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Hell’s Kitchen, July 6 – I Say Potato, You Say Coconut

Holli is having a great time in the dining room. Nilka is continuing to have problems on the fish station and is headed for a meltdown. She brings raw lobster up to the pass again. She is sent out of the kitchen. Chef Ramsay tells her to take her jacket off and leave. She leaves the kitchen throwing a wet floor sign down as she goes, but reappears back in the kitchen. She is begging Chef Ramsay in the middle of service to let her stay and puts herself back on the station. He begs the other chefs to get her out of the kitchen. Jay is calling her hurricane Nilka category 5.

After Nilka leaves the kitchen it seems the kitchen flows better. They actually make the deadline with 15 minutes to spare.

Nilka has her bags packed and is walking out to the cab where she is greeted by Chef Ramsay. He tells her to hold her head up high that she is just not ready. He thanks her and sends her off with a hug. Chef Ramsay tells Nilka he has never waited for someone out at the cab before, but she deserved it. Is this a kinder, gentler Chef Ramsay?

Chef Ramsay goes back into the kitchen and compliments Ed for not giving up after the first couple of tables. He also compliments Jason for nailing every piece of meat and finally coming out of his shell. He sends them up to the dorms and tells them to come to a consensus on which two people should go up for elimination. Jason wants Ed and Autumn up for elimination. Jay wants to pick Autumn. Autumn and Ben want Jason up there. Did they not just hear Chef Ramsay say who the best two of the night were? I want to see the idiot willing to stand up there and say “Chef, we pick Jason.”

Chef Ramsay calls on Ben to tell him who they are nominating. The first nominee is Ed. Ben thinks that he slowed down service. The second nomination is Autumn, because she is the weakest cook out of all the teams. Ed tells Chef Ramsay that he will continue fighting back. Chef Ramsay tells him that it was careless to leave his pans on the stove so long that they went dry. Chef Ramsay then turns to Autumn and asks her truthfully why she should remain. She believes she did a good job tonight and did bounce back.

Chef Ramsay calls Ed and tells him to take off his jacket. Ed goes up to hear his goodbye and is instead given his black jacket and welcomed to the final six, as is everyone else. Chef Ramsay tells them that the challenges will be getting harder and sends them on their way back upstairs. Autumn says it is time to bring out the claws.

I am wondering, now that it is team black, will Jay get rid of that stupid blue hair?

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