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Hell’s Kitchen, June 22 – Maybe You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks.

Siobhan and Jay are up next with their Hollandaise dishes. Siobhan makes butterflied Cornish hen. Her response to Chef Ramsay when he points out that it is a pigeon is funny; okay Chef it is a pigeon. She serves it with a pool of blood; oh yuck it reminds me of that sausage! They refuse to even try it. Jay makes pan-seared duck with peas. Tana finds it too rare and bland. Chef Ramsay says that the peas are crunchy. No team wins a point. Jay is upset because his dish was better and he should have been awarded a point. I think red should be grateful, because his undercooked duck was a gift.

Holli and Ed are next. Holli presents halibut. Again, Chef Ramsay corrects the protein; it is sea bass. Chef Ramsay is embarrassed and his mother starts to giggle. Holli remarks that she didn’t even look to see what type of fish it was because she was so rushed. Both Tana and Helen enjoy Holli’s dish. Ed also cooks the sea bass. They like both dishes very much. Tana chooses Ed’s.

Jason and Nilka are next. Nilka pan sears a steak. Helen loves it. Jason also makes a steak; and it gets the same feedback. They choose the red team. Red is now up by a point. The final combination is Ben versus Scott. Ben makes a John Dory. Tana thinks it is slightly dry and needs a little seasoning, but mom likes it. Scott presents roasted duck with sweet potatoes’. Helen doesn’t like the sauce and the duck is too pink. The challenge is tied.

The other contestants are starting to realize that for as cocky as Scott is, he just can’t cook. In the diary cam he tries to put the blame on Nilka, who did hog the ingredients. What he isn’t hearing is that Chef Ramsay’s mother did not like the sauce, which really was the base for the challenge.

I just don’t understand this decision at all. He chooses the blue team as the winners. The reason he gives is that if Jason’s dish had gone up against any other dish it would have won. Well that makes zero sense. If you follow Chef Ramsay’s own words, it would mean that Nilka had the best dish of the bunch. So how does blue end up winning that? Could he see potential in one of the red team and he wants to see how they candle themselves? This prize is different than previous prizes because the winner will be personally employed by Chef Ramsay.

The punishment is awful. Red team has to clean the entire kitchen, including inside and underneath the ovens. When they are done doing that, they must prep both kitchens for service tonight. The reward is to be treated to an English afternoon. Red team goes up to the dorms and grabs a smoke before they start cleaning, then changes into their hazmat suits.

The blue team takes a double decker bus over to Ye Old Kings Head British Pub. They have beer and are challenged to get closest to the bullseye with a dart. Winner receives a prize. None of the men could even land a dart on the board. Autumn wins with an almost perfect toss. She wins a set of pots and pans. They actually all get the prize though.

Back in the kitchen, Siobhan is letting people know she has many allergies, including cleaner. I don’t think that some of the other chefs believe her. She gets a couple of hives and asks to see the medic. The medics cut her suit off of her and she does not return to the challenge. Instead, she goes upstairs and smokes! She can’t use oven cleaner with rubber gloves and a hazmat suit on, but she can inhale cigarette smoke. Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Fran and Holli are coughing and Nilka’s eyes are burning. Siobhan returns to help prep.

The blue team returns to the kitchen without even a hello. Ben tells the diary camera that the red team is just a bunch of losers and he wants to kill them. Before service starts, Chef Ramsay announces that it is family night and there will be a children’s menu. The dining room opens and is filled with misbehaved kids.

Siobhan starts the night off with a bang. She doesn’t know that she is in charge of cooking spaghetti, and it appears that she doesn’t know how to cook it. Red kitchen is stopped, while the blue kitchen is getting out their appetizers. Unfortunately for Salvatore, he misheard the number of needed risottos. Instead of restarting the order, he threw more rice in to the existing pan. Anyone that cooks knows that half the rice will be hard and under-seasoned. Chef Ramsay tells Salvatore that working with a Chef he can’t trust is 10,000 times worse than working with a chef that can’t cook. He goes on to tell Salvatore that he just lost his trust.

Nilka is stalling the red kitchen because she forgot to put lobster in the lobster risotto. Chef Ramsay calls her on it and she curses in front of a dining room full of children. Jean Philippe is trying to entertain tables that are waiting for food. He comes across a picture that a little girl has drawn of Chef Ramsay. There is a balloon overhead saying “You Donkey!”; that is priceless. The picture completely flusters Jean Philippe.

Neither kitchen is thriving. Jason over in blue sends up the wrong number of chickens; Fran in red is overcooking scallops.