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So You Think You Can Dance, Jun. 10 – All Stars and Final 11 Mix It Up

Dominic is once again putting the moves on Cat. He hasn’t missed a beat. Tabitha and Napoleon D’Umo were the choreographers for this. Tabitha tells Jose they were so proud of him, as they knew what he had to do to get there, and it’s not easy to step on the stage for these other three, as these are some of the best hip hoppers they’ve had, which can be intimidating. But he worked really hard, and it was a great initiation into the SYTYCYD family. He’s arrived. Adam has created a lot of successful hip hop medium. He is really excited to see how this whole Cat/Dominic thing plays out. He tells Jose he is fantastic and he is so happy he’s here representing a big style and dong it strong. It’s important for him to bring performance and every week he has to be creating new tricks. He was out there dancing with the best tonight and needs to get their advice.

Cristina Santana is 24 and a salsa dancer. She’s originally from Mexico and now living in San Diego. She goes to college and works as a salsa instructor. She’ll be dancing tonight with Anya Garnis and Pasha Kovalev. They’re dancing to Work (Freemasons Radio Edit) by Kelly Rowland. A three-way Latin dance is kind of interesting. If anyone can handle these two women at once it’s Pasha. We’ve all been admiring Cristina’s Latin talent, so to see her with Pasha is unbelievable, not to mention seeing her with Anya. And Pasha answers our prayers, taking his shirt off.

Jason Gilkison choreographed this and says it wasn’t easy to choreograph ballroom for three people, but when you have Pasha and Anya, it’s fantastic. He tells Cristina it was absolutely amazing. And look, Pepe’s in the audience. Cat loved that team feeling she saw in the dance. Cristina says they’re great dancers and was so happy to share the stage with them. Nigel adds Anya and Pasha are two of the greatest Latin dancers in the world, not just on that stage. He’s not sure if they had a team going, as he felt competition between the two girls. He thanks Jason for making all his fantasies come together in one routine, and he doesn’t mean Pasha taking his shirt off. He wants Cristina to be careful of the lazy feet, as she needs to pick them up a little more, although she is being judged against all Stars.

Alex Wong and Beilly Bell are up next. Alex is 22 and from Miami. He auditioned in season 5 and got cut because of a contract obligation. He’s a crazy goofball and likes to sing and dance a lot and freak out. Billy Bell is 20 and from Palm Beach. He got sick on season 6, but is now back in season 7 and he’s here to bring it. Dancing with them is Ade Obayomi. Mia choreographed the routine and first says it’s good to be back, and for these dancers to be on the stage her first season back (she was only gone one season!). Time is a very heightened thing, and the journey of life from a child to man in his prime to an old dancer It shows how time can go by like that.

These three guys are dancing to This Bitter Earth/On the Nature of Daylight by Dinah Washington/Max Richer. Billy is the young kid, Alex the young man, and Ade the old dancer. This routine and these three guys are amazing, and I literally have my jaw dropping. They all dance harmoniously somehow together, and it just illustrates Mia’s point that much more. Alex mentions after that they were told to enjoy it while it’s here. Nigel points out it’s the same way with life, it’s all too short, so enjoy it while it’s here. Mia admits usually the choreographer can be the hardest and she’d be picky, but this was an honor for her. She welcomes Ade home, but she and Nigel agree time has not been kind to him. Billy is a freak of nature, and the things he can do with his body, she has never seen in all her years of experience. Alex is a technical stallion and powerful, a beast. Now they have to take those things and translate them into all the different styles.

This leaves Adechike Torbert, Ashley Galvan, and Robert Roldan for the last dance. Adechike is from Brooklyn and sees himself as the underdog here fighting his way since the beginning. Ashley is from Visalia, CA and a lyrical dancer. She loves to shop, is a huge football fan, enjoys cinnamon bears and popcorn, hanging out with her family, and is a huge nerd. Robert is from Thousand Oaks and is the guy that always has a smile on his face. He loves to dance and used to play sports and is a good bad dancer. Neil Haskell and Courtney Galiano are the All Stars charged with helping this group. This is just entertaining to watch. Every single one of them. It’s another where you can’t tell the difference between All Star and current contestant.

Cat says she’s never heard a choreographer more vocal than the one for this routine, Sonya Tayeh, Robert shows an example of her screaming in rehearsals. Sonya explains it’s because she knows how difficult it is and what she expects of the dancers. What she strives to create as an artist is the theory of fighting and pushing for more momentum and working beyond human capacity. When you have that last breath and say you can’t, you say you can. You push even more. Every single one of these guys can and did. She also tells Adechike that he is not an underdog. He’s here, and doing it. Ashley and Robert have pushed themselves beyond and she has seen constant improvement. The All Stars helped push them too, screaming. It was the most inspiring and amazing experience, and she’s excited.

This was definitely exciting if this is the type of season we’re headed towards. Sure, they were all dancing their own style and won’t be for the most part in the judged performances, but they did a similar thing last season, and it just wasn’t nearly as impressive.

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