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Hell’s Kitchen, June 15 – Can You Teach an Old Dog?

Chef Ramsay decides that the teams need to understand what Jean Philippe (JP) goes through when the kitchens are slow bringing food out. He chooses two people to be the assistant Maître-d’s. He chooses Holli and Salvatore to work the front of the house. I think it is bizarre that they dress them both up like little mini-me JP’s. Salvatore brings his first ticket to the window and Chef Ramsay cannot read the ticket. He tells JP that he does not know how to write in English. JP takes over writing the ticket for him because he is getting irritated. Chef Ramsay screams out that the customers are there for dinner, not breakfast.

Maria is having trouble making risotto; it takes three times. Scott over in blue is having trouble making potatoes. Jason is again backing the kitchen up with the garnish station. Salvatore has to return a Wellington because he did not correctly write the ticket up. He gets yelled at and decides to walk out of the dining room; he says he can’t take anymore. JP follows him out and tries to convince him to stay and fight. He comes back to the dining room to finish, but states if the blue team does badly he will put himself up on the chopping block. Jason will be happy to hear that as he thinks the team is all against him.

Holli has to return a steak to the window because it was undercooked. Fran is working on the meat station and has to re-fire it again when she does not do it properly a second time. She calls out to her team that she needs some help. I am trying to remember if I have ever heard someone in Hell’s Kitchen say those words; I don’t think so.

Scott starts forcing his way onto the garnish station with Jason. He might as well be Jason’s shadow he is standing so close to him. How anyone can think that doing that is helpful to someone in a stressful situation I just don’t understand.

Over in the red garnish station Jamie is burning mashed potatoes and carrots. Siobhan tries to take over Jamie’s station and is yelled at by Chef Ramsay to go back to her fish station. Chef Ramsay yells at Jamie for allowing it. Siobhan then serves up raw halibut. Guess she should have paid attention to her own backyard.

Scott now tries to force his way onto Ben’s beef station but is met by a “get the hell out” from Ben. I am not sure what station Scott is on but he sure seems to have a lot of free time.

Fran continues to let her nerves get in the way and again has a wrong misfire of beef. She complains to Autumn that she needs help because of the burn, but refuses to let anyone see it. Autumn actually goes up to the Sous Chef for the red team and tattles that Fran’s arm is burned and she won’t go see a medic. Chef Ramsay finally gets involved, and she is forced to show her hand and wrist. He tells her that it is a serious burn and forces her to go see a medic. It really is a nasty looking burn.

Service is completed. The blue team is the winning team and Chef Ramsay tells them all to thank their lucky stars for Ben. The women are instructed to go upstairs and choose two people for elimination.

The women all go upstairs to decide who is going to go up with Fran. They are all sitting around this tiny round table smoking. I have just never understood, in a profession where taste is everything, why so many people smoke. It really is ridiculous. I wonder if the top notch celebrity chefs, like Wolfgang Puck and Bobby Flay, smoke like this.

It starts getting nasty as no one wants to think of themselves as second worst. I think they are all worried that Fran is going to get a pass because of the burn. Burn or no burn she has been in the bottom for all the episodes so far. Maria, talking about Jamie saying “I got it, I got it,” tells the diary cam that the only thing Jamie has is an excess amount of weight. You know, when someone says something like that on national television, I always wonder what they think of themselves when they see it back. What a nasty thing to say about someone. Fran and Jamie bring up the sent back risottos of Maria’s.

Nilka is called on by Chef Ramsay to give the nominees’ names. Fran is first, because of all the re-fires and the loss of composure on the line. The second person nominated is Jamie, because of the burned carrots and mashed potatoes.