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Hell’s Kitchen, Jun. 8 – How Many People Does It Take to Lift a Tuna?

The women are doing well until Jamie serves cat food salmon. Communication is obviously a problem in the red kitchen; no one knows what the other is doing.

Andrew has great communication skills with the garnishes. He tells them to stay warm, stay cool and stay there. He is turning very red as he starts to get flustered when everything needs to go to the window. Unfortunately for his friends the mashed potatoes, they look more like a vichyssoise. Chef Ramsay tells him to go back and redo them. Andrew combines the runny, soupy potatoes in with another batch; this infuriates Chef Ramsay. Andrew proceeds to tell Chef Ramsay that he is wrong, and that this is the way to do it. Chef Ramsay calls Andrew back up, opens the dining room door and tells him to get out. He tells him that he has gotten nothing right, he has no respect, he doesn’t care, and he is an embarrassment to the industry.

Jean Philippe (JP) tries to talk to Andrew; he tells him that Chef Ramsay is testing him. Andrew doesn’t want to hear it and tells him he is leaving. JP reminds him of all the people that would like to be in his shoes. Andrew does something I have wanted to do when faced with that expression. He takes his shoes off, says here they can have them, and walks sock-footed out the door. Classic! I can understand the ease at which he walked out the door. Andrew, by his own admission, wasn’t interested in the job. He wanted to get enough money to buy two walk-in refrigerator units. This is only the second time ever a cook has walked off the show.

Dinner service is completed tonight. There is no winning team. Each team is asked to come to a consensus and nominate one person to be put up for elimination. Jay nominates Jason, as does Ben. Jason thinks that Salvatore is not “culturally refined” enough to stay. Mikey nominates Salvatore. No one is nominating Mikey, what the heck!

Red is all over the place. Maria brings up that Autumn didn’t even know how to season water. Jamie wants to nominate Nilka.

Chef Ramsay asks Maria who the team nominates and why. The red team nominates Autumn. Maria points out that service was delayed in starting because of the salty water. Chef Ramsay asks Siobhan to continue; she adds that Autumn is not a team player and does not communicate well. She also says that Autumn feels like she needs to dominate the other team members. Chef Ramsay asks if the entire team is in agreement with that nomination; everyone says yes.

Chef Ramsay asks Ben who the blue team nominated and why. The blue team nominates Jason. Chef Ramsay is obviously surprised by their decision to nominate him. When asked why, Ben says that he is not a team player and is difficult to work with. Chef Ramsay asks for clarification again and says “So, Jason is the worst cook on the blue team?” The entire team is in agreement. In my opinion this is just a stupid nomination.

Chef Ramsay calls Autumn and Jason to the front and asks why they should stay. Autumn believes she has the skills to be there. She doesn’t feel that she should be there for salty water. She feels that the decision to put her up there is personal. When Chef Ramsay asks the red team if Autumn is the worst cook they say no. When asked who the worst is, Maria calls out Jamie’s name. Autumn is sent back in line and Jamie is called down to the floor. She is then asked why she should stay. She believes that she has heart, is good with communicating and works her butt off. Jason believes he should stay because even though he messed up on the chicken, he didn’t give up and he pushed through. Jason adds that he wants nothing more than to work for Chef Ramsay.

Before revealing who is leaving, Chef Ramsay notes that this person is leaving for all the right reasons. Mikey is leaving because he backed up the entire kitchen for both services. Chef Ramsay says that he cannot work like that. Mikey accepts his fate and says he will wear his Hell’s Kitchen tattoo with pride. Jason and Jamie are sent back in line.

The chefs are excused back to the dorm and the diary cams. It is obvious this elimination was personal on many different levels. Jamie is mad at Maria for calling her name; she says that she is a pebble in her shoe she needs to get rid of. Jason is mad at his entire team.

In next week’s episode the stress of this past elimination seems to linger on in to the kitchen, with screaming and teams fighting.

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