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Hell’s Kitchen, Jun. 8 – How Many People Does It Take to Lift a Tuna?

Jamie and Holli win Chef Ramsay’s approval on all of their eggs. Jason and Ben don’t receive a point for their first egg, but receive points for the next two eggs. The score is now tied, 10 – 10. Ben’s soft boiled egg is the deciding factor and is perfect. The men win their second challenge and are off for a helicopter ride of L.A.

The ladies get to unload, clean, and filet tuna for tomorrow’s dinner service. Siobhan feels the weight of the loss and promises to never second guess herself again. Autumn lies to save face with her team saying that she never told Siobhan what to do. Autumn believes that she is the fall guy because she is so strong and can take it.

The men are enjoying their helicopter ride, with Chef Ramsay, down the California coastline. It is amazingly beautiful. I thought Andrew could not possibly get any creepier then he already is; I was wrong. For some odd reason he wants to “fly over the ghetto and take a look at the projects”. Salvatore is sitting next to him and is visibly bothered. When landing, Salvatore actually turns to Andrew and asks him what he smoked this morning.

After their flight, they have champagne and lunch with Chef Ramsay. It seems to be a very relaxed lunch with interesting conversation. Salvatore ends up being the topic of discussion and becomes worried that people are going to think he is a “man whore”.

The girls are getting their share of ocean also. Unfortunately it comes to them in the form of a giant tuna. It takes all seven members of the red team to bring this fish into the kitchen. Autumn is again trying to take control of the team, and proceeds to butcher the fish incorrectly. She needs lessons from Andrew.

Fast forward to dinner preparation; the red team has decided that Siobhan needs to be told how to do everything. I am having a Lacey déjà vu moment; they are treating Siobhan the same way they treated Lacey last season. Blue kitchen seems very confident. Before the doors open for service, Chef Ramsay announces that they will be doing a Tuna Tartare tableside. Fran, who has no experience with tartare, and Scott will be working the dining room.

In another twist, Chef Ramsay turns to Salvatore and asks him to name a dessert on the menu tonight. He cannot answer the question and is thrown out of the kitchen. He is told to study the menu. Chef Ramsay suggests that people start taking control. Uh-oh.

Over in the red kitchen Chef Ramsay walks over to a pot of simmering water and tastes it. The water is over-seasoned with salt. The nice producers show us some tape of Autumn pouring quite a bit of salt into the water. I always pour it in to the palm of my hand then eye measure it into the pot from there. When asked who did this, Autumn steps up and says she did, but that someone else must have done it over her. Maria tells the diary cam that Autumn needs to take responsibility.

The doors are opened for service and Salvatore is asked to come back into the kitchen. He passes the test.

Unfortunately for the red team they have to wait for the new water to boil; this slows down the start of appetizers. Mikey’s risotto is brought to the pass undercooked and crunchy in the blue team. Siobhan is working on her risotto and behind her back Autumn throws some salt in. Luckily for Siobhan, Chef Ramsay sees this and calls Autumn on it. He tells Siobhan to tell Autumn to get lost. Out in the dining room Fran is getting lost, even though she has a map.

Over in blue, Mikey is still trying to make a passable risotto and has already held appetizers up by 45 minutes. The plate of risotto that makes it out to the dining room is returned because it is undercooked. Red kitchen has moved on to Entrees. Unfortunately Nilka cannot handle the garnish station.

Blue continues to have problems when Salvatore brings up a perfectly cooked Wellington, only to be ruined when Jason misjudges how long chicken takes to cook. Trash can number one of the season is down for the count.