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Hell’s Kitchen, June 15 – Can You Teach an Old Dog?

So far red is sending out perfectly cooked entrées. Autumn goes to plate salmon, and Chef Ramsay catches her using tongs to take it off the sizzle pan. He goes over to her station, burns himself when she touches the hot pan to his arm and then Chef Ramsay accuses her of handling the food like a donkey. There is not much sympathy on red for her. He is asking her to show the food respect.

Scott brings undercooked meat to the pass and when called out on it actually argues with Chef Ramsay. Scott knows that the expectations Chef Ramsay has on him are higher because he is so good. Nilka is doing great with meats on red. Unfortunately Scott again serves raw Wellingtons. He should take his own advice and not get flustered. He is all over the place. Jay says that the meat was still moving. Scott finally understands that he needs to start paying more attention to his own station.

Service is completed again. Chef Ramsay is amazed at how good service is. He tells Salvatore to stop degrading himself, he isn’t just a pizza chef and he can cook. Nilka is told she should feel proud and she cooked her meat to perfection. They are asked to each nominate one person from their team to put up for elimination.

Nilka says that she is going to voice her opinion and that is it. It would appear she is leaning towards Autumn or Siobhan. Salvatore is in a bad position. As much as I have made fun of him, Scott has helped him a lot. They have become friends. Scott was however the worst in the kitchen tonight.

Nilka announces to Chef Ramsay that she has chosen Autumn. She believes that she has a lot of book knowledge but did not perform to her potential tonight. No real surprise there. Salvatore chooses Scott. He tells Chef Ramsay that the meat was not cooked well and it backed up the kitchen. Chef Ramsay tells Autumn and Scott to come forward.

Chef Ramsay tells Autumn that she strikes him as “the appendix of the red team” the one that everybody wants out. At first I thought he meant as in a book, I thought he was going to say the one with all the facts. Autumn believes that her team needs her, but Chef Ramsay points out to her that she has just been put up for elimination by that same team. He is really bothered that she shows no love or passion towards the food. He calls her soulless. She argues the point with him, saying she gave up everything to be there.

When he turns to Scott he tells him basically that he was terrible. Scott believes he had one bad performance. He points out that he is the strongest leader by far that Chef Ramsay has there. He points out that he was worried about helping everyone else out, as part of the team effort. Then out of his mouth comes the stupidest thing yet. He says that he has learned his lesson tonight and he is going to bleep everyone else now and think about himself. What a stupid thing to say. The head chef needs to be a leader, the captain of the boat, not someone only in it for themselves. Oh great minds think alike. This is why I like writing and pausing every few seconds. It takes me forever to write the article but I can be surprised just like the rest of you. Chef Ramsay says that he talks like a politician and he is full of crap. He goes on to tell him that he is not as good as he thinks he is. He tells him to pipe down and go for a more humble approach.

Chef Ramsay tells them to both to take off their jackets. Nope, darn it, they aren’t both leaving. Chef Ramsay has them switch teams. This will be interesting.

Thanks for reading, I will see you next week!

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