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Hell’s Kitchen, July 6 – I Say Potato, You Say Coconut

Each team prepares a sampling of their menu for Chef Ramsay’s approval; he goes to red first. The Ahi tuna salad is under-seasoned, the arugula salad, that Nilka didn’t like, he spit out. Chef Ramsay dislikes all Ben’s dishes. He loves Holli’s desserts.

Blue is next; they aren’t doing much better. Jay’s arugula and strawberry salad is a joke to Chef Ramsay, another dish is bland and boring. He is bored and let down with their entire menu and is disgusted. He knows that they went too easy and calls them out on it. He thinks the dessert is the worst thing in Hell’s Kitchen.

They have a few hours to improve their menus and dishes. Blue team huddles and reworks every dish. Red does not. The doors to Hell’s Kitchen open. Tonight will be a challenge in the kitchen because diners can order off of either menu. These teams have a hard enough time getting their own dishes to the pass at the right time now they have to coordinate with the other kitchen also. Appetizers are leaving the kitchen at a good pace.

The first dish out is sent back, Ben’s undercooked shrimp and pasta. He shuts down and doesn’t talk to anyone. Twice Chef Ramsay yells at him and tells him to talk to his team. Ben does a “yes Chef” to Chef Ramsay and continues not talking to his team. It reminds me of the kid on the playground that would take his ball home in the middle of the game because he wasn’t any good. He might not have to worry because the red team is hardly getting any orders. The blue kitchen is much busier because of the popularity of their menu. Red orders are going out to the tables and blue diners have nothing at the same table.

Fran is not bringing the right size portions up to the pass and leaving half the chicken on the bone. Chef Ramsay goes to investigate and has a fit accusing her of robbing the customers. Luckily for Fran, Autumn over in blue brings raw pork up to the pass. You have to wonder what the experience level with some of these chefs really is. While Autumn checks her pork to see if it is not raw anymore she leaves the oven door wide open. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that she is letting all of the heat out of the oven, which will only make it take longer to cook. He kicks Autumn out of the kitchen and into the dining room; he makes her go to the table where three people are already eating and explain to the lone man who has nothing to eat. She apologizes and tells him it is all her fault.

Nilka is on the red team’s garnish section tonight. The menu reads grilled asparagus but Nilka is boiling them. She tells Chef Ramsay that she isn’t getting the grill marks that she wants, so she changes the way they are prepared. He tells her it looks like high school cafeteria food.

Jason is having trouble making bacon over in blue and is shutting down. Both kitchens are still having the simplest problem, communication. Chef Ramsay thinks that Autumn moves way to slow in the kitchen. Jay takes Autumn off of beef and puts her onto desserts; Chef Ramsay tells him that he should have done that two hours ago. Fran is in trouble again over in the red kitchen; she has served up raw chicken and cold beef. Chef Ramsay is standing at the dreaded pantry calling her names, he wants some quality time with her. He tells her not to give up.

Eventually both teams move on to desserts and the kitchens complete service. Chef Ramsay tells them that both teams have lost and wants a nominee from each team to go up for elimination. This seems like a no brainer. All the teams go back upstairs and smoke, again. Yuck. They show one of the ashtrays up there; there has to be at least 50 cigarettes in there. No wonder no one did well in the palette challenge and they thought they microwaved dinner was excellent; they don’t have any working taste buds.

Blue team is leaning towards Autumn; it helps when Chef Ramsay spends a lot of time arguing with one team member. Holli over in red thinks that their team communicated well … where the heck was she? Nilka agrees and screams at Fran that there is not a communication problem in the kitchen; the problem is execution. Nilka follows that up by saying she should have had a bigger input on the menu. She says she made a lot of suggestions that were all shot down. I have to laugh because she just got finished saying that there is no communication problem and with the next breath complains that no one listened to her. Ben is just sitting quietly, then gets up and says that he has never had a problem working with girls before but now he does. He walks away and says he is done; I wonder what his wife thinks of his behavior towards women. Personally I find it offensive and wish that Fox did exit interviews.

The teams go back down to the dining room to meet with Chef Ramsay. Jason is asked who their nominee is and why. Blue team chooses Autumn because she had a bad night on meat. Holli is asked for the red team and stutters then says Fran. She blames Fran’s raw chicken.

Autumn believes that she should stay because even though she made mistakes she also put out a lot of good food. Chef Ramsay tells her that she is a pain in his ass. She wants to be better, Chef Ramsay believes that she is out of her depth and is an embarrassment for the blue team. He then turns to Fran, I think she has been there more than any other Chef, except for maybe Lacey. She believes that she is as good as anyone else in that kitchen and communication just sucks for the red team. Nilka just gets outright nasty which I don’t understand since she is not fighting for herself, and she didn’t have a good service either. She is just rude, and whether she knows it or not, Nilka only seems to prove Fran’s point.

Chef Ramsay asks for both of their jackets. He tells Fran to keep her head held high, that she deserves it. Nilka has a smirk on her face. It occurs to me that Nilka has been motivated by revenge since the beginning episode when Fran put her up on the block. Chef Ramsay then turns to Autumn and says to her that since she has gone to blue she has been in a downward spiral. He tells her to rejoin the red team. All I can say to Nilka and Ben is “be careful what you wish for”. This should be interesting. Ben is happy that Fran is gone, and Jay is happy that Autumn is gone.