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So You Think You Can Dance, June 30 – No Need to Even Finish the Season

Nigel tells Kent he loves him and thinks he has a great personality, but he’s going to be tough on him this week. He needs to be careful to keep an honesty with his work, as he’s starting to do oohs and ahhs and becoming fake. His lines were terrific again, and he has that magical quality with his eyes having something others don’t have, but if he starts faking it, since he loves to play to the audience, there’s a negative in it, as he should have been playing to his partner instead of the audience.

Mia agrees that Kent is getting caught up in the TV personality of it all instead of the artistry. She doesn’t want to see the deer in the headlights every week. She wants to see him going into different vocabulary and different environments. It felt a little green like a competition dancer. It was how he translated the work. He needs to learn how to take the choreography to a differnet level.

Adam wants to talk about the future, as he’s one of the most hireable dancers they’ve ever had on the show. Like the line in All That Jazz, “I can’t make you a good dancer, I can’t make you a great dancer, but i can make you a better dancer.” And to make Kent a better dancer, he has to lose the hungry jazz face, and needs to because he’s better than that. That having been said, he’s also just been called one of the most hireable dancers.

Adehicke comes out for his solo and starts his dance to Ruthless Gravity by Craig Armstrong by flexing. It reflects back on what he says he was inspired by earlier, so I like that reminder of the inspiration, whether it was intentional or not.

Lauren dances her solo to Unchained Melody by Cyndi Lauper. She does well, and it was nice to see her not pulling out the sexy thing for a change.

Alex’s biggest inspiration has been Edward Villella, who started off as a boxer from Queens, becoming known as the most masculine ballet dancer in America, making it cool for guys like Alex to dance. Alex is dancing with Twitch on a Tabitha and Napoleon D’Umo hip hop, and she says they were excited to know they had two guys this week, then found out they had Alex. She notes everything he’s been trained to do, he now has to forget. They dance to Outta Your Mind by Lil Jon & LMFAO, and have it set from a psychiatrist’s office. Even though I had heard how wonderful this was before I had a chance to see it, I was expecting it, but not this. This is tremendously amazing. He said he was here to learn, and what a great student he is.

After a standing ovation from the judges, Cat admits she’s never heard a roar from the crowd like this. Nigel wants to treat it like an ordinary routine, but notes it isn’t. The concept was brilliant, and the best routine Nappytab has every done on the show. He thanks Twitch for proving that bringing All Stars together this year is worthwhile and fantastic. He’s not listening to anyone who says the format isn’t good this year. But this is about Alex, a ballet dancer, doing the most incredible hip hop ever anywhere, and if this routine and him and Nappytab aren’t up for an Emmy next year, he doens’t know why not. It’s probably one of the funnest hip hop routines ever on this show.

Mia only asks, “Who the hell are you?” Alex has defied everything about the ballet world, everything. She has worked with ballet dancers, and is completely shocked. Alex dancing next to Twitch is unreal. He’s the best in the business, but Alex held his own, making her ask who he is. Nigel asks if Edward Villella would like to put this in the program for the MIami Ballet. Alex answers absolutely.

Adam tells Alex this is his world, and he is just visiting. He cannot tell him how proud he just made him to be on this show so that he can sit here and watch him just do that. He cannot believe it. Nigel predicts Adam is gong to cry, and I think he’s right. He points to Napoleon and Tabitha and tells them they make him crazy. Alex says they have no idea how freaked out he was to do hip hop with Twitch.

I admit, I have never done this before, but I just went back and re-watched this routine. I’ve never done that with this show before. It was that fun and impressive. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m ready to get rid of Melinda this week, and it sounds like the judges are as well, realizing they made a mistake last week. I’m also ready to just hand Alex the title of season 7. I just don’t know if anyone can top what he’s doing ever week.

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