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Hell’s Kitchen, June 29 – Strippers, Streakers and Steaks

Ben is confident that Siobhan’s sandwich was not good. I guess that he knows better than Chef Ramsay. Ben is following Siobhan around the dorm telling her she needs to check in with him. Ben must have been sleeping when Scott went down in flames partially due to attitude.

In the jet, Autumn is throwing back the wine. She doesn’t stop throwing back wine at the wine tasting table either. She admits that she is drunk and is walking around with the funniest smirk on her face. The blue team drinks on the plane ride home also. They walk through the kitchen, and the red team is hoping that they will pay the price tomorrow all hung over. Holli convinces Ed to continue drinking when they get home. I wonder what Ed’s high school students think of their teacher when he strips behind the hot tub.

The next morning the day starts off for red team at 8:00am, blue is a no show. They are all having trouble getting out of bed and look horrible. Red has been prepping for over an hour, and still blue is not there. When they finally show up they seem to have left their “A” game in wine country. The blue team chefs are prepping for Halibut, which is not on the menu, forgetting potatoes and running to the bathroom. Having a hangover, smelling all of those different smells, and working in steam, surely they are feeling like they are in hell’s kitchen (literally).

Doors open for the 8th service. Red starts out well with a perfectly cooked risotto. Jason over in blue kitchen burns the scallops and Jay forgets to salt the risotto. Not a good way to respond to your first ticket of the evening. Fran follows up her perfect risotto with a crunchy risotto. Blue kitchen moves on to entrees and Autumn is having trouble with garnishes.

Siobhan is arguing with Chef Ramsay that some of her scallops are good. Siobhan is called a donkey and told to get out into the dining room and eat her scallops. Ben jumps onto the fish station. When Siobhan tries to return to her station, Ben sends her over to desserts under the watchful eye of Chef Ramsay.

One of the blue diners decides he is going to approach the counter with his date’s undercooked steak from the blue kitchen. I guess this tough guy wants to be on television. He puts the plate on the pass and asks if Chef Ramsay is trying to poison him with the rare meat. Chef Ramsay says “It is beef, you idiot, you can eat it tartare”. The diner says that it is low grade beef at best, dog food. Chef Ramsay shuts him down, and the guy goes back to his table. I would be so humiliated if that was my date.

Nilka brings raw chicken to the pass. Chef Ramsay yells and moves on to blue. Autumn is paying attention to no one; Ed serves up raw sliced duck. The blue team is thrown out of the kitchen an hour and a half into service. Chef Ramsay turns to Fran who brings up salads to the pass with no dressing on it; she follows it up with undercooked risotto. Chef Ramsay throws the red team out of the kitchen also.

Chef Ramsay orders both teams to go up and pick two people for elimination. Jay and Jason want Autumn and Ed up for elimination; Autumn doesn’t see why. Ben picks Siobhan, Nilka picks Siobhan and Fran, and so it goes.

When back in the dining room Jay picks Autumn first. He states that her being slow on garnish slowed down the entire kitchen. He also picks Ed for serving a raw duck.

Ben nominates Siobhan, saying she couldn’t handle any of the dishes. He also nominates Fran; Nilka smiles. He says she is disorganized and hard to work with. He also says when she talks back to Chef Ramsay it is hurtful to the kitchen. I thought Ben’s nose looked a little brown tonight; I was right.

Chef Ramsay calls the 4 nominees up. He asks Ed why he could not cook a duck breast. Ed says he was just rushing. He tells Autumn that she couldn’t work with the ladies and she is slow. She says that she can do better, but Chef Ramsay says he doesn’t have the time. Fran says the same thing again, she says she is learning. Chef Ramsay points out to Siobhan that she allowed Ben to throw her off her station. She says she wasn’t going to bicker with another teammate. He asks for Siobhan’s jacket and is quite pleasant with her. He says that she just doesn’t have enough experience.

They are halfway through the season. Next week is one of my all-time favorite challenges; the blind taste test. Ben is shown telling the diary cam that he has a much better palate then Fran. If he were truly confident in his own abilities would he need to put someone else down to look good? It is just such a huge pet peeve of mine. Tonight I felt like I was watching an episode of Big Brother After Dark. Next week looks just as underhanded.

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