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So You Think You Can Dance, Jun. 9 – It's Our Top … 11!

In Adrian’s house they aren’t celebrating yet. He was sent straight through to Vegas in Chicago and became a judges’ favorite early on. He mentions the feedback he received from the judges was really a great feeling, as he wasn’t expecting it. Adam was ready to hire him for jobs. Mary’s heart is pounding as well. Adrian’s dad notes every time they see him he grows, and they couldn’t be more proud. Mary gets a warm welcome from Adrian and his family. They talk about his journey, and Adrian says he put it all out on the floor. Mary starts to cry and says it’s so tough, as there are only ten spots. They have so many contemporary kids, they have to have more. Its just his first year and they all think he’s amazing, but they pray and hope he comes back as they celebrate him as a dancer. There have been so many to come back and win the show. He thanks her for the whole experience and says it was a wonderful week and he couldn’t ask for anything more.

Nigel calls the Contursi residence in Laguna Beach. Honestly, he’s calling from Hollywood. He couldn’t take a few hours out to to drive there and deliver the news in person to Lexie? He’s not going to mess her around and tells her she did not make the top 10. Also getting bad news via the phone are DJ Smart, Bridget Krause, Serge Orneck, and Anthony Kim. It’s only 24 dancers, and they have so many choreographers. Why couldn’t all of these judges take on two or three people and see them all personally?

Lauren Froderman waits for her phone to ring in Phoenix. She calls this the worst phone call ever, saying she thought having to call your parents and let them know you have a detention was bad, but this is worse. The phone rings, and it’s Nigel. He tells her it’s difficult and if she would wander towards her door, he and her letter carrier are by the front door. She introduces him to her family and says she is without question one of the best dancers in Vegas, but they don’t just take it on dancing. They can’t just do it with contemporary, and they’re also looking at her age since she’s only 18. But every thing they put up against her, she knocked down, so they are so excited to have her join them this season.

Mia Michaels joins in on the fun and heads to Harlem to see Anthony Burrell. She saw him in New York and saw the tapes from Vegas and calls him amazing. He blew the judges away, despite dealing with so much pain. He’s still nervous with the anticipation and nerves. Mia greets him at his door as he says she wants to share what he has with America. He really wants this and needs something like this to take him to the next place in his career. She won’t sit and deny that he is a brilliant, brilliant talent, but she’s here to tell him he’s not going to be with them this year. What? After the praise they gave him and he’s not going to make it? She knows he wants her out of her house, and I’m sure he does. As the tears start to fall, she gives him a pep talk, but I’m sure it’s falling short right now.

‘Lil C takes a road trip from L.A. to see Ashley Galvan who is waiting with her family. They’ve been patiently waiting. Her dad gets the door and says he’ll be 100% proud no matter what the decision is because she’s been phenomenal her whole life. To get on the show would mean everything to Ashley, as she wants to be America’s favorite dancer. ‘Lil C isn’t sure who’s more nervous, Ashley or her mom. C tells her from the beginning, in Vegas week, she was always his favorite, and it’s hard when you start to feel something for a contestant via their artistic expressions, and when you start to care it makes it hard to deliver pressing news. Unfortunately he has to tell her she will not be around for the next couple of months, as she’ll be on the show.

Kent Boyd is waiting in Wapokoneta, but before Nigel leaves the airport in Columbus, he gives bad news to hip hopper Chris Cole, Katie Muth, Missy Morelli, and Cheryl Smith. Now he heads to Wapokoneta in a hot yellow sports car and Beckham jersey. He bitches about Tyce gong to Miami instead of him. Tyce is tooling around in a convertible and hitting the beach. He’s there to visit Jose Ruiz, the only non-trained dancer still in the competition. His family is excited and nervous for him. Tyce takes Jose through his time in Vegas, saying he was a little lacking in technique, but he has a lot of potential. It’s not all riding on personality, and he doesn’t want to make anyone cry, but there might be some tears … because he made it! There are about 100 people crowded into that living room crying.

Mia is now on her way to see tapper Melinda Sullivan. She’s getting her news with her mentor, Harold Cromer. She thinks he is an amazing person who has taught her so much about entertaining people. Amazingly they have a film of him tapping from 1938. Wow. Mia saw the tapes of Melinda, and her only concern was ballroom and contemporary. She comes alive like a monster with tapping, but everything else isn’t up to par. Yet there’s something different about her, and Harold agrees. So she’s coming to Hollywood. He’s glad they saw there’s something more than just tap dancing in this girl.

Nigel is still driving and now having a hard time with the GPS. Navigating the numbered highways, he compares it to a big game of bingo. He calls Mary for help when he gets lost as he’s ended up in Mary’s Vile (Historic Uptown Marysville). She thinks that’s a sign.

Alex Wong is waiting at his studio in Miami with some fellow ballet dancers. Back in season five, he had a contract with the Miami City Ballet, and when they chose him for the top 20, Nigel talked to the director of the ballet who was unwilling to let Alex out of his contract. Alex is now giving up the principal solo position and some see it as a betrayal, but he has to follow his heart. His director, Edward Villella, says he has to be cautious about people asking to be let out, saying they can go ahead, but they have to understand the ramnifications. Tyce makes his second Miami stop. Tyce and Alex go to speak privately, and Tyce tells him obviously he’s an incredible artist. In hip hop, Nigel had noted he wanted him to bring out his personality more. In contemporary, Nigel asked for the same thing. But like they said a million times, it’s not just about the brilliant technician. He makes it.

Nigel heads to the Fox offices to help him find his way to Kent’s house as he’s lost Rt. 33. He stops and asks directions from locals as well. Mia heads to see Adechike Torbert, who the judges were ready to let go early on in Vegas, until danced for his life. He says if he makes it, it will be a celebration, and if he doesn’t, it will still be a beautiful experience. That sounds great until he hears a no, right? Mia watched him on the tape and how he got slammed. Adechike says it made him appreciate it more. She wants him to know that everything you take out is priceless. The one thing she remembers is the hand movement on his mouth in his dance that saved his life, so she does that as she tells him he’s in the top 10. Mia says this is cool for her, too, as she just lost her mom three weeks ago, so to share this with his family is a gift.


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