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Top Chef: DC, Ep. 3 – An Insult To Italians, and No, Not Jersey Shore

The Losers – Tim, Sbarro, Tracey and Stephen

Tim – How is he surprised to be here again?  Gail comments on the uneven cooked nature of the veggies.  Tom focuses on the lack of seasoning.  Obi-Wan thinks he shied away from the dish.  It was edible, but not very good.  So he’s safe, but really struggling.

Sbarro – Padma thinks it is the safest Puerto Rican food she has ever had.  Sbarro mentions that the Puerto Rican family he has would make this.  Gail asks if they are chefs, which they are not.  “Exactly.  You are,” she added.  Dead on right, Gail.  Tom thinks the meat was nice, but the sides had overcooked rice
and undercooked beans.  He is safe too, but that was pretty bad.

Stephen – This is not a picnic dish and he tried to force it through.  Gail found the fish unappetizing and hard to eat.  Tom really hated the bacon which needed more grill time, and thought the couscous was greasy.  He did nothing well.

Tracey – She didn’t taste the fennel problems.  Gail found the patty to be pink and raw.  Tom tells her that if this is her version of Italian food then it is an insult to Italians, with him being one of them.  Obi-Wan reminds her that if things go wrong you have to fix it and she stopped trying.  He later thinks his 10-year-old could have made the patty better, and you couldn’t tell it was made by a professional chef.  Ouch.

In the end, Tracey gets the boot and there is no crime at all.  Unless you count what happened to that pie and that sausage meat. 

Quickfire Hits

· Is Kenny’s girlfriend’s name actually “Juicy.”  How do you put that on a resume?

· Arnold pulls out a “game on” comment about how it is competitive. It makes me have to remind everyone of my improv friends again.

· Why does Arnold hate Kelly?  She took the spot he wanted – a spot open to anyone – and he turns around and calls her seemingly two-faced.  I didn’t get that.

· Tracey didn’t know what pie she was making and Angela asked about it.  When told it was “top secret” Angela mentioned she will “remember that.”  Remember what?  That Tracey has no idea what she’s doing?  Is she actually making a threat here?  Why does this season have inexplicable rivalries?

· Like Hot Amanda vs. Moby – who fought over a labeled oven.  Even Tom found that to be crazy as he wandered in to see the dust-up.

· Kenny’s dad was rocking an awesome hat in those old photos, while Ed’s dad had perhaps the scariest eyebrows you’ll ever see.

· Arnold wants flame going poof for his grilling.  How come I think Arnold embodies the words “flame” and “poof” quite often?  Sorry.  Couldn’t resist that.

· Padma’s yellow dress?  Worth the price of admission.

· I thought that Ras El Hanout was a Batman villain (Ras Al Ghul).

· Finally, at the end of her stay, I figured out who Tracey reminds me of – Natalie Greene.

Next week – two go home, and we get the return of Spike, MM and Hawk.

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