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So You Think You Can Dance, Jun. 9 – It's Our Top … 11!

With thirty-nine dancers left, it’s time for contemporary with Travis Wall. With the number of contemporary dancers that make it here, there’s always so much expected of them from this dance style. Salsa dancer Cristina Santana and ballroom dancer Gisell Peacock are both out of their element. Just before she’s about to perform, Cristina is worried, saying it’s the most difficult day of her life. She dances and definitely seems like she’s giving it her all. Nigel tells her it was absolutely terrific, Mary was impressed, and Adam tells her, “It could have been a mess; instead it is a yes.” Toni says yes, as do the others. Now Cristina gets to rest.

Gisel is up next and says she is so far out of her genre, that she’s absolutely at a total relaxation with this piece. Either the dancer behind her is off, or she is, but they’re not together. Nigel tells Gissel she’s lost her sparkle this week and votes no. Mary gets emotional and says it’s hard for her. She wants Gisel to work on her extensions. Every single time they passed her on because of her ability in ballroom. When she’s on the stage in Latin, all eyes are on her. There is so much dance in that darn body of hers and so much passion and felling, and it’s a shame. Adam votes no and Gissel apologizes for letting them all down, as the rest vote no as well. Gissel wanted to come out of her genre and be amongst amazing dancers. She’s disappointed in herself.

Nicole Knudson falls to contemporary as well. She says she’s glad she got cut, as she doesn’t think she could handle it, but next year, she knows she can. Kadeeja also heads home. Jose Ruiz is continuing to impress and Adechike has finally proved he deserves to be there. Adam expected a lot from him, and says he delivered. Adechike notes he’s crying like a pregnant woman.

Anthony Burrell is still worried about his injury and is now in a group with Alex Wall, who he knows is a favorite. He has a feeling they’ll be looking at Alex and not him. The judges are excited to have this group, which also includes Kent Boyd. He had disappointed Nigel in ballroom. When he admits to Cat his head is going crazy mental, she advises him to stop it, otherwise, “I’m going to kick your ass.” All of them look great to me.

Nigel tells Alex his dancing is superb, but he didn’t get his true passion in this performance, yet it’s still a yes. They others agree, but Tyce wants him to work on timing and performance, leaving Alex frustrated. Nigel doesn’t know what pain Anthony is going through, but says the difference in watching him dance with the others is like the difference between watching a man dance and boys dance. He says absolute yes and can’t wait to see him when he’s not injured. Mary thinks he has it and Adam calls it beautiful, as Toni is in awe. She’s praying he goes all the way, and Anthony breaks down. The others vote yes as well. He cries in the audience and says he’s just in pain.

Kent is told they’ve been giving high praise, but they can only talk about people as individuals. Every bit of praise they gave Anthony, he has for him too. He has a great look, is a great worker, has great strength and ability, and is one of the people he could see growing every single routine. Adam thinks he’s like him that as much as he wants people to approve of him, he doesn’t think he takes it well and that it fits comfortable. Kent feels when he puts everything into it, it doesn’t work out. He came here and expected just to watch others like Billy Bell and the others and grow from them, but then they made him think he could be on it, and that made him be hard on himself. Kent is breaking Adam’s heart.

Kent then becomes so lovable as he says he’s proud of himself as he’s from a freaking farm, but just danced next to Alex freaking Wong and Anthony who could freaking smash the crap out of him. He’ll never have kicks like them, but he has the heart and wants to get the kicks and just wants it. Adam tells him they have something to fear in him as well, as he’s that good. He thanks Baby Jesus with that one. ‘Lil C gets emotional and says to hear Kent talk about how he puts everything into something like that and not see it come to fruition just breaks his heart. He’s so good and he hates him for making him proud, because he’s the cool one and has swag, and he’s like Adam now. He knows how he feels and he begs of him to believe in himself, then says it’s a yes for him. Yeah, he’s through with yeses from everyone. We still have twenty-four dancers, but they only need 10.

Before the judges make their final decision, the contestants dance one final solo, and for the first time ever in Vegas, the dancers are gong to learn what it’s like to be a star. Grover Dale, the choreographer, director and performer who’s worked with Gene Kelly and Bob Fosse, works with them on a piece. He advises them to take something, make it to their own and fly with it. The dancers are ecstatic to be with a living legend. He tells them he wants to see that they really want it.

The only solo we get to see other than a second or two is Lauren Froderman. She wants to show them she’s a professional dancer and has what it takes. She dances to At Last as Mary says, “Damn!” She dances some moves that are completely unexplainable and yet totally explain the music. ‘Lil C leans over and says she’s so awesome. Nigel calls it Heaven, and Adam agrees that’s where they are alright. They’re all celebrating right along with her at the end. Wow, is season seven going to be fantastic. We see clips of the others and I just have to repeat that season seven is going to to be fantastic. Now all that’s left is for the judges to decide on which ten they want and to visit the dancers in their home and let them know the decision.

Mary is on her way to contemporary dancer Adrian Lee’s house. He sits with his family, saying the nervous feelings he had in Las Vegas are now coming back. That pit in the bottom of his stomach is back again. Toni is arriving at Cristina Santana’s home. She says she came here from Mexico five years ago to continue school and to do this show would be amazing. She narrowly missed the top 20 last year and came back to prove she’d been training outside her style. Toni notes Cristina is shaking, as she sits here with Pepe, her partner who had quit the choreography round at the audition process. Toni says it’s tough this year, as they’re only taking ten dancers. She wants her to be strong, to always have that to fall back on. She’s really sorry, but she won’t be able to practice with Pepe, because she made the top 10. It’s a mad Mexican celebration.


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