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Hell’s Kitchen, June 15 – Can You Teach an Old Dog?

The ladies make a mango glazed pan seared duck, pureed turnips with ham, mango and beets. Chef Ramsays only complaint about the dish is that they left too much fat on the breast when it was served. He thinks it is delicious and really forced them to use their brains to get the ingredients to work well together.

Chef Ramsay thinks that both dishes work but the win goes to the men. He cannot overlook the excess fat on the duck. Nilka apologizes to the team for her error and the loss. As punishment, the red team will have to clean and polish the entry way and prep both kitchens for service tonight.

The blue team will be going sky diving. Jason looks like he is going to pass out. He asks the diary cam if he looks like a bird. Honestly this is a prize I could live without.

Jean Philippe is in charge of the cleanup and puts the women to work right away. Nilka is polishing wood and really working up a sweat. Later she tells the diary cam that she was sweating like Whitney and Bobby on crack. Hmm, learn something new every day; I had no idea that crack made you sweat.

Jason is relieved to see that they are not skydiving out of a plane but instead going to one of those indoor places where you basically get into a wind tunnel. My guess is that he wasn’t the only one that was happy. Jason likes the experience so much that he wants to buy one for his backyard and charge the neighborhood.

Back in Hell’s Kitchen Jean Philippe is putting on his white gloves to test how well the ladies are cleaning. He finds dust on top of a framed mirror. He also comments on how much Nilka is sweating. They must finally pass the test because they are allowed to move into the kitchens to start prepping. As the guys walk through the kitchen back to their living quarters Maria says “I’m really sorry in advance”. This shakes all the guys up.

Fran is caught trying to take shortcuts that won’t work. Andi, their Sous Chef, calls them out on what they are doing. They are not using proper techniques for prep. She points out to them that there is a little over an hour left to prep. Maria breaks down and starts crying knowing of the wrath that is headed their way. She believes that Chef Ramsay is going to eat them alive. Andi tells Maria to just toughen up and step up the food.

Chef Ramsay tells the contestants before service that tonight they will have Chefs Tables in the kitchen. In the red kitchen they will have the host of Entertainment Tonight, Kevin Frazier, and his wife. The blue kitchen will host Debi Mazer, from Entourage and her husband, the chef.

Blue kitchen starts off with Scott, once again, pushing himself onto Jason. Quick flash to Scott at the diary cam again, telling us how wonderful he is. How he is a leader and a motivator. Editing plays this music now behind Scott while he talks. I am just waiting for him to go out into the dining area and find some babies to kiss. He just doesn’t stop, and the entire team is getting sick of it. Jay tells the diary cam that if he saw Scott in a dark alley he would beat him in the neck, chest, head, breast and face.

Siobhan is trying to get out appetizers but unfortunately has confused the lobster for crab. You would think after red team doing this once already it wouldn’t happen twice. Half the table went out, the other half didn’t. This table happens to be Dr. Phil’s son Jay McGraw’s and his wife, her sister and husband. There seem to be a lot of celebrities in the dining room tonight, from football players to NASCAR drivers.

Salvatore brings up raw salmon and starts to panic, turning bright red. Siobhan again brings lobster to the pass in the cappellini. This time she figures out that someone has put lobster in the crab container during prep. Salvatore brings more salmon to the pass and again Chef Ramsay starts screaming his name, summoning him. When he gets there he is told that the fish is perfectly cooked. Oh that’s just mean Chef Ramsay. Scott is beaming, because you know it was his motivational speaking that actually cooked that salmon perfectly. Scott goes on to tell the diary cam that Salvatore is his pet project. Oh how I wish the mighty fall first.

Nilka also gets positive feedback on her meat station, as does Salvatore on fish. Unfortunately in blue, Ed is messing up garnishes with rock hard potatoes.