strengths, his passion, his commitment, his unbelievably uninhibited spirit, and that’s why they praise him every single week. He is so special a performer and is growing technically. He has become one of the most beloved people on the show, and he is so proud of Jose.

Kent Boyd gets paired with Comfort Fedoke on a Dave Scott hip hop. Kent says what Dave wants is for the white farm boy to be Comfort, and Dave admits he wants him to be super cool. While Kent gets the beat, Dave thinks he gets scared, like a deer in headlights. Kent and Comfort have to copy each other throughout the routine. They dance tonight to Ryan Leslie’s You’re Not My Girl, and he seems to have lost that bit he was doing last week paying to the audience, and is more focused on his partner. He also seems to be picking up a silght Michael Jackson-esque thing.


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