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So You Think You Can Dance, Jun. 9 – It's Our Top … 11!

Kent’s still waiting in Wapokoneta, and he has to make it after all this fanfare, don’t you think? Oh wait, now Nigel is being pulled over by the cops. Tyce visits Jocelyn Orly. She doesn’t make it, but he wants her to know she’s very worthy of being on the show. She promises he’ll see her again next year.

There’s one spot left for girls and two girls. Mary and ‘Lil C head out to deliver the separate news. They couldn’t give Mary the bad news two times in a row, could they? She’s going to see Alexie Agdeppa , and ‘Lil C heads out to see Ryan Ramirez. He’s not happy about the wheels he’s delivering the news in. Ryan had to give dancing up when the family hit hard financial times. Alexie had tried out four times and came close to the top 20 last season. She was ready this year in Vegas. This is what she dreams of at night. Ryan finds it amazing to hear the news here with her family and is another nervous one. Mary talks to Alexie and says they’re only picking five girls, and there were a lot who received all yeses like her. C asks Ryan how it feels to only have a top 10 this year, and she says it will make her work harder. It made it harder for them as well, as if it was the normal top 20,she’d already be it. Mary gets a hug from Alexie and asks her if she’ll try out again if she doesn’t make it, … yet she did make it. Mary hops around with the family. ‘Lil C tells Ryan he wants her to come back next year.

We have three guys still waiitng to hear the news. Billy Bell and Robert Rolden happen to be appearing in the same show together. Adam, recovering from knee surgery, is there to deliver news to both of them. One piece of good news is Nigel finally arrived at Kent’s house. He looks at the whole crowd waiting inside with Kent. Nigel apologizes for bringing nothing but bad news and hands Kent his speeding ticket, as his mom deems it real. Nigel stops everything to use the bathroom, having been in the car for four hours. We get treated to hearing his flush.

Nigel is finally ready to tell Kent the news and says he’s one of the finest dancers they’ve had on the program. It’s almost a bad year to be a part of it with only ten getting through, and the others are so strong, like Alex and Billy, and they can only take so many contemporary dancers. It’s so hard to tell, and he’s young. It’s bad news for the whole family, as they’ll have to say goodbye to him as he’s going out to L.A. There is confetti here! Nigel asks if they really thought he would have come all this way and got a ticket to say no. That was kind of my point.

Adam has one spot left to award, as the cast of the show waits in the lobby to hear the news of who makes it. He tells them it was great and he was so impressed. Nine people have made it through, and he got this stinky job of telling them. Robert was a rock star in Vegas, doing really well, until it came to contemporary where he didn’t do well in his own style. Billy made Adam cry last season in Vegas and it was embarrassing, then made top 20, only to get an illness. But he didn’t show up in Vegas until the last solo, leaving everyone disappointed. The fifth guy spot is going to Rob. He can only say no as Billy congratulates him. Adam tells Billy he is supernaturally talented and an incredibly difficult situation. They really struggle with it, so what ended up happening was they added a sixth. Billy tells Adam he’s awful as he hugs them with their crutches.

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