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So You Think You Can Dance, Jun. 10 – All Stars and Final 11 Mix It Up

I have to say I rather enjoyed the way the judges told the dancers they made it or didn’t make it to the final 10 last night. True, I wish they could have told everyone in person, as the phoned in rejections just weren’t right. However, I loved the whole drama of their families being around them, etc. It seemed to make it so much more personal, than doing it in a cold studio in front of the judges at a table. And now we get introduced to them a little more tonight, before the real competition starts next week.

The All-Stars start us off with a dance to Fame, and behind them the top 11 take the stage as well. This is a lot of fun trying to place the All Stars and new top 11. I saw Mark Kanemura right away. And there’s Jose Ruiz and Alex Wong. This is wonderful. This routine was choreographed by Wade and Amanda Robson, of course.

We have a group of judges tonight, including Adam Shankman, Mia Michaels, Nigel Lythgoe, and of course Wade and Amanda. The dancers will be showing us what they’ve got in their own styles. If they don’t shine here, they don’t belong, but from what we saw last night, they all belong. We won’t have full introductions to all 11, as there just isn’t time, but they’ll each get eleven seconds to tell us what they think we need to know about them.

The first up tonight are Lauren Froderman and Kent Boyd. Lauren is 18, from Phoenix, and has lived there her whole life. She just graduated high school and is friendly and outgoing.
Kent is a nice kid, also 18, and fresh out of high school … and single. The All Stars joining them are Mark and Kathryn McCormick. With Paris Is Burning by St. Vincent in the background, it’s a number truly designed for the likes of Mark and his goofiness, and it plays really well into Kent and Lauren as well. This is really good, and if this is what we’re headed to all season, I can only say hold on tight.

Travis Wall choreographed this, by no surprise. He notes just four years ago he was on this very stage, and now he’s at the judges’ table, and he’s not sure how he feels about it. He explains this is set in 1920s Paris, and is about dark and twisted people at night coming to celebrate the fallen empire. Kent is asked again about being single and says his ideal woman would be someone like his mom or … Beyonce.

Adam tells Nigel it’s good to be back, then welcomes home Mama Mia. He also tells Travis it was so good it was sick, disgustingly good. For Kent and Lauren, he says, “Yes!” and throws his fist in the air. He just wants to say “I told you so” to Kent. He told Kent he was this good, and he believes the others do have something to legitimately be afraid of with him. Lauren was amazing back then and still is.

Alexie Agdeppa and Melinda Sullivan get their shot at the stage next. Alexie says she was a Laker girl for two seasons, graduated from UCLA, and is a fighter for her dreams after finally getting on the show. Melinda is 22, from Thousand Oaks, and is a dancer, singer, actress, artist, and old school but a student of life and her own invention. They’re joined by Allison Holker and Lauren Gottlieb. They’re dancing to There’s Gotta Be Something Better Than This from the Sweet Charity Soundtrack. It’s a great routine, but I have to say I can see where the All Stars start and the newbies end, but I couldn’t see that in the last dance.

Cat Deeley begs to be in the girls’ gang and notes that Tyce Diorio has choreographed this after working with Jennifer Lopez and Tom Cruise. He found it absolutely fantastic to work with these four and noting different than working with the other names. They brought brilliant work to the stage and Sweet Charity brings a legacy, with names like Shirley MacLaine, Paula Kelly, and Chita Rivera. Alexie says to finally be here after all her efforts is unreal and more than she could have imagined. The best compliment Nigel can give them is that there are two All Stars and two competitors on the stage, and sometimes he couldn’t tell the difference betwen All Star and competitor. Alexie has certainly gotten the technique to shine through and Melinda has the talent to shine through. They both need the fire now that Lauren and Allison had.

B-Boy Jose Ruiz is next, and he tells us he’s 21, and from Miami. He’s humble, but really confident and smooth, but explosive, and the only B-Boy to make the top 11. He’s joined by three All Stars Stephen “tWitch” Boss, Comfort Fedoke, and Dominic “D-trix” Sandoval. The four of them are dancing to Din Daa Daa (District 78 Remix) by George Kramz, and the three All Stars are beating up on poor Jose. They all get to show some special B- Boy or B Girl moves, and it manages to tell a little story, which I love in my hip hop. This is going to be one great season.


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