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Hell’s Kitchen, June 22 – Maybe You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks.

They head back down to the dining room and Fran’s first nomination is Maria. She believes that she has completely fallen apart and is on an emotional rollercoaster. Fran believes Maria is the weakest link. Personally I don’t think there are any strong candidates on the red team unless they are trying to fly under the radar. The second nomination is Nilka; Fran gets darted a glare from a seemingly surprised Nilka. Nilka, rather loudly, calls Fran out for not telling her ahead of time. Chef Ramsay questions Fran not calling Scott down. She defends her decision saying that Scott is a team player and Nilka has an attitude problem.

Chef Ramsay calls down Maria, Nilka and Scott. He tells Nilka that she had a bad service, but not as bad as the other two. She is sent back in line and told to stand close to Fran. When asked why they should stay, Maria agrees that she had an awful service but believes that Chef Ramsay knows she can do better. Scott is asked why he is back in the bottom two on a different team. Scott makes the mistake of saying that he busts his butt during prep. Chef Ramsay points out that he is not looking for a prep chef for the Savoy.

Maria is asked to leave Hell’s Kitchen. Chef Ramsay believes that Maria was in over her head. He tells Fran next time to listen to her instinct. Fran is kicking herself that she put Nilka up. Maria might have been the weak link but the team, in my opinion, is weaker than ever. Scott says he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Nilka won’t work with Fran, and no one seems to like anyone else on this team. They really need to try and win a challenge so that they can bond over a positive.

Part 2

The drama looks like it is going to continue in the ego-filled red kitchen tonight. Usually at this point of the season there are a few standouts. I just don’t see them this year. We haven’t heard or seen much from Ed or Ben, and Fran looks like she is getting better; I just don’t have a favorite chef yet. Character yes, his comment about not hurting the baby pig caught me. His comment about giving up school to help his family reeled me in. Salvatore appears to be a sweetheart of a guy. The winner of Hell’s Kitchen, maybe not, but a heck of a guy.

Nilka is acting like a child back at the dorm. She is pushing chairs, cursing and of course smoking. I think the only chance red has to survive is if Nilka and Fran are put on different teams.

The following day Chef Ramsay meets everyone in the dining room for questioning. They seem to be basic cooking knowledge questions. For instance, name one of the five classic mother sauces. Jay answers, saying Hollandaise. Nilka answers, in a question more so than confidence, saying Tomato. Autumn is asked for number three, she says Béchamel. Holli responds with Velouté, Scott rounds up the five with Demi-Glace.

The challenge for today is for each team to create a dish representing each of the sauces. They are given 20 ingredients that can only be used once. They are given 30 minutes.

Blue team gathers around the table and decides together which ingredients should go together. Red team is being overturned by Nilka. I don’t think she understand that by not talking to anyone she is going to cause a loss. It is a big risk to take. If she does not excel in service, she will be nominated again. She takes whatever she wants from the table. Five dishes need to be created out of 20 ingredients. Nilka has at least 4, she doesn’t even bother to clear the table off of all the ingredients that she has taken.

Over in blue Ed and Autumn are working together because they have one extra person. They seem to complement each other in the kitchen. Autumn loves that there is not a lot of drama and cat fighting on blue team. I think we haven’t seen the worst of that yet.

Chef Ramsay invites two guest judges to help in the challenge. They are people that have a great influence on what he does at the Savoy. They mystery judges are his wife, Tana, and his mother, Helen. He says who better to judge mother sauces then his mother and the mother of his children.

Tomato sauce is up first, Fran has to go up against Salvatore. Fran makes a fettuccini dish with oysters. Chef Ramsay points out that it was dangerous using oysters in that dish, but it worked out brilliantly. He tells her that she is a smart cookie and it was clever. Nilka is shooting her the evil eye; I scream grow up at the television. Fran definitely likes being called a smart cookie better than an old dog! Salvatore uses the squab and eggplant with his pasta. Tana thinks it works and it is tasty, but the pasta is undercooked. The red team wins the first point.

Oh no, not again. Jay is talking to the diary cam again. He doesn’t understand how an Italian can’t cook pasta. After all, according to Jay, if someone that was Japanese wanted to make sushi, he sure would let them cook that. I wonder what type of food idiots cook? Another make mom proud moment!