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Hell’s Kitchen, June 22 – Maybe You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks.

The last teams to present their pork dishes are Scott and Maria and Jay and Salvatore. Jay presents to Chef Ramsay Latin rubbed pork loin chop served over pinto beans. Chef Ramsay tells Jay that he cooked the pork nicely. Maria is asked by Chef Ramsay what they have prepared and she starts talking a mile a minute and gives a long description for Sweet potato soup and ham hock garnish. It goes on and on. Chef Ramsay congratulates Maria for screwing her team. He tells her, and really Scott who seems to not take responsibility for anything, the task was to make pork dishes. Blue team wins the challenge.

The losing team is handed overalls and will be responsible for cleaning the mud off of the pigs. The blue team is handed bathrobes for their trip into the mud in the form of a spa and hot springs treatment. Red team’s punishment looks fun to me. The blue team arrives at the spa and are actually wearing these big heavy brown robes over clothes, with their sunglasses on as they get out of the cars.

Once again Jay surprises me at the diary cam; just when I thought he could not get more ignorant – he opens his mouth. He says that the grotto spa is the “gayest thing he has ever done in his life”. Really, who makes a comment like that? I guess an ignorant, blue-haired, sexist does. I learn something else; pigs do not like to be bathed. I am not sure if it is deliberate or not, but they focus this camera on a muddy little piggy in a tub of water and the next frame is a muddy Jay sitting in a pool of water. I love it! Autumn believes that she will be one of the boys in no time as she wears a very skimpy yellow bikini. They are all ogling here and Jason is worried that his wife is going to be jealous.

They all return to the dorms and actually have a night off. Fran says that Salvatore is the Italian Dr. Phil. She adds that he can get people to say things that you wouldn’t think you would tell someone. This cast of characters is … well I am at a loss for words. Salvatore gets Holli to admit she has the largest collection of porn of anyone she knows. She follows that nationally-aired tidbit up with she has “made” porn with significant others. Makes a mother proud, doesn’t it? Scott’s eyes look like they are going to pop out of his head, and I think Jay has died and gone to heaven. Siobhan, not to be left out, tells of her topless days working with people’s fetishes. Hell’s Kitchen is not the family show centered on cooking competitions that it used to be.

The next day Chef Ramsay announces that Hell’s Kitchen will be going barbeque for dinner service. The chefs have eight hours to prep the kitchens for the new menu. Nilka makes the mistake of frying chicken during the prepping. Chef Ramsay points out to her that this is not fast food. I guess she was thinking about reheating it; it looks good though. There was such a demand by diners that they end up doing a double seating. Red is going to serve the first seating while blue serves, then it will reverse. The other opportunity to mess up the kitchen will be there, I wonder if anyone will take it. Each team has 2 hours to serve the dining room.

Unfortunately Maria starts service with raw crab hushpuppies. Oh my, I want to taste those. In the dining room Salvatore is hoping that he does better than the last time. He gives Chef Ramsay the first ticket, and again he can’t read it. In true Chef Ramsay fashion, he turns to Salvatore to insult him and is shut down. He is disgusted and says well you went to school didn’t you? Salvatore answers no. He came to America to help his family and instead of school he worked to help feed his family. Chef Ramsay thanks him for his honesty and tells him to go slow. An Executive Chef must understand math and language; it is admirable that Salvatore helped his family.

Nilka and Fran are screaming at each other so loud that no one hears Chef Ramsay calling an order out. Fran manages to rock the appetizer station. It doesn’t take long to see that there is in fact a snake in the house. I sure hope someone catches it. After Autumn serves the table she announces that if anything at all is wrong with the food she will be happy to take it back to the kitchen. She admits that she is going to charm the tables and send anything back that she can in hopes of collapsing the kitchen. Another proud moment for mom! She is begging people to return their food. So far she has two takers.

Scott is overcooking the fried chicken. Nilka’s cold chicken looked much better. Red is doing well until Siobahn puts out a really raw burger. It is enough to send him over the edge, and he shuts the kitchen down.

The blue team is now in the kitchen. The red team is a mess in the dining room. Nilka didn’t know there was so much technical stuff to do as a waitress. The first order goes in ten minutes into service. Jay gets the appetizers out quickly. Unfortunately Salvatore shuts down in the kitchen. Maria is up at the pass just staring into space. Chef Ramsay has to ask her for the ticket. When he walks away he comments to Sous Chef Scott how weird Maria is. Holli and Maria each submit a ticket for table 33. Maria has seemed to check out.

Autumn tries to serve iced cold ribs. She is not working at a pace Chef Ramsay likes. He thinks she is acting like she is shopping. The heat is quickly taken off of Autumn again thanks to Maria. She has messed up an order again. Jason decides that it is quicker to throw a piece of chicken in with the fires to cook then to remove the fires first. I’m sure all the vegetarians just loved seeing that. Chef Ramsay doesn’t miss much. Neither kitchen gets all of the entrees completed.

Chef Ramsay calls both teams to the kitchen and announces that it was the worst service yet. He thought that basic barbeque would have been easier. Red team loses again. Fran, who excelled, is asked to nominate two individuals for elimination. It would seem a no brainer for Maria and Nilka to be put up. Everyone goes upstairs to smoke and discuss who Fran will put up. Maria seems to take responsibility for her mistakes. Scott does not. Fran thinks that Scott is not as good as he thinks he is. Siobhan also steps up to the plate.

Scott follows Fran upstairs and suggests she put anyone but him up against Maria so they can get her out of there. He is worried that if he goes up again with a new team he will be sent packing. Fran should make a move like we see on Survivor or Big Brother and give him his mulligan; asking for the same from him in return. I don’t think we have seen secret alliances on Hell’s Kitchen before, but there is always a first.