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So You Think You Can Dance, June 30 – No Need to Even Finish the Season

I can’t wait to see what this show has in store for us tonight. It’s been really exciting watching these higher caliber performances with the All-Stars. However, I’m still in shock over losing Cristina Santana last week. Will it be another girl going home this week? The theme tonight is what inspires these dancers to get to the level of dance talent we see each week. I’d love to hear them say the chance of seeing their name in this space each week inspires them, but I don’t think they will.

Adam Shankman, Mia Michaels, and Nigel Lythgoe are once again with us to help us judge what we’re seeing on the stage. But first, we see the contestants pick who they’ll be dancing with, and oddly Lauren says she and Neil will do well because he’s pretty. Robert is excited to be with Courtney again, and Jose has to start shaking his hips for Anya. Kent hopes it won’t be something sexy with Allison, and Alex is confused to get Twitch. That could be so cool. We were hoping to see some same sex matchups! They’ll be dancing solos as well tonight, for some added fun.

Adechike Torbert was inspired seeing Desmond Richardson when he was growing up, as he was such a man and not feminine at all. This week’s he’s paired with Lauren Gottlieb to do a Dave Scott hip hop routine. He; promises they’ll be having fun. Adechike thinks there’s definitely some chemistry there, asking who wouldn’t have a crush on Lauren. He calls them Muscles and Cushion. They dance to Hot-n-Fun by N.E.R.D. feat. Nelly Furtado, and they’re both starting it off a little nerdy, him much more than her. He’s definitely finding more of a connection with her than he was finding with his partners the past couple weeks.

Nigel is glad to say it’s not business as usual for Adechike and thinks Dave brought something out of him that wasn’t there before. Adechike has a lack of nerves, was definitely having fun, and had a natural swagger and natural funk. Not only was he having fun, we were having fun watching him, and he had some definite chemistry with Lauren. Confidence is there as well.

Mia welcomes Mr. Personality to So You T hink You Can Dance, saying all of a sudden it shifted, and whether it was Dave or Lauren, she’s so happy to see some sunshine in there. Yea for the smile, yea for the personality, yea for the solid performance, and a solid piece of work from Dave. Adam hollers big and says that’s what he’s talking about. He stands up and gives them a standing O and thanks Adechike for listening and dropping his wall. He is so proud of him.

Next up is Ashley Galvan who calls her dance teacher her inspiration. She was a second mom to her, and she doesn’t think she’d be the dancer she is today without her. Ashley is dancing contempoary with Ade Obayomi, along with choreographer Dee Caspary, in a routine where she’s broken and can’t move by herself, using Ade as her backbone. Dee tells Ashley trusting her partner is what it’s all about. They know they have to come together as a team for this one. They dance to Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine, and Ashley does really well with this. I think dancing like you can’t stand up would be harder than dancing like you can.

Nigel notes we’re seeing contemporary again, but it was a completely different dancer than he’d seen the past few weeks. She’s developed so muh, and whether it’s Dee’s choorepgrahery he’s not sure, but she moved from action to reation witha beautiful smooth fluidity, the true essence of dance. He tells Dee if he’s going to keep choreogrpahing like that, they’ll be seeing a lot more of him. It’s been Ashley’s finest performance. It did seem like pouring a beuatiful glass of liquid to drink from, and he was thinking Scotch. Ashley says it felt nice to let go.

Mia also tells Dee he’s amazing, and notes the idea of of being able to completely surrender yourself and kow someone will be there in life to catch you, what a concept. It was an amazing beautiful concept, and how it was danced was extraordinary. Ther was like a purple wind coming through the entire theater, like a hurricane and summer breeze. Ashley is by far a cut above the other female dancers, and is still her favorite. Nigel notes you can tell who the artistic one is as for her it was a purple breeze, and him a glass of Scotch.

Adam tells Ashley she is breathtaking, and he doens’t know what they put in the water this week, but says it was unbelievable and one of the best contemporary female performances he’s seen on this show in any season. He looks to be holding back tears actually.

We get a Billy Bell solo in his own style dancing to Something Bigger, Something Better by Amanda Blank, and he’s amazing as he always is. I haven’t been overly impressed with him in his choreographed things, but i’m not sure choreographers know exactly what to do with him yet.

Robert Roldan talks about his inspiration and admits it’s his mother, as she’s been through so much, divorce, three miscarriages, two babies born then passing away in her arms, and breast cancer. Wow. He’s dancing with Courtney Galliano to a Sonya Tayeh jazz number. Her goal is for the world to see how dynamically beautiful Robert is. He calls the dance powerful, intense, creepy and crazy. He feels like Sonya pushes her to the limit, and he loves it. She wants people to know how crazy they were putting him in the bottom three last week. XXXO by M.I.A. is the backdrop for this, and again he’s remidning me of Mark Kanemura. This dance is as promised, powerful and all that, and shows us what we have in him, a lot of talent.


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