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So You Think You Can Dance, June 30 – No Need to Even Finish the Season

Ashley takes the stage to dance her solo to Royal T by Crookers feat. Roisin Murphy, and she’s great, but it’s not going to match what we saw her do with Ade earlier. Finally this week is one that is going to make me remember her next week.

Billy was inspired by Legacy, as he was doing a breaking show in Florida that Billy saw when he was 12. They connected again in season 6. He’s dancing a Stacey Tookey contemporary routine with Kathryn McCormick in a story about him brekaing her heart, and just when she pulls herself together, he returns. They’re both “happy, laughy people,” but have moments where they have to look at each other lovingly, making them just crack up. They’re going to perfect that to Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri. The choreography of this is great. I can literally see the fight. His technique is great, but the storyline doesn’t play out right with him, while it does with her.

Nigel notes that Adam just said the best moment was at the end when Billy wasn’t doing anything. It was when he had the most connection. Billy is such a brilliant soloist, and So You Think You Can Dance is a silly name for a show he’s on, as he can dance, but what he needs to learn is So You Think You Can Partner. He didn’t quite believe the partnership, but that came at the end when he stopped thinkng about the dance. He’s a natural dancer, but now has to figure out the performance side with somebody else there.

Mia agrees with Nigel that sometimes Billy gets caught up so much in the perfection and lines of the technique that they lose him. They lose Baby B, or as Nigel out Billy Buck. She respects him as an artist, but if he’s going to be a contemporary artist in a commercial world, he has to be able to connect. That’s the only thing that’s lacking from him tonight. Kathryn was full of real emotion, and she wanted the same from Billy.

Adam thinks Billy will see it all in playbck, and that would be the greatest thing for him to add in to his performance, as he’s already superhuman. He could be the most exciting thing to happen to dance in a long time, but it’s that one element he needs to perfect, and Adam is interested to see if he can get it. Legacy is in the audience cheering him on the whole way.

Robert is out to dance his solo to Hold You In My Arms by Ray LaMontagne, and everything that Billy didn’t get earlier, Robert does here. He gets the emotion, and gets it tenfold.

Jose did kung fu as a kid and was inspired by Bruce Lee. He took Lee’s philosophy and put it into his breaking. He uses Lee’s philosophy about being water both in his dancing and his life in general. Dmitry Chaplin has choreographed a samba routine for Jose and Anya Garnis, and he says it’s the first time Jose has had to do a partnering dance. Anya trusts him, even though they crashed a couple of times. They dance to Long Time by Shakira, and I wouldn’t say he’s as strong as Anya on this, but i think he holds his own, and the sexuality of the whole thing comes out. It makes up for some technique he’s missing.

Nigel tells Dmitry it’s great to have him back in the family, noting he brought out the man in Jose, and he also introduced him to the “Ooh, I lost the buttons on my shirt” club of his. Nigel is honest, saying Jose is not the best dancer on the show, but he has magic in his smile and eyes and chrisma he couldn’t sell in a bottle. He has something that nobody else on the show has, apart form maybe Kent. Those two have something fantastic no one can teach them and he brought it to the routine, being able to even control Anya. It’s pleasing to see, as it makes him get a smile on his face to see him dance so well. Getting to the technique side, he was doing turns he shouldn’t be able to do, with Anya around his waist yet.

Mia is clearly baffled, as Jose is not a great dancer in other genres, yet he gets away with it, as every week she’s saying how much she loves him. She doesn’t know if it’s yoga or Bruce Lee, but he brings a sense of humblelness, joyfulness, and openness that’s contagious. They could tear different things down, but she doesn’t care. Nigel notes technical dancers pick out this and that, but with him they don’t care.

Adam throws his hands up and says “Brilliant. Joy. Ego-free. Abandon. Commitment.” Jose made the dance work for him, not the other way around. Adam loved it.

Melinda takes the stage tapping to Empire State of MInd (Part II) Broken Down by Alicia Keys, and again it’s something that shoudln’t be tapped into. It’s to the point that some parts of it seemed odd.

Kent’s biggest inspiration is his older brother he played soccer with. He’s becoming a youth pastor now and has great morals. Kent admires the way he lives his life. He’s paired with Allison Holker this week on a Mandy Moore jazz routine. Mandy notes it’s based on strong dynamics, beautiful bodylines and instant chemistry. Allison figures Kent’s biggest challenge is being a man not acting like a man. Even Mandy says his walk looks dorky. Kent will try to be a man with Allison as they dance to Heartburn by Alicia Keys. The outfit they have him in doesn’t help, as the high waist on the pants make him look like he’s wearing grandpa’s pants. The dancing is great though. Ther’e s a certain Michael Jackson quality to it as well.


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