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Top Chef: DC, Ep. 2 – I’m on a mission to break up Starsky and Hutch

Then the fun starts as Team Picnic and Team Alcohol go AT IT! Stephen starts by calling out Picnic for lack of veggies. Burn! Kevin wonders when two pounds of sugar became acceptable. Oh no, he didn’t! Amanda comes back with the terrible nutrition of processed peanut butter. Oh yes, she went there. Ed asks her when it became acceptable to use sherry in a school. Oh snap! She explains how she likes to cook with sherry and isn’t serving it in glasses, and Gail reminds her that she likes vodka, but isn’t cooking with it. Afterward, Padma deadpans that it was a really interesting Judges Table.

In deciding who would go home, Gail found Amanda’s chicken unappealing, and Tom thought it was a piece of turd. Sam thought Jacqueline’s sugar content was unacceptable; all he tasted was sugar. Ed and Kenny get some critique, but not much. Stephen and Tamesha are barely noticed. Clearly, Amanda and Jacqueline are in the most danger.

As for the winners, Team Dysfunction pulls it off and all get positive marks. But Kelly’s tacos take the victory. I say good for her, she had her priorities straight and gets reward.

Meanwhile, Jacqueline ends a two-episode stint that was rather poor. She leaves, and we get to keep good-looking Amanda for at least another week.

Quickfire Hits

• That shot of the Capitol? You may be able to see my car in my parking spot!

• Padma, we have to talk about “Hail to the Chef.” I don’t want to fight, but really?

• Why was Ed shaving in the bedroom? Unacceptable.

• If you weren’t convinced Angelo threw that challenge – his confession to Tracey about not liking Kenny should settle that.

•Is it me or does Kelly look like last season’s Jenn’s cousin or something?

• Did Tamesha really want to make gnocchi for schoolchildren?

• Andrea thought the school kitchen would be larger? What kind of school palace is she used to that could accommodate 16 grown chefs?

• Andrea on Angelo and Kenny – “I’m on a mission to break up Starsky and Hutch.” HA! Who exactly is Huggy Bear?

• I loved Gail’s intro to Team Picnic – “Chocolate milk, please!”

• I am a bit amused that Spell Check keeps trying to replace “Tamesha” with “Timeshare.”

• Lastly, the Extra Scene of Padma and the swarm of kids. Awesome. And how smart and lucky was that one kid who asked her, “Can I get a hug?” Um, is there a line forming?

Next week – Moby is a slob and Amanda gets mocked.

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