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Hell’s Kitchen, July 6 – I Say Potato, You Say Coconut

Again tonight it is a double episode.

This episode starts with some team bonding and communication over cigarettes. Ben believes that there is no stopping the red team now that Fran is gone. Holli is excited to have Autumn back in the red kitchen so they can start winning. Me, I’m just speechless.

Everyone is excited for a new day and new challenge. Today’s challenge is to be creative with lobster. They are huge, and quite frankly I thought there was maximum legal limit on size, maybe it is only in Maine. They have 45 minutes to divide the 10 pound lobster and each make a dish. In true red team fashion Ben takes what he wants and Nilka is left with very little.

Red team is up a player and is asked again to choose the weakest dish and leave that out of the competition. This time they are smart enough to taste the dishes first and make a decision. Nilka took herself out; she had made a potato puree with lobster. Chef Ramsay thought that sounded disgusting. He is not judging the dishes alone today; he has invited three Michelin star chefs to join him. Everyone is very excited.

Holli and Ed are up first and judged by Executive Chef David LeFevre. He works at the L.A. restaurant Water Grill. Holli makes poached lobster with ginger. David thinks that it is good. Ed also makes a poached lobster. David thinks the lobster is overcooked and rubbery. He thinks Ed’s is more creative, but Holli’s is executed better. Red gets the first point.

Next to be judged by 2 Michelin star chef Michael Cimarustiis are Autumn and Jason. When Jason removes his cover revealing his dish all the chefs jump back a bit. He has used the tail of a ten pound lobster to present his dish, it is huge. It is lobster with polenta. Michael thinks it is good with good flavor. Autumn makes a lobster stir-fry. He thinks the dish is overpowering the lobster. Blue gets the point and Michael suggests he could feed his family of four with Jason’s lobster tail.

Lastly, Jay and Ben, the self-proclaimed best chefs there, present their dishes. They are being judged by 2 Michelin star rated chef Josiah Citrin. Ben did a poached lobster with parsnip puree; he is told his dish is sloppy. Jay makes lobster knuckle and black truffle cappuccino with a lobster canapé, eww! The chef thinks that the dish is classical but that underneath the lobster it is raw. The chef says that he wouldn’t want to eat either one again; neither team gets a point.

Chef Ramsay decides to award a point to the best dish overall to break the tie. Holli wins the point, and red team finally wins a challenge. Chef Ramsay says her dish was the best by far. The winning team gets to experience the life of the rich and famous. First they will go to the Caviar House for a bite to eat, then it will be off on a $1,000 shopping spree. Blue team is very upset. Chef tells them to hurry up because they are serving dinner tonight. The guys are put in charge of cleaning the dorms, then prepping both kitchens. Jay is in disbelief that his soup was wrong. He feels that the chef made a mistake judging it.

The guys are given horrible brown smocks and blue bandanas to do their cleaning in. These people are slobs; the dorms are absolutely disgusting. I don’t think anyone knows how to dump an ashtray.

Jean Philippe greets the red team for their champagne and caviar tasting. Holli is smitten with the host and wonders if the caviar is an aphrodisiac.

The blue team is informed that they have to prep the red kitchen before they can start prepping their own. Back at the shopping spree Nilka has tried on these gold spandex leggings. I know Chef Ramsay told them to go wild and blow the money, but I hope she didn’t by that awful outfit. Ben scores some points buying pearls for his wife. You would never know they all spent $1,000, judging from what few bags they had, but everyone on red is finally happy. Dinner service is only twenty minutes away and the blue team hasn’t even started to prep their kitchen. Chef Ramsay lines both teams up before they open the doors and the guys on the blue team don’t know what they are going to do with nothing prepped.

Luckily for blue kitchen, Chef Ramsay makes the announcement that they are all going to be cooking in the red kitchen together tonight. They have 2 hours and 30 minutes to serve dinner because all of the diners will be going to the theater afterwards. Chef Ramsay tells them that they will be serving caviar tableside tonight and chooses Holli to serve as an extra reward for her dish being the best.

Right off the bat Nilka serves up raw scallops on the first ticket. She continues her bad night with raw fish which holds up the entrees; followed up with the wrong sauce with the lobster. She is called back to the dreaded pantry where Chef Ramsay tries to convince her not to give up. Ed is giving Nilka a little break while he makes mistakes with asparagus and sets the pans on fire. Jason, however, is doing great on the meat station, and Chef Ramsay is noticing.