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Hell’s Kitchen, June 29 – Strippers, Streakers and Steaks

Entrees tonight are a little trickier. Nilka and Ed have to time the steak Diane to the rest of the entrees that will be coming out of the kitchen. Salvatore is having trouble on the garnish station; he is scared to do anything because he doesn’t want to get yelled at. Holli is not doing much better when she sends overcooked duck and undercooked chicken. Fran is also struggling with garnish; Salvatore seems to be doing worse though. Both teams finish service.

Salvatore squeezes by once again as the losing team tonight is red. Chef Ramsay says he’s basing his decision on which kitchen had the harder time getting food out. It’s not really a win for either team tonight. The red team needs to come to a consensus and nominate two people for elimination. They come to the agreement that Fran and Holli should go up. Ben, Holli and Nilka are downstairs smoking, imagine that, when the blue team tells them they should re-think their decision. They think Holli doesn’t deserve to be there; so back upstairs the red team goes to find Siobhan and Fran. I don’t understand why you would want the team you are competing against to tell you who should go home. Ben now believes that Siobhan should go home because he doesn’t see any passion.

The teams return to the kitchen and Chef Ramsay asks Holli for the first nominee and why. The first nominee is Fran, again. Holli says that things came out slow; Chef Ramsay repeats slow and agrees. He asks for the second nominee and she freezes. He starts yelling at her to tell him who is the nominee. She says Siobhan, which throws Chef Ramsay. When he asks why, Holli tells him that she didn’t have a bad service, but she is one of the worst chefs in the kitchen. He repeats back to her what she has just said and I am left wondering if she and Ben hear how stupid she sounds. Ben adds that she lacks technical skill and passion.

Chef Ramsay calls up Fran and Siobhan. Siobhan tells Chef Ramsay that she does have passion; she is young and challenges herself. When asked by Chef Ramsay if she is over her head Fran says yes. Fran believest she should stay because she gets stronger every time she is yelled at and never makes the same mistake twice. Chef Ramsay thinks that she has peaked. Chef Ramsay calls Fran’s name and tells her to take … herself back in line. He turns and looks at Siobhan, who knows she is gone, and tells her to get back in line also.

He goes on to say that even though they lost tonight, neither of them had the worst service. I saw this coming. He calls Salvatore to the front and asks him to give him his jacket. Last week when Chef Ramsay said he didn’t trust him, I was surprised he didn’t go. Salvatore understands and thinks it was the right decision.

Ben tells the diary cam that the garbage can is a better cook then either Siobhan or Fran. Siobhan is all fired up and out to prove her worth. All this has done is divided the red team further. There is a fine line between confident and cocky. I think Chef Ramsay’s confidence in Ben has gone to his head. I cannot stand cocky, it gets under my skin.

The next day the Chefs are awoken and told they are going to a French restaurant. Everyone is dressed nicely when they walk into a 100 year old casual dining establishment with sawdust on the floor. It is the birthplace of the French Dip sandwich. The owner says that it was on accident when one of the cooks dropped the roll for a sandwich into a pot of gravy and the customer wanted it that way. They all sit at a table together to have a French dip. Everyone eats together. Chef Ramsay points out how amazing it is that something so simple can taste so good around the world. This is the set up for the next challenge.

When they get back to the kitchen they will have 30 minutes to create an amazing gourmet sandwich. They are given a long list of ingredients to look over. The team with the most points will win the challenge. Siobhan is looking to beat Ben’s butt.

The red team needs to agree on one person to sit out. Of course Ben says Siobhan and everyone follows the leader.

Ben and Ed are up against each other first. They both make a grilled Ahi tuna sandwich. They both get a point. Holli and Jason are next. Holli prepares a smoked duck and onion sandwich; Chef Ramsay thinks it is great. Jason makes a lobster sloppy-joe. They both win another point. Fran is up against Jay. She makes a balsamic chicken and roasted pepper sandwich, Jay thinks is circa 1982. Chef Ramsay thinks it’s delicious. Jay prepares a pate and slaw sandwich. Jay wins the point; Fran doesn’t because her bread is soggy. Nilka and Autumn present their sandwiches to Chef Ramsay. Nilka makes roasted pork. Autumn also makes a roasted pork sandwich, but the presentation is horrible. Nilka receives a point; the teams are tied.

I thought Siobhan was going to be the tie breaker, which has Ben upset. Chef Ramsay tastes and likes Siobhan’s sandwich; he says it was better than Fran’s. He tells the red team that they lose because they should have used Siobhan instead of Fran. I don’t quite understand. So if Siobhan’s sandwich tasted bad then Red would have won?

The red team will have to make the ingredients for tomorrow night’s amuse bushe. An amuse bushe is a single, one bite hors d’oeuvre. Chef Ramsay has 250,000 peanuts that need to be shelled, crushed and turned into peanut butter. The blue team is headed to wine country on a private jet.