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Hell’s Kitchen, June 22 – Maybe You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks.

I didn’t get around to watching Hell’s Kitchen last night. These double episodes are a killer. So instead of having some great food to snack on I am running from kitchen to computer this afternoon. The house smells like an Italian café while my Bolognese simmers. Not quite sure why, but I decided we should have lasagna for dinner. It’s only 100 degrees and humid outside … what says lasagna better.

Tonight should be interesting – which team will do better with the others’ garbage. The grass is always greener; the teams might just be better off with what they didn’t want. It will be interesting, that is for sure.

Right from the start, Autumn has no problems forgetting about the red team. She shows us what kind of “lady” she is with her colorful language describing her former teammates. Scott tells the diary cam it is all about Scott and he isn’t helping anyone. Scott tells the ladies it is all about the team. Autumn wasn’t a team player anyway, so it shouldn’t make so much of a difference. It might show Chef Ramsay that Scott can’t work with people; I’m not sure this is smart game play by him.

The new day starts at 7:15 with the sous chefs bringing everyone new outfits. From the look of the outfits everyone thinks they are going to butcher. Oh poor Andrew left too early; he would be so very excited right now! Outside they are greeted by little baby pigs, cute little baby pigs. Chef Ramsay is standing there sharpening his knives. The look on the contestants’ faces is priceless. My poor six year old is watching with me and just said “Mommy they aren’t going to cook the little piggys are they?” No, baby they are going to have to catch one. Whew.

Each pig has a collar around its neck with either a side or a main ingredient. They have to try and catch the most desirable ingredient. A person from each team goes into the pig area. It is going to be done like a relay, catch a pig and tag a teammate to go in and get the next. First in are Nilka and Jay. Jay catches his pig quickly and grabs pork chops. He tags Jason who catches another for blue. Poor Nilka is still trying to get her first. Ben grabs loin chops. Nilka finally grabs one and has no idea what the ingredient is. She grabs blood sausage.

Oh my, I feel so sick my mouth is watering. I didn’t know what it was so I decided to enlighten myself and my readers. Oh yuck, maybe instead of Bolognese tonight we will have cereal. Skip the rest of this paragraph if you don’t want to know what it is. Blood sausage consists of onions, herbs, and spices cooked together with pork, to which the blood is added. It must be thoroughly stirred together so that the blood distributes evenly, and then forced into sausage casings. It is important not to use too much blood, and to ensure even mixing, so that clots of blood don’t form in the sausage. I feel sick, I don’t even want to see them cooking it. If made incorrectly you get a metal taste from the blood.

Siobhan isn’t afraid to get dirty and jumps right in there. She gets apple. Yes I can see apple being a nice pairing to blood. Oh yuck! Oh dear, Fran jumps in and gets prunes. Nilka is confident that they can make this pop. Autumn jumps in there and gets cabbage for blue. Scott catches sweet potatoes for red. Ed grabs something, but I don’t know what it is yet. Unless it is snout or face it can’t be that bad. Salvatore and Maria are the last two in the pen and there are two remaining collars. Oh Salvatore, you have won my heart. He is the last to finish the task; in his Italian accent he says he didn’t want to hurt it; it is just a baby.

The teams now have to divide into groups of two, with one of the ingredients they chose and make a dish with that pairing. They head back into the kitchens to cook after cleaning up.

Chef Ramsay will be watching to see if they choose the right combination of ingredients. What Scott tells the diary camera and what he actually does are two completely different things. The bossiness and arrogance that got him kicked off of blue are coming out loud and clear in red. He tells the diary cam though that since he is new to the team he needs to sit back and watch. Chef Ramsay even asks him if he is running the red team now. Autumn can’t even get anyone to look at her in the blue kitchen. Jason, her partner, barely speaks to her, but he does call her baby girl.

Nilka is not having any luck with that horrible sausage. She didn’t realize you need to poke it before putting it in the oven or it explodes. Scott of course knew that. As disgusting as I thought it sounded, when she pulls it out of the oven, well I don’t think I need to paint a picture.

Chef Ramsay has the teams present against each other. Up first is Nilka and Fran’s dish, blood sausage with a prune puree. Nilka looks completely defeated presenting it. The food left Chef Ramsay’s mouth as quick as it entered. He asks the red team whose idea it was to pair the sausage with the prunes. Let’s see if Scott jumps in and takes the deserved credit. Nope he doesn’t, Autumn loves it. Ben and Ed are up next; this point should be a gift. They prepare pan roasted pork with bok choy. Chef Ramsay finds the dish delicious; while Ben tells the diary cam that he would have made love to the dish right there. Point is awarded to the blue team.

Holli and Siobhan are next up against Jason and Baby Girl. Blue team presents honey glazed bacon with a honey slaw. Autumn did argue to put a little mustard into the dish while they were preparing it, but Jason shot her down. Chef Ramsay thinks it is okay, but really sweet and missing mustard to balance it out. Red team presents fennel-crusted pork tenderloin with sweet and sour apple and mustard sauce. Chef Ramsay says that it is cooked perfectly and awards the point to red.