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Top Chef: DC – Episode 4 – Double Elim, Baby Food and Lacking “The Business”

Quickfire – Make gourmet baby food and a dish for mom and dad…er…Padma and Tom. This comes down to whether or not you have kids or not affecting your ability to make baby food. I have a kid and am certain we could not make baby food. However, Kenny and Spenny, Kevin and Tamesha are given the spotlight on their skills with the kids. Kenny also reveals his sad story of how he lost his first wife in a car accident and had to raise their daughter by himself. For that, I forgive Kenny for his later boorish behavior in this episode.

Meanwhile, Kelly and Lynne talk about not having any baby skills, with Lynne reminding us that not only does she not have kids, she only has pets. So she’s this lady. Meanwhile, Moby says if he wins the money he will spend in on hookers and an eight ball. So he is this guy.

Kenny – Curried Chicken, Mango Salad, Confit of Butternut Squash and Maitake Mushrooms.

Tim – Sautéed Lamb with Mushrooms, Shallots and Ginger.

Sbarro – An Incomplete Pan-Seared Duck with Baby Carrots and a Pool of Blood. He fails to get his plating done, and Padma calls him out later on for the duck blood in the dish. Yummy. I wonder if he is secretly a vampire.

Kelly – Roast Pork Loin with Grilled Peaches and Ginger and a Lemon Seed. We discover the seed as Padma dramatically spits it out in slow motion. We get the reaction shot from Kelly that essentially read, “I guess I’m not winning this challenge.”

Lynne – Chicken with Sweet Potato and Fruit Compote.

Spenny – Poached Tuna with Fenugreek Broth, Tomatoes, Soy Sauce and Honey. He refers to the fourth layer in his layered baby food as being a secret. I would tell him that I don’t eat mystery baby food.

Moby – Duck with Spinach, Basil and Mushrooms, with Dill Couscous. He and Sbarro have a dust up with plating, not sure from what we saw if that’s what kept Sbarro from plating his dish.

Tamesha – Salmon with Vegetable Chowder and Lobster Stock, Thai Basil and Licorice Oil.

Tom does not care for Tim’s overcooked lamb or Moby’s water puree. He does very much like Cat Lady Lynne’s seasoned chicken and great baby food, along with Tamesha’s puree texture and licorice oil. Tom even asks her how she made it.

Padma dislikes Sbarro’s offering to the Vampire Lestat (old school vampires for you Twihards) and Kelly’s bland pork. She did dig Spenny’s elegant baby food and Kenny’s flavorful and spicy dish.

The two winners – makes sense if we get two losers later – of the challenge are Tamesha and Kenny who each earn $10,000, but no immunity, which almost came into play later.