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Hell’s Kitchen, June 22 – Maybe You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks.

Red kitchen is finally done with appetizers, but right away Scott holds up entrees. He blames his teammates for not telling him enough Wellingtons. For some reason he thinks that he is not accountable when he doesn’t listen to the tickets being called out. He tells the diary cam that he has to work with who he was given. He continues blaming the others for not having the experience that he has for his own failings. How can this person be an executive chef? I wonder if his boss is watching this. Right on cue we flashback to Chef Ramsay touching cold uncooked wellingtons that Scott has sent to the window. Scott gets called back to the pantry of doom. Chef Ramsay screams that they are stone cold; Scott promises it won’t happen again. Back to the diary cam we go, Scott is telling us that yes he knew they were undercooked, but not so undercooked that they couldn’t go out. That doesn’t seem like fine dining mentality to me.

Over in blue Ben has taken over the role of leader. Jay says he will listen to him for now if he wants to be leader; there is no need to argue with him yet.

Chef Ramsay is sent an overdone dry piece of chicken and a squishy raw steak up to the pass in red kitchen. He shuts that kitchen down and sends them all away. Nilka tries to tell him that she would love to stay and help, and he screams get out. The camera pans to the kids up in their chairs, we see one child mouth oh my God. Salvatore might just be thanking the red kitchen.

Chef Ramsay, Sous Chef Scott and Andi finish service. The red team is back in the dorm, smoking. Both kitchens are now running well and finish service. The red team is called back down. He tells them to do something they are good at and clean.

Obviously the red team loses. Chef Ramsay says it was the worst service he has ever seen. I wonder if he is including all those horrible Kitchen Nightmare services. He tells them to go upstairs and pick two. Scott believes Nilka and Siobhan should go up. What world does he live on? He has to know he is going home tonight, yet he sits on the couch still preaching about the lack of fine dining skills of the others. He goes on and on about how great he is; how much experience he has. I want to throw something at him. It is so obvious, yet Nilka doesn’t know. If she uses this chance to put Fran up she would be a fool.

Chef Ramsay asks Nilka for the nominees. Scott is put up first. He shakes his head in disbelief, but Fran continues on. She tells Chef Ramsay that Scott has completely fallen apart since joining the red team. He has blown two dinner services and is full of talk with no production. The second nominee is Fran. That is ridiculous. When he asks her why she says she isn’t really sure. Chef Ramsay asks her if not her then who? She answers Siobhan because she second guesses herself and has the jitters.

Chef Ramsay is not a stupid man. He turns to Nilka and asks why Fran was nominated over Siobhan. Nilka says that Siobhan is progressing and a team player. When asked who the best chef is on red Scott chimes in that he is. Nilka mimics him taking over everything. Ahh again he says it! “None of you guys work in a fine dining restaurant”. Fran fires back that you could surprise her the way he produces food. Maybe hatred of Scott can bond the red team together. Blue team is just laughing. They know they dodged the Scott bullet.
Scott continues on the attack saying that Fran is treated like a princess because she burnt her hand a little. Wow, well this should be the last of the make your momma proud moments, for tonight’s episode anyway.

Chef Ramsay calls all three forward. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns to Salvatore and fires him. He said that a lying chef he can’t trust is 10,000 times worse than a chef that can’t cook.

Fran believes that she learns from her mistakes and never makes them again and that she is coming into her own. Siobhan says she takes pride in her work, even with the little knowledge that she has. She believes that she has a passion and she asks a lot of questions. Listen if Scott doesn’t leave this week I just don’t know what I am going to do. He cuts Siobhan off, leans forward with this cocky grin, smiles and says you shouldn’t be asking questions. He continues on that this is not culinary school and common mistakes are driving the red team down. Like serving raw wellingtons?

It’s Scott’s turn to defend himself. He doesn’t know why he is there. He busts his butt every day, and points out that Chef Ramsay knows this. He is the best cook on this team and the best leader. Chef Ramsay cuts him off and says that he can’t take it anymore. Me too, me too!

Fran and Siobhan are sent back in line. Scott says that the red team will die without him. Well maybe it will be a quicker death instead of the slow painful one we were forced to watch tonight. Nilka has a huge smile. Chef Ramsay says he just can’t take it anymore, that he kept waiting for something and nothing ever happened. Maybe Scott looks good on paper.

When it looks like it is safe in the kitchen, Chef Ramsay says he is not finished. He calls for Benjamin to take his jacket off and join the red team. He tells him that the one thing that is missing in the red team is a leader. Chef Ramsay continues telling Ben to run it and get it together. I bet when Ben took over in the blue kitchen tonight the last thing he thought was that his leadership skills would land him on red.

Jay is happy Ben is gone and now is looking at it as Ben versus Jay. Next week looks promising with fire and blood.

At the end of the show they post a memorial to Ron Stutzman who passed away from cancer on June 12, 2010. He was the technical manager of the show, and under his supervision Hell’s Kitchen has won three technical Emmy’s.
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