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Hell’s Kitchen, June 15 – Can You Teach an Old Dog?

I have no clever opening this week, sorry. I am so upset by the destruction in the gulf, and I was not ready to hear about it when I sat down to watch my favorite reality show. To my friends, and readers, that live in that area I am truly sorry for the mess you are forced to deal with. Hopefully this situation will finally be moving forward. Okay I am in need of some “You Donkeys!”.

The show starts out with the blue team suffering the repercussions of nominating Jason. He is very angry that the team would throw him under the bus when clearly he was not the worst of the night. He works himself up so much that a bad temper starts to appear. If the red team was smart they would try to capitalize on that temper and get Jason to implode.

A new day dawns and Chef Ramsay calls the contestants into the dining room. He tells them they need to work on their communication and teamwork skills. He also tells them they will be open for lunch cooking simple fare, burgers, salads, and fries. Autumn tells the diary cam that these foods are “not very difficult, but then again I am able to cook on a level not many people can”. I am not really sure what she is meaning, but I secretly want her to mess up a salad or burn some fries.

This is a challenge. The team to feed their side of the dining room first, wins. They open the doors in 30 minutes. The red team seems to be communicating well through the prep work; they do not want to lose another challenge. Over in blue they are not communicating well, and Jason still has a giant brick on his shoulder.

The doors open to the USC Trojans marching band and cheerleaders, 100 in total. The differences between the teams during the salad course are obvious. Jason is making and dressing each family-style salad bowl alone in the blue kitchen. Fran and Autumn, over in red, are working together and getting them out to the tables fast. Everyone has a lot to say to Jason who still hasn’t gotten a single salad out, but no one is volunteering to help either. Jason is not speaking to anyone, including Chef Ramsay.

Red team is on to entrees, chicken and burgers. Maria is on chicken and is getting tired of waiting for Jamie’s burgers on the grill station. Maria jumps on the burger grill and starts trying to speed Jamie up. Over on blue Scott is grilling fast and has started sending out burgers. Unfortunately for Scott, and the unlucky recipient, a burger is being returned raw. Maria has caught the red team up.

Each team has 3 tickets left; the kitchens are crazy trying to get the last dishes up to the pass. The red team wins and the ladies go crazy! Of course Ed on the blue team tells the diary cam that it was not the better team that won, only the quickest. It never fails on this show that they get guys that just can’t lose to a woman without making some kind of excuse.

The ladies win a relaxing day in the sun at the Malibu Beach Inn. The men will be helping the Heal the Bay organization by cleaning up the L.A. River. They are provided with yellow jumpsuits and an old grey school bus. They drive down into an arroyo and start picking up trash. It isn’t simple trash like you would think, but mufflers, shopping carts, bicycles, even a chandelier.

The girls are taken to the resort in restored Woody’s. They are met by Chef Ramsay on the beach. He challenges the red team to a game of soccer. Team Ramsay is comprised of his girls and wife. The red team doesn’t stand a chance against the Ramsay team. After the game, the girls are treated to lunch and fun in the sun.

The losing challenge this go round didn’t seem so monotonous and terrible. The guys bonded as a team and really were able to see a difference in what they accomplished by working together. The red team might have had a good time and won the challenge, but I don’t think they really bonded. Autumn reports in to the diary cam that HER team had a good time. Eventually that attitude is going to come to the forefront in the kitchen. It is just a matter of time.

The blue team is obviously communicating well during set-up. The red team might lose a member before service even starts. Fran burns her hand while trying to empty a pot of boiling water that was filled too high. She decides not to say anything about it or get it looked at or treated.