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Hell’s Kitchen, June 15 – Can You Teach an Old Dog?

Chef Ramsay calls Jamie and Fran down to explain why they should not go. I don’t see either of these people as contenders for the big prize. Jamie thinks she is a strong chef with a spot-on flavor portfolio; she also believes that she is a great team player. Chef Ramsay points out that she gave up her station to Siobhan. Fran believes that she has a drive like no other. She brings up the fact that she didn’t leave the line with a burn. To me, this is not a positive. She could have had that looked at and treated before service even started. If she had done that, maybe, she would not have been so frazzled due to pain. Chef Ramsay is worried that he can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Okay well that isn’t the donkey comment I was hoping to hear, but it got a giggle. She believes she has plenty of tricks up her sleeve.

Chef Ramsay makes a decision and says Fran, I believe you can fight back. He sends Jamie home. He sends all the chefs back upstairs and tells them it doesn’t have to be so hard. Oh sexism, when will it ever end. Jay tells the diary cam that “the red team is just a bunch of girls that can’t get their emotions in check”; this coming from a not so young guy that dyed his hair blue. Nilka believes the red team is getting rid of their dead weight.

Can Salsify Satisfy?

Tonight we were treated to a double episode; I like not having to wait to see what happens next.

As the women are walking back to their living quarters, Fran is confident that Chef Ramsay is keeping her for a reason. She is looking forward to proving him right. I think that it is a safe bet if she lands in the bottom again that she will be gone. Chef Ramsay calls Salvatore to him as he is walking away; he tells him that he needs to bounce back, not disintegrate. He also tells him that he has not given up on him yet. I didn’t see that coming.

The next morning at 5:30 all the contestants are sleeping but Scott and Salvatore. They head out to the patio together to study and go over the recipes. Scott is trying to help him out and in turn help out the team as a whole. Scott tells Salvatore what he does when getting yelled at by Chef Ramsay and a better way of handling the pressure. Scott also informs him that if he takes his advice and listens to him it will be beneficial. All I can think is uh-oh!

The day starts with a maximum pressure challenge; I guess Chef Ramsay doesn’t think they have enough pressure. He wants to see how creative they can be under pressure. I love this challenge. The “Roll the Dice; Get Your Ingredients” challenge.

Scott is up first and asks Chef Ramsay to blow on the die. Not a chance. Scott rolls an H and quickly says Halibut. Jay points out that Halibut is on the menu already, not so creative I guess. Jason picks E for endive. Ed rolls S and chooses salsify. I admit it; I had to google. It is a root vegetable; many consider it a weed from the sunflower family. The leaves may be eaten in a salad; the root can be diced and thrown in soup or mashed like a potato. It is said that it tastes somewhat like an oyster and is also known as the Oyster Plant. Benjamin picks crab with his roll and Jay adds his ingredient of peas. Salvatore chooses the last ingredient to be combined and rolls a B and adds bacon. Chef Ramsay thinks these ingredients sound wonderful.

Fran starts it off hoping for an L so she can choose lobster. She rolls a B and chooses beets; this goes over like a lead balloon. Nilka rolls and S and chooses shallots, another interesting choice. Autumn rolls an M and also chokes, she chooses mango. Siobhan jumps on the crazy train with a ham. I guess Maria doesn’t want to be left at the station because she chooses turnips. It is obvious that these women can’t work as a cohesive team. Holli is their last chance maybe she will choose chocolate syrup. She chooses duck.

They have 30 minutes to complete their dishes, and everyone must contribute. If this is a true creative challenge, it would seem to me if the women can pull something out that actually tastes good, they have a good chance. We are 4 episodes in to this season and some things seem to be turning into regular events. Autumn starts trying to control Nilka, telling her that she is butchering the duck breast incorrectly. Scott on blue believes as a chef it is his job to educate and motivate Salvatore.

While Scott is cooking, Salvatore asks him if he seasoned something and Scott gets quite aggressive. He tells Salvatore to back off. Over on red Autumn is telling them to slice the duck, even Chef Ramsay warns of slicing it too early. Duck can easily become dry if sliced too early. Maria seems to have had enough of Autumn and tells her that just because Autumn says something doesn’t mean that it is the proper thing to do.

Then men present a pan roasted halibut with a bacon, pea and crab ragout. They serve it with a salsify puree and an endive salad. Chef Ramsay likes everything except a salsify chip that was added to top the salad. He thinks it is bitter and tastes like the fryer.