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Top Chef DC, Premiere – Why Is Andy Samberg’s Older Cousin Here?

The winners are Kevin, Kenny, Angelo and Moby. Tim is surprised. Just wait.

Kenny – Gail felt it was well-balanced. Tom thought that despite a lot going on it was quite flavorful.
Sbarro – Tom thought it was both simple and complex. I’m sure that made sense somehow.
Angelo – Gail thought it all came together and you can taste the chili and the acid. Ripert liked the froth.
Moby – Tom felt he honored his mother, did a great version and didn’t lose the original dish.

Angelo wins and says something about setting the presidents. Not sure what that means.

The losers – Stephen, John, Jacqueline, Tim. Tim is now stunned.

Stephen – Tom thought the ribeye was cut too thin and there was no choice other than overcooking it. Ripert thought it was like chicken nuggets. Which I don’t understand. Tom thinks he got caught up in telling his Ohio story.
Jacqueline – Gail is still stunned by the choice of no fat. Jacqueline explains that she has served that dish 100 times. Tom wonders if she cooked it 100 times. She did, but with a recipe, and Tom can’t believe she can’t cook it by memory. Gail thinks it was a good idea, but it didn’t work.
John – He admits to the store-bought pastry but only thought of it as an “instrument to bring to the mouth.” Gail says that means 1/3 of his dish wasn’t his own. John thinks he was stupid.
Tim – Ripert brings up the chewy skin. Tom calls Tim out for being the only one to fall from the Quickfire Final Four to the Bottom Four.

Despite Tom’s shameful Cheap Trick “Cleveland Rocks” joke – please Tom, leave the bad one-liners to the Masters’ judges – John goes home after Tom describes his dish as one from a “first year pastry student.”

Quickfire hits – Not many, as this is long, but here are some

• Lynne claims to not have tattoos, in reaction to the many inked chefs in past years. But can she rock a hat like Spike?

• Angelo felt like a “ninja” as he cooked. I’m sorry Angelo. … I know this ninja chef. And you are no ninja chef.

• John wanted to “give the judges a piece of who I am.” That could be potentially quite gross.

• Being from the Hudson Valley, I was pulling for Jacqueline’s (I need a nickname for her!) dish. Alas.

• I can’t be sure, but I think Angelo told a diner to “lick your balls.” Or spheres, I guess.

Scenes from this season – Looks like a three-legged race. NASA challenge. Adam Dunn. Nancy Pelosi being awesome – in one clip she mentions her district and local farms. Kevin thinks someone didn’t do an effing thing. Obi-Wan returns. Joe Scarborough. Buzz Aldrin. And maybe somewhere you can find me in there in a background shot.

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