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So You Think You Can Dance, July 1 – The Foregone Conclusion

As I said in closing of last night’s recap, I don’t even know why we’re finishing out the season. Let’s just award Alex Wong the title now. I’m not sure why we’re having tonight’s show be an hour long, as I think it’s a foregone conclusion that Melinda Sullivan is leaving. She’s been in the bottom every time, and both Mia Michaels and Adam Shankman think they made a mistake in keeping her last week. Nigel Lythgoe was against it from the get go. So if she gets voted to the bottom three, she’s gone, and I’m pretty sure we’ll see her down there.

For a person who is normally very coiffed, Cat Deeley is a little messy tonight. Our group number is a big production thing. I can’t even imagine who choreographed it. It’s definitely a unique jazz making me think possible Sonya Tayeh, but it doesn’t really have her stamp on it. It turns out it’s Jamal Gaines.

Our judges tonight are again Adam Shankman, Mia Michaels, and Nigel Lythgoe. Nigel explains there are some changes afoot, that everyone will have two routines next week. They’ll have to dance with an All-Star they have never danced with, as well as one of their competitors. He jokes that after that they’ll dance with the judges.

Kent Boyd, Adechike Torbert, Ashley Galvan, and Alex Wong take the stage to find out which of them are safe. Cat admits to Alex she watched the routine at home again three times, just like I did. He’s obviously safe. Ashley is safe as well after a stunning routine. It’s between Kent, the audience favorite, and Adechike. It has to be Adechike who isn’t safe. Oh wow. Adechicke is safe. Cat fooled us. Kent is safe too, and as he hugs Cat, it sounds like he tells her he loves her. The remaining five have to be worried, as three of them are in the bottom.

Billy Bell, Robert Roldan, and Lauren Froderman are up next. Lauren is safe, which we figured. The first person in the bottom three is Billy, and Robert is joining him there as well. I’m shocked that Billy is there. Mia explains the problem is that the dancers aren’t connecting. They talked about it last night with Billy. He’s so brilliant, but it could be the problem, as it’s stopping him from being open to growth and being vulnerable. He needs to make mistakes, and we need him to take a risk. She thinks Robet has a great personality, but it doesn’t play out when he hits the stage, and it’s a personal journey he needs to figure out. That third one has to be Melinda. I wonder if they’ll keep her and send Robert home, just to save the girls.

Melinda and Jose Ruiz join Cat onstage. They stand really far apart, oddly. It’s of course Melinda in the bottom three. Adam says there were some technical problems you can see watching the piece of her last night. She was wrestling it like a tiger. What she has to do now to save herself is show an enormous amount of vulnerability and abandon. Technically Jose is not as strong as her, but his charisma is grabbing votes. 

To remind us of why the 12 All Stars are … All Stars, we’re going to get reminded each week of their journeys through the show. Tonight we’re going to find out about Mark Kanemura and Courtney Galliano. They were both top 10 finalists form season 10 and had a memorable routine together choreographed by Sonya. It’s The Garden by Mirah. This is exactly what I saw out of Robert last night. 

The cast of Cirque de Soleil’s Viva Elvis takes the stage with a routine choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon D’Umo and Mandy Moore. Didn’t I just see something similar to this on America’s Got Talent this week? I could swear I did. Well, except for the bouffant girls wearing envelopes. And look, season’s 4’s Chris Jarosz and Marquis Cunningham are in this group.

Billy takes the stage for a solo number, dancing to Fly by Ludovico Einaudi. He’s so wonderful here, as they said he really is a brilliant soloist. But he needs to figure out how to bring that into his partnering and build on someone else’s story.

Robert is up next, dancing to Hater by Various Productions. He has a determination in him. He wants it. I twill be a shame if they sacrifice him just a to keep a girl, especially after realizing they made a mistake last week.

Melinda is up last, starting off tapping to no accompaniment, which is good since they don’t think she matches the music very well. But that type of thing isn’t going to work when they don’t like they way you make your dancing meet the music. I don’t think ayone was fooled.

Ne-Yo steps out next to perform his new single, Beautiful Monster. While we think the female dancers are going to come out and join him, instead it’s two angry looking guys, followed by more angry guys. The female dancers just watch, until they come slithering out onstage.

The judges are unanimous this week. Billy ad Robert heard a lot tonight, and Mia hit the nail on the head, that they need to figure it out for themselves why it is. They are told to sit down, though, nonetheless, and do so after hugging Melinda.

Nigel tells Melinda they all adore her; that’s why she’s there. Without question she danced to the beat of her own drum, and it was a real pleasure to listen to her tap a cappella. He’s absolutely positive there will always be work for her, although this is her last night in the competition. She’s most thankful for this show to have been able to share this gift she’s been given. She’ll remember most the beautiful people who have taught her about working with others.

Well, now we’re left with all six guys and just two girls. I predict a guy will leave next week, and Robert really needs to figure out what it is he’s missing so he doesn’t end up back there again. Billy, too, for that matter, because he’s way too good to leave this early.

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