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So You Think You Can Dance, June 30 – No Need to Even Finish the Season

Robert’s mom is in tears in the audience, and Robert and Courtney say hello to her. Nigel explains Sonya has a voice, and she continues to use that voice in her choreogrpahy. You can always tell a Sonya routine now. Sometimes it doesn’t suit certain dancers, just as it suits some, but it suits Robert like it suited Mark Kanemura. I guess it’s not my imagination. He has great width in his shoulders when he opens himself up, and it’s lovely to see. He has to continue to do that in every thing he does.

Mia is going to tap into that and says the conly critique she has is for him to take ballet, as it will refine and define him and give the movement weight. That will make him a great artist. He’s amazing, but that would take him to a whole new level. As a whole, she thought it was a great performance, with the strength and twistedness was there, including the choking. Adam tells him he’s a great dancer too. He is so engaging and has so much commitment. What was so cool that Sonya put in that he nailed was the punctuation and stops. HIs commitment to it was great, but one critique is he needs to not jump down when he jumps.

Jose Ruiz is it out with a B-Boy solo to James Brown’s Super Bad. The long spin he does on his head is amazing. He has great musicality, too, to steal a Dancing With the Stars term. It’s great to see on a B-Boy.

Melinda Sullivan is inspired by so many things, but specifically Harold Cromer who was the guy who was with her when she got the news that she made the show. She’s thankful to have him in her life. She and Pasha Kovalev are doing salsa with Fabian Sanchez. Melinda admis she’s Colombian and grew up doing salsa every holiday. She thinks it’s a new side to her. They dance tonight to Magdalena, Mi Amore (Quimbara) by D.L.G. Unfortunately she gets her costume caught in her heel and has to dislodge it before continuing. That kind of took away from the dance a little bit. She’s definitely good, but I admit to wondering how Cristina would have done with this routine.

Nigel tells Melinda she looks amazing, but says he didn’t feel the fluidity of the movement, as it feels like she’s doing step after step after step, leading to a breakdown of the movement. Consequently the musicality of it didn’t sit comfortably. Ah, he says it too! When she danced her solo with the Stevie Wonder tune in her audition, they felt it was a bit weird, and he wonders now if she doesn’t feel the flow of the music.

Mia knows Melissa danced as hard as she cold, and her shakes and shimmies were on target. She’s sexy and committed to it, doing eveyrthing she could to stay above water. But at one point, Mia did feel Melissa was thrown into a pool and was trying to stay alive. They had talked before about her pigeon toes, and tonight they were very pobvious, making it hard for Mia to watch. There were moments here she felt it was a mistake to let Cristina go. Again, I’m not the only one.

Adam understands, saying after watching the show last week, he felt the same way. He agrees with Mia that there was a bit of a stuggle. This is so far out of Melissa’s genre, it’s bunbelievale, and some of the choreography wasn’t the prettiest in that cosume. He thinks she has a lot of gumption and comittment to makng things work. Nigel brings up her carrying on after getting her heel caught. Adams says that buys a lot, but he’s not sure if the aesthetic is going to get her through this week.

Backed by a lot of screaming and Jay Sean’s Down (Candlelight Remix), Kent Boyd takes the stage for his solo, and dances very freeing with some great flips at the end.

Alex Wong dance his solo to Rule the Planet from the Planet of the Apes soundtrack. I honestly don’t know if there is a better male dancer … and I mean anywhere, not just on this stage.

Lauren Froderman’s biggest inspiration was her school’s student council advisor, and she goes to her for every problem, dance, school, family, etc. She’s in Haiti right now helping out and is who Lauren wants to be when she grows up. Lauren is doing Broadway choreographed by Joey Dowling with Neil Haskell tonight. It’s about a paperboy who’s reading the paper and sees a 40s actress and starts daydreaming about her. Joey says this gives them license to be overdramatic since it’s a daydream. Lauren figures seducing Neil will be kind of easy. Debbie Gibson’s Let Me Entertain You is the background for this routine, and Lauren has a malfunction with her dress at the end, but makes it through it.

Nigel calls it a sexy and a half because of the wardrobe malfuntion. He enjoyed it tremendously, and Adam says he’s sure he did. Nigel makes comparisons to a seductive Gypsy Rose Lee, and feels Lauren did compare to that, but he didn’t always feel the chemistry, then realized they were using the audience to let them in on the joke. Congrats to Joey for the routine. It worked out really well in the end. Is he being a dirty old man?

Mia felt it was a great piece and danced really well, but she wanted a little more slinkiness. Once the dress broke, it all came together. As an athletic female dancer, Lauren needs to work harder to have a little more feminine quality and a little bit more sexiness. She doesn’t think not tapping into the character should be what takes her out of the race. She just wanted her to let go a little more. Adam gives her the tecnical on how to do that, saying she needs to pretend like she’s dancing through water. For him, though, she was like a young Cyd Charisse, using her legs like her arms. He thinks Jerone Robbins would have been proud of Joey.


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