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So You Think You Can Dance, Jun 24 – This Bottom 3 Were Not the Worst Dancers

There’s always a chance we could lose one of the lesser-known male dancers tonight, but I really have a sneaking suspicion it’ll be another girl. The guys just seem to have more fan favorites this year. And these guys are all loaded with personality, and that’s hard to ignore when voting.

We start off the night with the final 10 dancing to a routine set to Royal T by Crookers feat. Roisin Murphy. It’s one of the weird ones. I don’t get a story with it, per se, just some great dancing, not that there’s anything wrong with that. I want to guess that it’s Wade Robeson, but every time I do, I’m wrong. It could be Sonya Tayeh. Sure enough, it’s Sonya.

Adam Shankman, Mia Michaels, and Nigel Lythgoe are back at the judges’ table. Nigel announces National Dance Day is set for July 31, and that a NappyTab routine can be downloaded from dizzyfeetfoundation.org. He expected Cat Deeley to be practicing it, and she hasn’t yet. NIgel says it’s quite fast and he started it, but gave up. You can also go to fox.com/dance and tell them what your plans are for the day, and if they like your idea, you could be on TV.

We hit it with the results right away, as the first three contsteants, Cristina Santana, Adechike Torbert, and Kent Boyd come to the stage. Kent is called safe first, and celebrates on and off the stage to the cheers of the audience. It’s between Cristina and Adechike for who will stay and who will be in the bottom three, and Cristina is the first one in the bottom three. Adam tells her she was fabulous last night, and he’s shocked. He wants her to do what she did last week and fight. He also brings up that a lot of people thought they were harsh in their criticisims last night, but no one, not the judges or the dancers are above criticism and an honest approach to it, which a professional will take. He knows Cristina will slaughter it tonight.

Jose Ruiz, Melissa Sullivan, Ashley Galvan, and Alex Wong join Cat onstage. Alex is safe to the surprise of no one, but perhaps him. Jose is safe as well after his Bollywood routine. Between Melinda and Ashley, It’s Melinda in teh bottom three, which makes sense, as she had the lesser routine it seemed. Nigel isn’t sure what America didn’t see with Melinda, and says it’s the second week in a row for her to be in the top three. He guesses there’s a lesson in there somewhere, that she has to show some vulnerability somehow and allow people to connect with her. But she’s a super dancer, so maybe it was the dress.

Wow, this is an interesting one. We’re left with Robert Roldan, Billy Bell, and Lauren Froderman. All three of them it seems should be safe. Lauren is safe, which means the final person in the bottom three will be a guy. Between the two guys, it’s Robert left unsafe. Mia is shocked, despite the fact she didn’t like his perfromance as much last night. She tells him that he is by far one of their favorite performers, so he needs to fight with everything he’s got. He promises to do just that, issuing a kick at the same time.

And old friend comes back to perform tonight, and it’s none other than Brian Gaynor who suffers from scoliosis. When he auditioned this year, Nigel offered Brian and his crew a chance to perform during the season, and here they are. They dance to Agnus Dei by Eskmo, and the other guys are just as amazing as he is, as they perform a robotic routine.

Cristina is up first with her solo, dancing to Quimbara by Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco. It’s amazing, and there is no way she should leave tonight looking at that, but I think we’re going to have that from the other two as well.

Melissa taps her way through Heels by Q-Tip, and she does really well, but as we found out last season, it’s hard to compare the tappers to the other dancers, and they ususally lose out in those comparisons, especially if they land in the bottom a few times.

Robert dances to Lissie’s Everywhere I Go, and watching him, I can’t see them sending him home. But that’s the problem. With just 11 in the competitoin this season, they’re all hugely talented and all favorites. The judges really liked all three of them. I’d hate to make that decision.

Debbie Nova sings while six of the superstars dance around her. I can’t say enough how happy I am with this superstars season, especially when I had a lot of doubts about it from the beginning. It’s just really bringing up the level of talent overall.

It’s time for the results, and Nigel says it’s not unanimous this evening. That’s not a good thing. He tells Robert that as he knows, last week they lost a girl, and started the season with six guys and five girls, so it would have been very easy to say he is going home tonight, but they are not going to say that. He breathes a big sigh of relief, hugs everyone and takes off. Nigel tells Melinda he doesn’t know what it is, but the public is not connecting with her. It was his opinion to let her go this week, but his two colleagues insisted she stay. She takes off without saying anything to Cristina, or even hugging her, which seems a little rude.

Critistna is told she has to know she was aboslutely brilliant last night, she has grown beyond anywhere they thought she would. She’s like an empty vessel and wants to learn. Speaking to the chroeographers, they say her work ethic is good, but sometimes she’s a little slow moving to where she’s told. They wish her so much love and give her so much respect for what she does. She thanks everyone for the great opportunity and starts to cry, saying she’s not going to do it. She will never forget the experience and loves everyone.

There is no way Cristina was the worst performer last night. In fact, I thought she was one of the best. Actually none of them were the worst last night, but for some reason they got the least votes. I’m kind of thinking had Mary Murphy been judging instead of Mia Michaels, that she would have sided with Nigel.

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